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I pretty much don't like this change. These weathers are so extreme. 80 C in a normal coastal forest? No problem. Why the fuck is anything rotting, while no normal rotting organisms can survive in this temperature? This fucking furnance killls everything on the map. It should cook every body on the map and turn it into roasted meat, not make it rot. Also during this event raiders come on a suicidal mission to destroy few wooden fences and die. It's not hardcore, it's riddiculous and unfun, especially when you get struck with it in early game.

In my opinion if you want to keep these extremes, make additional events: extreme heatwave and extreme coldsnap and make them 3x more rare, and keep originals as they were.

Also with such extremes in game it would be nice to be able to research some weather forecaster device which could warn you about incoming extreme weather event.
Did maybe someone create some cool custom outfit sets with this mod and would like to share? If they are cool enough we could include them to the main post as bonus, as primary ones: anything nudist worker soldier sucks, especially with lots of new content.
Quote from: Ember on August 06, 2015, 03:12:54 PM
-60C winter and then i get a cold snap.... now its -100C

Uh, welcome on Mars!

I am quite confused with weapon crafting here. How can I get weapon parts? Can I somehow disassemble them? I see only option to smelt them for metal.
Also... I cannot find food syntethiser's  hopper. It seems to be gone and I cannot make food syn. working :( Have I missed it?
Quote from: Thurak126 on August 06, 2015, 05:50:36 AM
Just got 1.11a, is it intended that you can no longer collect sand? I can fill with sand but the only way to get more sand now seems to be making stone blocks or trade. Given enough time all stone on a map will be used so you will only be able to trade to get more sand.

This. Could we get a better way to mine sand? Maybe it could come as byproduct of mine operation. If we couldn't, it would be nice to bring omnigel to this mod with possibility to craft stone chunks but not steel slag (as it would be redundant and useless). It's pretty primitive to haul a stone chunk and grind it by hand for some sand, especially while playing on the desert. Maybe at least add more efficient electrical crafting table to speed up the process?

Also I'd like to point out, that to make silver bars you use around 20x20 for... 30 bars? that's 400 silver, which is around 13 silver per bar, while at any trader you can buy them for 2.40. I dislike idea of silver used as a material. It's horrendously expensive to craft anything from it and it's beauty/value doesn't suit this cost.

Did you fix the raw cotton/raw devilstrand in this patch?

I'd also like to know if I can replace old modpack with new version without breaking compatibility of my save.

Regarding ash and it's requirement for mulch: it will make mulch pretty expensive, even more than it is now with ammonia. Maybe increase recipe outcome a little? from 15 to 20?

@EDIT: PS: you can still craft silicone which isn't used for anything here
Hey there, added some suggestions for droids on github. If you like any of these, probably separate issues should be created.
Hey, loving your modpack. I don't use any additional mods.

Today I experienced a bug though. I am unable to use traders/shops because of this. Here is feedback:

Fortunately I editted the save to remove this faulty sculpture and saved my save (it works now). I think it first occured when I tried to sell my sculpture (checked it) and then pressed auto-sell button, not sure though. By the way, Ultimate overhaul had this feature, that you could press auto-sell and it wouldn't auto quit shop to let you see what it sells and possibly correct it. Pretty handy, I miss it.
Hey there, could addition! I have one issue with it though. IT's ceiling lamp, so it shouldn't be an obstacle for for example work benches, the way power conduct doesn't disturb what's builded in the place, or for example A2B underground convey belt.
Yeah, there was an error-filled window after I try to load the game when this error occurs. However, I've recently reinstalled the mod (just deleted old stuff and redownloaded) and it seems to work now. It could have been some downloading mistake.
I'll keep you updated with feedback if this happens again.
By the way do you plan to add more features? This mod is awesome and the game certainly lacks in this area. Ideas such as making comfortable and beautiful guest rooms and/or offering meals, or sending diplomats for other tribes. Also making tribes' interaction with you more dependant on it's good will seems resonable.

Regards, zenfur
I am experiencing a bug in 1.06b. I am using this mod together with Overhaul modpack, so I am not sure if something in that isn't the cause.

Yet often when my negotiator engages people he/she freezes and doesn't respond to any actions, game slows down a lot and his/her social skill skyrockets, as if there where thousands of talk engagement per second. Usually happens when target goes to sleep, but I am not yet able to narrow down circumstances when it happens. Happens for both trial of recruitment and relationship discussion.