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Yes. It was a fresh install of Rimworld 11b, completely clean. Then I installed modpack. everything was running fine. I saved the colony, quit the game. I ran it an hour later and this happened.
That's the thing. This colony was created with this modpack from scratch. No old saves and so on. I just saved the new colony, exited the game and got these error after loading.
With the recipes - alternative recipes show up only after I get wood planks for example, but there is no way to know in the present that I can know I will be able to build certain item (for example bed) out of wood planks. I have to get at least 1 of new material for the new alternative recipe of item to show up.

Ok after I loaded saved colony, this error popped up, UI was broken and map just black. Any idea how to fix this?

[attachment deleted due to age]
I can confirm the bug with hundreds of visitors going in and out of the map.
Quote from: kaptain_kavern on July 11, 2015, 06:47:18 PM
It's normal. Those 2 are disabled by default. It is up to you to activate or not.

  • Crash landing rend thing a lot more harder and hazardous for you to just survive the landing ;)
  • Darkness mod is supposed to make night even darker (but it doesn't work well on my machine)

I personally don't activate them

Oh I see thank you. The order of the mod does not matter?
And another question. The mod changes things so that I can't right click and change materials of bed for example. I don't really like this change because now I have to get some materials first and I don't know which one and how many do I need to get. Is there any way to revert this to vanilla style? Or at least know how many materials will I need for the recipe to show up?
I tried this mod. It really looks amazing so thank you for your hard work. However after I installed it there were 2 mods unloaded. Any idea where to put them? Here is the screenshot. Thanks, I am a noobie. :)