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Yes that is where I borrow my name;)

I have given up on guns with this mod pack, the ai does not care if it takes losses in a gun vs gun fight, and late game raids get into the hundreds. Guns are very inaccurate and since you have no defences like base shields to soak up the punishment you always lose, especially since late game energy weapons only need to hit you once to set you people on fire.

From Trial and Error I have switched to using Brawlers given the very best Heavy Close Combat armour and Ballistic Shields using the best Tsurugi I can make. Using a rockchuck filled L shaped entrance I simply funnel in the raids where they cannot shoot me and only move into close combat with my people and proceeds to turn into a slaughter, Those 2 in my screenshots have killed over 70 gun armed enemies of a 120 pawn raid without getting a scratch.

For Sapper raids my base has a throwaway outside wall that the enemy blows a hole in and when they enter via this hole my melee people are waiting for them.

This is the only way I have been able to survive the larger raids this game throws at you once you go above a million colony wealth without taking losses to valuable people or materials.
Even then as I stated in an earlier post 8 Skynet cost me 2 75 Beta alloy Ballistic Shields, a net worth of more than most vanilla colonies.

Hey Sk mod team.

Found another bug, While stating it is refrigerated and food will not spoil when it is powered the Aquaculture hopper does not keep food fresh.
Had Mechanoids drop in just after that as part 3 of the 3 raid faction war event, 6 Skynet took out 24 mechanoids for the loss of one while I killed the other 3, was able to melee down the other 5 remaining thanks to stupid AI but still cost me 2 500 hp beta poly Ballistic shields.
Quote from: Devon_v on March 19, 2016, 09:31:02 PM
I find that concentrated fire from automatic weapons drops terminators pretty quickly, but they are almost impossible to melee.

The main problem is when they're packing microguns.

Well since my melee weapons so 87 and 111 dmg and hit every time it is more the damage to take one out I am talking about, and the fact later on you see raids of 20 of them with guns

The moment I posted this raid hit me.

so how much Concentrated firepower would you need;)
Quote from: ckhawk00 on March 19, 2016, 07:13:06 PM
thanks for the quick help. I've made a fresh copy, over written the core and added the new mods, as well as deleted all the files in the config and copied the new modsconfig. One last question... do i add the folders in "other" the same why? (crashlanding, misc, and RWAutosell)

The Other folder is optional mods and so on, As I do not use them I cannot give you complete install instructions for those sorry.
Hey SK mod team!.

Using the latest release and loving it finally got a viable minus 93 ice sheet colony going, loving the new Ai helpers to send out when a mid winter cold snap drops temps into the minus 150's.

I just wanted to see if those Skynet units are still going to be balanced because right now they are ungodly hard.

One single unarmed Terminatrix vs 2 Brawler Superior and Legendary armed Beta poly Tsurugi armed pawns in full close combat armour with beta poly Ballistic shields, it took the pair of then nearly a minute to hack it apart, and this pair can kill 50 pawn raids with out breaking a sweat.
Quote from: ckhawk00 on March 19, 2016, 06:02:28 PM
let see if i understand this correctly.
1. move all mod from the mod folder except core.
2. delete all files in C:\Users\your user name\AppData\LocalLow\Ludeon Studios\RimWorld\Config.
copy Modsconfig in this folder
3. unpack all mods from the zip file into 1. (mod folder) overwriting the core.
(do i leave it in Hardcore-sk-master or move them into "Mods" fold from Hardcore-sk-master?

Yes this is basically correct, and yes you move the mods so they are just in the mods folder. The Hardcoresk master folder is a quirk of the unzipping programs.
You can keep your keybind and pref config files as well, they do not change with mod packs and will let you keep your custom sound settings and the fact you might have turned of tutorials and graphics settings.

But here is some good advice when installing mod packs such as this, Even newer versions.
Start with a clean copy of rimworld, these modpacks change core files and simply removing all mods except the core one can and will still cause issues.

We all have our original from when we bought the game, keep it, When you want to install this mod pack or even update it you delete ALL your mods even core, and then you copy your core back into your mods folder fresh and clean from your
Then install this modpack and overwrite files as prompted, this will eliminate most errors people will see.
Quote from: Kadrush on March 18, 2016, 03:36:30 PM
On GitHub it says that the 2.5 was rolled back to march 8th. All changes from march 8th to now are rolled back or only the changes related to enviromental sk.dll?

Just the items causing issues, the github version is always the latest version of this modpack.
Quote from: Balkri on March 18, 2016, 12:49:11 AM
a doubt, everywhere i look info about this mod pack say that i need to use the drilling rig to create a fissure and extract minerals/oil, i manage to get one for minerals but can get the oil thing to work... it only say that i need a hidden oil deposit, but have scanned the entire map and canĀ“t find one... and the "use the drill to create a fissure" is not working because i can only use it in a "hidden deposit". Is this a bug or is working like it should? (if soo... well my colony is kind of doom)

You're looking for a small black circles on your map, will be called Deposits of Crude oil, they appear on the map in full site in version 2.5 of the game, Build drill on top of it and then turn it on, once it finishes it will destroy itself and reveal a oil fissure, the amount of oil remaining in days in it will start to decrease so be ready to build your well on top of it.
Quote from: monksu on March 17, 2016, 07:44:45 PM

First, thanks for a very nice modpack. V2.4 worked fine. Then I deleted all mod directories but the Core directory and copied v2.5 with crash landing (including an updated modsConfig.xml). When I start Rimworld I get two errors:

  • Could not find a type named ArchitectSense.Bootstrap
  • Could not find type named Core_SK.Genstep_Ammo from node <li class="Core_SK.Genstep_Ammo" />

Also, I can't research anything because the research box is empty. It even doesn't have Info in it.

Delete core as well, when you more to a newer version with these monster mod pack you basically want a clean new install of Rimworld.
I Love this mod pack, you beat what the game throws at you and sit back and think yes this is good.
Let me share a Screenshot.

Abusing the use of Impact charges to create geysers deep inside my mountain hold (some editing of the Plasma reactors so I could build them closer together, I am the builder here I say if they are too close or not:P).
Pump in the icy cold air from outside via ducts to bring the reactors efficiency up (these always sit between 60 to 120% efficiency)
Use the 2 Plasma Generators for even more power and then box them up and take advantage of the free hot hot air they provide (always 100c and up to 600c when charging) to keep my base warm via active vents.
4 Mineral extractors mining bauxite to feed them all automated via conveyors belts so all my people have to do is maintenance on the belts.
Minus the running costs of the mines and the belts and easy 25+k endless safe power.
Having massive issues with the duct system in a very large mountain base as part of the SK hardcore pack.

I am using multi vets to pull in air from rooms that are between 100 to 300c no cooler then 95c and once the duct system gets so large it just breaks, the channel reads as negative temps and is pumping cold air into my base.

As you can see I have 5 rooms like this (one elsewhere) all at 100 to 300c and ducts pulling air from these room and then meant to be pumping it around my base to the smart ducts set to 21c yet the air temp inside this network is cold.
Quote from: Edgewise on March 17, 2016, 12:11:07 AM
The pump that removes water... It would be great if you could pump water into a lake to make it larger and deeper also.

Additionally, the current hospitality mod in this pack is recruiting ppl even if you don't want to recruit them.  When you're trying to maintain good relations with them, the 'convincing' ticker also goes down closer towards zero.  If it hits zero before they leave, they auto-join.  I should at least get an option like "Do you want Teabag the cranky abrasive one-armed fisherman who won't do dumb or skilled labor with a bad back and cataract in both eyes to join your colony?" so I can say no. :)

I saw this as well, had a few double joining as well., remember any colonists you do not like that "join" you can quickly be fixed with a grave;)
Quote from: skyarkhangel on March 16, 2016, 07:29:10 AM
Quote from: Mrshilka on March 15, 2016, 03:06:36 AM
Quote from: Flamingwhitepony on March 14, 2016, 05:44:31 AM
Also I would recommend swapping to the RT Quantum Storage mod. Nano storage causes immense amounts of lag and overall isn't that great of a storage mod. Thanks for the awesome pack SK Team. :D

I will bump for Quantum Storage also, god I miss it, and the way it can synergise with the A2B belts is great also.

The ability to use Power into storage space is a great thing!

RT Storage added :)

Thank you!.

So happy to have RT storage I edited your work so I could fit it into my current colony using a older 2.5 build;) Thanks again:)
Quote from: Hargut on March 16, 2016, 06:59:19 AM
Anyone have a clue why i never see a trading ship - every hour or every 2 (real time) one pass by.
All game i couldnt buy any seeds yet... >D

RNG, I can go ingame months without seeing traders. The choice of storyteller also will affect how often you see them.

A Trader is classed as a Good event.