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I had the habit to make plasteel hospital beds when they required 10 medicine to build before v1.0 but now the requirement is 5 components, I guess the other user kept his old habit as well.

Actually I just assumed it would have more hitpoints than anything else, and possibly better rest stats than stone. *shrug*

Smarter Food selection mod helps wih that

I'm running a couple mods, but I'd prefer a more creative answer for vanilla than "download a mod". Previous posters have provided a couple ideas to that effect. Thanks for your input.

This is a cynical way, but it should work:
Just beat the animal senseless with whatever means you can muster. Preferably something that has low chance of leaving scars or outright killing. Then, no don't really rescue it, but treat its wounds and then proceed to tame. Even if it doesn't self-tame "out of gratitude", a barely walking animal should be much safer to tame than a healthy one. And it will eventually fully heal anyway.

Another - it's inspired by your initial post. Put walls around it, put heaters in, make it pass out from heatstroke. Last time I checked heatstroke is like hypothermia, but with no chance of frostbite. Then proceed to tame the weakened animal.

Safer and more humane? Purchase one from a trader.

I think I'm going to definitely try walling it in...just not sure how I'm going to go about it. (I could wait until it falls asleep near my base, but that could take ages. I'd much rather tempt it into a room with food, but I'd probably get tons of other animals as well.)

Any idea if wild animals will go after certain foods (like kibble/hay) over foraging? I know I've had several wild animals wander into my walled-off farming area (dodging my killbox traps, of course).

I bet your colonists volunteer to frontline just to get a chance to lie in it. 160%rest effectiveness, 1.36 comfort!

They don't seem to care, tbh. I had one colonist (Tobias) where I had to replace both of his lungs (asthma) and his heart, and he chose to lie in one of the other beds (good to excellent quality).

Never fear...they all "volunteer" for the frontlines regardless. In my colony, if you can't fight, you'd better be a damn good doctor. (Morrical gets cut a break because she is not only one of my best doctors, but my only cannibal, so she gets the duty of carving up raiders for kibble. I let her have a taste, every now and again, despite her being a pacifist.)

Kinda disappointed it doesn't have an "art" appellation, though. I was expecting it to be engraved or something like legendary weapons. Guess furniture doesn't get that treatment.

General Discussion / Inspired colonist with no Art or Crafting skills...
« on: October 30, 2018, 03:11:16 PM »
He was, however, adept at construction. After several minutes on pause while I considered the options, this is how I used it, lol.

So wild animals can be rescued if "downed" (writhing on the ground in extreme pain bleeding exclamation marks out of their heads)?

The rhino I accidentally shot simply bled to death while sleeping, so I guess that's why I had no option to rescue or tend it.

Thanks for the info. I'll try setting them on fire until they obey me.

In my current playthrough I'm raising an army of huskies and muffalo, but pretty early on I had a rhinocerous self-tame, and ol' Humphrey is worth his weight in gold. (In fact I would be glad to spend a ton of silver and gold if a trader would ever offer me one.)

Every time I have a female show up on the map, I consider trying to tame her (and have 3-4 colonists with 12-13 Animals skill), but it's always a 1.5% chance or something, with a 10% chance of being attacked. Needless to say, I haven't been able to tame one yet, and micromanaging the taming process by drafting a couple extra colonists to follow the trainer out every day is really tiring, especially since my attention also needs to be in several other places.

I can send the trainer out with a retinue of huskies for protection, but against a rhino, things will simply go badly no matter what.

I was hoping there was maybe a way to sedate the animal or even lure it into an enclosed space...maybe set up a couple turrets in-case feces hits the fan.

I read in a reddit thread (though I'm not sure which version they were playing) that doctoring a downed animal has a chance to form a bond, wild or not, but after accidentally marking a rhino to be hunted instead of tamed, I couldn't find any way to treat it, and it ended up bleeding out. (Good for the meat and leather stockpiles, bad for my future rhino army, and females are relatively rare as it is.)

Stories / Re: Whats the funniest thing you have ever seen in Rimworld?
« on: January 27, 2017, 03:01:32 PM »
Playing in boreal forest, and trying to only take in colonists that are worthwhile; an escape pod landed, and the guy was useless, but he had hyperweave and synthread clothing, which I wanted to either use or sell, and wanted to get it off him before he died.

Rather than sending someone out to strip him, I had them "capture" him, and waited till they got reasonably close to the base, then drafted / undrafted them to reset their task, and stripped him so that they wouldn't have to trek all the way across the map.

Figured it'd take him a while to freeze to death, but the moment my colonist headed back to the warmth of the indoors, I watched a timber wolf sidle up next to the guy and kill and eat him.

It was such perfect timing. XD

Stories / Re: Whats the funniest thing you have ever seen in Rimworld?
« on: December 13, 2016, 12:52:44 PM »
A social knife fight? Go home Rimworld, you're drunk

Lol, it was probably berserk, but I choose to interpret it this way. :p

Stories / Re: Whats the funniest thing you have ever seen in Rimworld?
« on: December 13, 2016, 12:32:11 PM »
Not the funniest thing -ever-, but the only thing I have screenshots of, which makes it better. :p

On my latest colony, I got a notification that a social fight had broken out. A second later, a colonist needed rescuing...

Alas, I was too late.

Aghast, I looked to see what happened...

o.O He rebuffed her she stabbed him to death?

Pretty sure everybody started being overly nice and accommodating to Teresa after that.

Stories / Re: The Blood Machines Would've Been Quicker...
« on: December 12, 2016, 03:46:00 PM »
Same, but it sadly becomes rarer and rarer the more experienced you get. A few more colonies and you'll eventually find yourself unchallenged and bored.

OP, I suggest save scumming if you're not fond of losing.

I try my best not to, with the exception of pre and post-surgery. I'm -NOT- losing a colonist to a surgical cut to the brain while getting a peg-leg installed.

More recently, I tried reloading a save multiple times where, shortly after loading, 4 of my colonists all came down with plague, and I only had 7 medicine to share between them, and no herbal medicine (didn't have anyone with a high-enough skill the first year). After about 5 retries, I managed to save two, as opposed to losing all four.

Unfortunately, one of those I lost was my doctor, and the next person I recruited who had a doctoring skill above 2 was missing a leg...hence the saving before surgery, because he died (in alternate realities), about 5 times trying to stick that peg-leg on, haha.

(This is all from the latest game, mind you, not the tribal one. I said screw that noise and went with the traditional 3 crashed colonists. At least I don't have much in the way of a research debuff. It's hard enough as it is).

As for the whole, "Once you play enough, it stops being a challenge", I disagree. I've been playing this game on and off since A7 or A8, and usually fire it up for a good 40-50 hours every update (enough time for 3-4 colonies depending on how it goes). Imo, the game used to be easier when you could just set up one really magnificent killbox.

Now you're just punished no matter what. Set up a killbox, they send sappers. Build in the open, have a siege. Want to dig into a mountain for safety? Have some Starship Trooper bugs. Running out of food, and really needing that potato harvest? Have a Blight, toxic fallout, and heatwave....simultaneously.

It's....-kinda- funny after the fact, but not while playing, lol.

Ideas / Mental health, RNG, and other complaints.
« on: December 10, 2016, 08:08:45 PM »
I could write several paragraphs about why I think Rimworld is unbalanced and "too hard" even on the easier settings, but nobody would read it, so here's the TL;DR version.

1: For people stranded on a "Rimworld", trying to become self-sufficient...they're all just a bunch of whiny babies.

"My room is ugly! I asked a girl out and she said NO!...I'm gonna get my shotgun and shoot everyone I see, and set fire to the WHOLE F***ING PLACE!!!!!"

2: I know the timescale is diminished, (people can heal broken bones in just a day or two), but having a raid every other day, when you're trying to get things done? (And this isn't even on a "hard" difficulty.) I think there should be more differentiation between the difficulty settings...which leads into my next point.

3: The only end-goal is to survive as long as possible.

You know...that kind of pointlessness was fun for awhile, but I've had one or two colonies that lasted long enough to launch a cryo-sleep ship, and I really wanted something other than the two paragraphs of text I got for all my hours of trouble.

There's a point in a game's life where being difficult for the sake of being difficult isn't a feature, it's a flaw. All it says to me, after a couple years of playing it, is that the devs haven't come up with an ending yet, and therefore don't want you to succeed.

I'm not like some of you who enjoy "experimenting" with obscure techniques to see how long they'll last. No...Every time I start a new game, I kind of want to reach that end-point of researching all the ship parts, getting hold of an A.I. persona core, and getting a handful of my colonists off the planet.

A game isn't complete, in my mind, unless it has an end. I DON'T want to play something I'm guaranteed to lose 99% of the time.

Now...there are a lot of settings, and of course there are mods, and various difficulties......but afaict, all of the vanilla settings are designed to make it as hard as possible on you, the only difference being how quickly you fail. A game should -never- rely on mods alone to make it accessible to people.

I don't WANT to fail at a game...I want to succeed. I don't mind trying, over and over again, if need be, but when completely random bullshit is thrown at me (like a toxic fallout, volcanic winter, and blight, all in the space of a week), it's out of my hands, and I can either frustrate myself by trying to recover, or I can start a new game and hope for better dice.

...That's NOT a good game. The term "story-teller" doesn't even make sense in that respect. You may as well say, This difficulty has dice with 4-ones on them.


Oh, and on the subject of the mentality of the pawns....

"Witnessed an Outsider's Death" just plain stupid.

In almost every case, they're trying to KILL YOU! Why would you be sad about it? Moreover, -I- think there should be a POSITIVE mood buff for fending off a raid without losing a colonist!



Sorry...just had to scrap a game I'd spent well over 10 hours on and had it shat on by RNG in a way I couldn't possibly recover from, and I'm a bit peeved.

Stories / Re: The Blood Machines Would've Been Quicker...
« on: December 10, 2016, 07:43:30 PM »
Unfortunately...this colony's story was cut short by a marauding band of manhunter boomalopes...which got past the defense and set fire to my mostly wooden structures. people find this kind of stuff "fun" huh?

No wonder I always used to play on Phoebe Basebuilder...and even she would get hectic later on. I mean...I'm all for a challenge, as long as I have a reasonable chance of overcoming it. When you throw a dozen terrible things at me at's not's just frustrating. :/

Stories / The Blood Machines Would've Been Quicker...
« on: December 10, 2016, 01:11:24 PM »
Started a tribal run (first one in A-15). Went "easy" on myself and chose CC at around the medium diffulty (Challenge, I think it's called).

First year went more or less without a hitch, other than losing a single colonist in a freak accident involving an ostrich. Near the end of the year, a blight wiped out what was left of the crops, but we had over 1k of Pemmican, nearly as much kibble (might as well recycle the raiders. Only colonists get the honor of being buried).

The next Spring, began expanding our crop fields to build up a stockpile (we were running low on food towards the end there). Then...

Toxic Fallout.

Then, Manhunter pack.

Then, Heat-Wave.

Then, Volcanic Winter.

Then, Blight.

All in less than a single season.

Coupled with the fact I've only got 8 colonists (two of which are brand-spanking new), and one is completely useless. Breaks down every couple days, can't haul or clean...and is only good for cooking and animal handling.

I've given her a club and started sending her into the thick of raids...but she's still alive...somehow. (I don't even allow them to use medicine on her). >.<

There's so many little things that need doing around the colony that it seems like nothing at all gets done, and the blight happened -WHILE- I had everything flagged for premature harvest just to get a heads-up during the Volcanic Winter.

Now I'm down to about 18 meals, 100 or so pieces of pemmican, no kibble or hay for the animals (may be slaughtering most of them soon), and starting all over again on crops.

This game hates me...I swear.

General Discussion / Prisoner Interaction Borked
« on: July 20, 2016, 10:02:04 AM »
I've had two prisoners that once attempted a breakout, which was put down...and once a colonist had gone through the open door it closed again, allowing them to haul the prisoners back to their beds.

The second time, one of the prisoners went berserk, beat up her roommate, broke down the door, and promptly got shot by my turret. Somehow she's still alive in the doorframe, and I can't force the colonists to move her. They still try to talk to her and feed her, but won't move her to a bed to treat her wounds or anything because the door is stuck open.

Is there anyway to fix this without hoping she'll just get up and move out of the doorway? (at which point I'll have to shoot her again...doubtful she'll survive a fourth time, and she'd be a really valuable edition to my colony, especially since I just lost a colonist to a botched peg-leg replacement ((Doctor apparently attempted brain-surgery instead))).

We really need the option of somehow force-moving prisoners, whether there's a "closed off" area or not.

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