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Ideas / Better Game Ending
June 23, 2015, 08:18:26 AM
I have a suggestion for a better game ending in my opinion. The current ending is just not satisfying, you build a ugly looking ship and escape. And you can build it basically without any much effort or progress you can easily get material and research it in no time and end the game.

My suggestion is that you make it so we can attack other factions just the way they attack us. We just build a ship to be able to go to another randomly generated map with another randomly generated faction base. Just randomly generate base defense for that faction. And if we manage to destroy them we can go back and that faction will not attack us for quite a while until they rebuild. If we can't destroy them we can press a retreat button command and escape. The same way enemy faction does to us that we can do to them.

For Ending suggestion you need to beat Mechanoid Base which will be the hardest one with heavily defended base which you will need good number of people and good weapons and armor to stand a chance. If we beat them then we win the game.

This way we will need to progress in the game far and make a big colony and increase our recourses and weapons in order to beat the game. A lot better then just building a ship and escaping which you can do with no trouble at all in just a short time.

I think this will bring much fun and enjoyment to the game and it will be much satisfying ending for hard work then the current one you have.

Tnx for reading this. And I hope I see this in the game in new Alphas.