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Why were these ones chosen as backgrounds for a tribal?
Imperial student / poison gardener, and the overwatch sniper don't seem like they fit with the tribal profile.

I also saw one with the "Spy" adulthood story, but I accepted that one, because they could have infiltrated the tribe for some reason :)

Something more usual to the tribe stuff. But you tell me, is this expected?

Steps to reproduce:
Spawn tribals until you get these backgrounds.

"...When She was in her early teens, ..."
"...When He was in his early teens, ..."

Looks like the pronoun thingy in the code was set to a capital one by mistake in this background.

"...When she was in her early teens, ..."
"...When he was in his early teens, ..."

To Reproduce:
Spawn tribals until you get one with the "Reclusive Child" childhood background story.

Edit: added extra screenshot I had on hand.
Edit2: I copypasta'd a line and had "when he was in her early teens" by mistake.

"Tales of  " Of what? His bravery? His Social ineptness? His birthmark shaped like an angry SpongeBob?

A full description. This is clearly a small bug.

To reproduce:
Spawn tribals until you find one with the Warrior adulthood background.

"Constant contact has made him fairly comfortable with alien technology".

Something else - unfamiliar technology? Advanced technology? Strange technology? Otherworlder's technology? Foreign technology?
I only bring this one up because there aren't aliens in the RimVerse.
Technically this could be accepted based on "alien = foreign".

Subtly different names for the two. This might actually be totally fine with Tynan, but I decided to report it anyway just in case.

"Kay was a warrior in an Imperial navy. Her job was to punched into enemy starships, gun down the crew, and capture the ship intact. And she was good at it."

Hi all,
I saw somebody mention in Suggestions,  that tattered clothing in RimWorld is as bad as being naked. That doesn't seem right does it? So after no one put it in Bugs in a couple of days, I decided to check it out myself so that it could at least be logged for tweaking later.

I took some screenshots for proof, showing that for an ordinary pawn it results in a -3 "moodifer" in both cases.

Tattered Clothing:

(Naked) No clothing at all:

Found the post:
(Durmok in

As shown in the screenshot, it says "Centipede (None centipede)"

I checked with a pawn and it is something like:
[Name] ([gender] [species])

Something like:
          -          Centipede (Genderless centipede)
When your prisoner is brought food and then executed, the owner of the food is dead but the food is still marked as for them, and forbidden for hauling.

Expected behaviour:
No living prisoners in the prison room, so food is allowed to be hauled.

Steps to reproduce:
1) Have prisoner.
2) Make prisoner hungry.
3) Allow food to be brought to prisoner
4) Execute prisoner before food is eaten.
5) Try to prioritise hauling of the food that was left in the cell.
It says: "Cannot haul *** (prisoner room)"
- in my case *** was "packaged survival meal".
Hi all.

If a prisoner is set to "gets food" and "release" / "execute", and is hungry,
the warden will bring food into their cell, put down the food and then
escort the prisoner out / execute the prisoner.

You might expect a "last meal", but the warden just puts it down and gets it done, no waiting.

It's a minor bug.

Expected behaviour:
Hungry, healthy, Prisoner set for "release" (or "execute") + "gets food" doesn't
get brought food anymore because they're being released / executed now.

Steps to reproduce:
1) Have a prisoner.
2) Set prisoner to release
3) Use dev tools to make prisoner hungry.
4) Watch pawn bring food, and then release/execute prisoner.
Ideas / Prisoner Transferring
June 24, 2015, 07:49:20 PM
Sometimes it takes a person asking if something is in the core game, to realize something it is needed.

What is needed:
Transferring prisoners between existing cells.

Why is it needed:
Prisoners from different warring factions in the same cells have been known to beat the crap out of each other.
Sometimes you have a prisoner you desperately want to recruit, and you need to separate them from the other ones who are going berserk and are destined for slavery or dinner.

How we achieve it right now:
We can deconstruct a bed so that a prisoner needs moving to a cell with a free bed.
That is a silly way to run a prison. We need to be able to initiate a transfer without destroying furniture to justify it.

Consequence of not transferring:
You have a prison with multiple prisoners in one cell, to save on space, power etc.
One day you capture someone you really want to recruit because of their awesome traits/stats.
They're hurt so they are bedridden.
Unfortunately one of your other prisoners isn't dealing with their recent experiences well (perhaps that human meat nutrient paste was too far?) and has broken! They've gone berserk and are now beating up the bedridden prisoner. Before you can separate them, the VIP prisoner is dead.
If only there was a way for you to easily move the mentally unstable prisoner to a solitary cell, or the VIP prisoner to a lush medical prison cell.

''..but his pieces were highly valued by collectors."
Bugs / [W|0.11.834] Dying on a grave "auto-buries"
June 23, 2015, 11:13:06 PM
Hi all,

I had a colonist stargazing on top of an occupied grave.
She died of an infection and her body disappeared..
As far as I can tell, she joined the other body in that grave.
Hi all.

I think I found another bug.
I have a power conduit running around a comms console, and through a switch right next to the console.
The console is connected to the conduit before the switch, so it should be fine.
However, when the switch is turned off, the comms console gets no power, despite reporting being connected to a net with lots of power.

Switched Off:

Switched On:

Note that you can *just* see the connection wire, directly north of the console. There is plenty of power on that conduit, and yet if switch adjacent to console is off, console ignores the power AND flickers on and off slightly. (I will test lamps to see if that is related to another bug..).

Please see if you can reproduce this bug.
I can't seem to reproduce it.

World, save, output log attached.

[attachment deleted due to age]
Creative Rewards / Mercenary Tier
June 20, 2015, 05:13:08 AM
So, apparently I got the merc tier long long ago. I didn't have any good ideas at the time. So now I'd like to know - what do I do?

How do I see all the traits I can choose?
Can i choose the character model?
The name?

What does merc tier get and how do i get it?
Sorry for the dumb questions but it was 2 years ago and the game has gotten better fleshed out now so my options may be different than they once were.
Hi all,

I had a prisoner released, and he had a berserk episode before reaching the edge of the map. Now he wants to walk all the way back inside my base to eat some corn, rather than walk 5 steps to freedom.

Can provide saves and screenshot of him beginning to walk back.

EDIT: He went berserk again, and then collapsed. Now that he's "Downed" I should be able to capture or rescue him, but I can do neither.
THAT looks like a bug!  ;D

EDIT2: And now he's "wandering".
As in the title, if you rescue someone, patch them up a bit, they sometimes get up and leave before they're fully healed.
Then, while roaming around, outside of your care, they might happen to develop an infection.
I noted during play that this generated one of those warning letters to appear. Repeatedly, for each new infected body part.

Expected behaviour:
If a rescued guest gets up and leaves, that's their problem and I don't expect to see infection reports.

To reproduce:
Wound an ally.
Rescue that ally.
Allow that ally to walk out.
Force an infection on that ally. You should get warnings as a result.
As the title says, if you double click a slag chunk, it won't select all onscreen chunks.

This is an issue if you want to designate them all for hauling, without using the click and drag tool.

Is this a bug or by design? If it is by design, could we please have that changed?

To reproduce:
Spawn a bunch of slag chunks. Double click on a chunk. Observe the lack of group selection that occurs.
Hi all.

I had some raiders drop right into my base. They decided to flee after my colony shot them up, and because I forbid the door I now have a hostile wandering in my base.

Expected behaviour: hostile attempting to flee should path through a door and attack it on the way out to gain freedom.

[attachment deleted due to age]
Hi all,

I've got a field of dead bodies outside my base, and they've been nicely frozen for a very long time.
I'm playing on Ice sheet and the maximum temperature outside is about -10C.

Right now it's about -69C, and a toxic fallout is in effect, and all the bodies are rotting.

Is this intended behaviour?

[attachment deleted due to age]