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General Discussion / Tamed thrumbos left my colony
September 04, 2015, 04:21:14 PM
At some point I noticed my 3 tamed thrumbos gone missing. Later after I tamed another one I noticed that he just went straight away from my colony. Is this because I was lacking food and he was starving?

I am so confused, no other animal does that. Did anyone else experience that?
Quote from: Dan on September 03, 2015, 02:36:37 PM
Why won't my animals haul things? I have had a tame rimdog for 6 months, he is trained in hauling 8/8 levels and has 53 carrying capacity but I have never seen him carry anything even though there is a lot of stuff to haul. He is not restricted to a stockpile. Is it a problem in the mod, a problem in A12, or am I doing something wrong? The dog is always "wandering".

For me everything works fine. I have dozens of animals and they are doing most of the hauling jobs. I've observed that they are more likely to haul when they are near haulable objects. Also make sure restrictions are set right. As I observe my animals they haul about 1 thing per day.

I'm typing for another reason though. I am worried that aspect with using biomatter to heal scars is gone. Is it? At least I cannot find it. Is it possible it unlocks with some research? Anyone knows?

@edit: I also wish that one thing were changed: please add deterioration rate for weed and make it spoilable.

@edit: This mod modifies shops as well, right? I wonder where can I sell thrumbo horns...

Yeah. Now vanilla exotic trader has "exotics" trade offer which are horns.
Bugs / Re: Animals die with non-lethal damage
September 04, 2015, 07:36:49 AM
Quote from: Cimanyd on September 04, 2015, 02:17:22 AM
Anything, colonist, non-colonist or animal, will die under some specific circumstances. A destroyed/removed head, torso, heart, etc. A sickness or infection reaching the point of death before the point of immunity. Heatstroke or hypothermia as mentioned, or toxic buildup (I assume) or blood loss, to 100%.

However, when a non-colonist or animal is incapacitated, it has a chance to immediately die without any of the normal reasons. This is for game balance, I assume, since otherwise you would be able to just incapacitate and capture every enemy with the right weapons. The only time you see downed enemies you can capture is when this didn't happen. It seems like this system doesn't apply to colonists, but does apply to tame animals.

The original post is a suggestion for this not to apply to animals. I agree there's no reason for it to apply to tame animals, much like colonists. I don't know whether it's necessary for animals to keep you from incapacitating many animals in large manhunter packs, much like with enemy humans. I don't think it is, though, since captured/rescued incapacitated former manhunters are no different from that type of animal in the wild. Unlike prisoners, you can't harvest organs from them that you couldn't from the dead, or get full-health clothing as opposed to heavily-damaged-from-death clothing, or "recruit" them any differently than the normal wild ones.

Quote from: Bancheis on September 03, 2015, 08:00:49 PM
You are pretty lucky then. I have had colonists beaten to death with fists alone by another colonist that went berserk, or from prisoners that have done the same. Maybe you play this on an easier setting than I do.

Your colonists probably got their torso damaged down to 0, instead of just being incapacitated from pain.

This. Exactly. Beautifully put.
Yeah, renaming it to reduce confusion would work for me.
Releases / Re: [A12] Rikiki's Miscellaneous (30-08-2015)
September 03, 2015, 08:43:09 AM
Quote from: 1000101 on September 02, 2015, 11:50:42 PM
Those xml names you refer to are meaningless and are only used for ease of writing the xml.  If an xml entry is "Abstract", it doesn't apply to anything outside of the xml file it's defined in and the game doesn't load or use them except to fill-in the data for actual defs using them.  They could be called "NerfHerder" for all it matters.

I've seen situations where my pawns are hoarding food when the supplies get low.  Just tell them to drop the raw food in your kitchen and force someone to make some meals.  Once you have a stock of meals, they should stop hoarding raw foods.

In my situation when I ordered to drop it, all colonists went there to first eat this and then take all remaining stuff in their pockets. That's very annoying. It's about stackability I believe. They prefer meals and when they have them available, they pick up them and cannot haul more than 1 at once, thus this problem does not occur. With raw food something is broken. I've observed this only with mushrooms though.
Bugs / Re: Animals die with non-lethal damage
September 03, 2015, 08:25:04 AM
Quote from: Bancheis on September 02, 2015, 10:24:16 PM
There really is no such thing as non-lethal damage. Even weapons designed in real life for the purpose of capturing people alive are called "less than lethal" for the reason being that they still can result in death. Punching things and hitting things with blunt objects can also still result in death from internal bleeding and hemorrhaging, if not from the blunt force trauma itself.

I agree with StorymasterQ though, that there may be some sort of limit to the number of tamed animals that makes it much easier for them to die. Could be worth looking into.

Non-lethal in this game's terms. My colonists never die from that kind of damage, they become "downed". Good example is heat stroke - when my colonists get to the extreme phase, they get unconscious. When enemies do, they die. They don't need 100% to die.
Bug report:

Situation: your colonist is kidnapped, but you prevent raiders from getting him out of map and rescue him.

Result: double clicking the colonist via top icons result in pointing to the location he was rescued from, not where he actually is. Also single clicking does not select that colonist.

Vanilla selection via work tab still works.

It's first time when I encountered this situation so I don't know how repeatable it is.
Bug report: you are able to make colonists wear apparel made out of materials they cannot be made of. For example hyperweave leather pants. It can be accomplished if there are next to each other 2 items with selectable materials. If you then select material in one item which another item can't be made with and change to that 2nd item, it will stay and cost you 0 points.
Ideas / Re: Old people, scarred people
September 02, 2015, 07:06:48 PM
I am not referring only to elder people, I mean that in general it strikes me that my teenager colonists looks like monsters compared to all guys who lived in this world and joined my colony. Even 25+ could have got some scars living in this rough rim world. Just older people are the most likely to have them.
Quote from: tagelconar on September 02, 2015, 02:07:35 PM
My game keeps getting stuck on pause, and pressing space bar only unpauses it for 0.1-2seconds then pauses again, this never happened to me on vanilla before so I suppose it has something to do with this mod. any ideas?

You have fiddled with developer mode, haven't you? Turn on development mode (in options) and make sure last (to the right) of white icons which appeared has x on it.

Another bug report: At tailor station alloy vest has raw resources listed for it - it means it can be made out of any raw resources such as crude oil, coal...

@edit: bug report: constructing geothermal heater then deconstructing it results in creating a steam vent

@2edit: I've got information that skyarhangel is unavailable until 06.09, so don't expect any updates until that date.
Ideas / Old people, scarred people
September 02, 2015, 01:24:20 PM
I like that being old brings more health related issues. Also as you live in colony your older colonists get more and more scars and other war related commendations.

Although I miss the fact that old people who wander around and join your colony, as well raiders and old animals are completely scar-free as they were born yesterday. I think pawns generator should be more generous in scars and scary life experiences.
Bugs / Animals die with non-lethal damage
September 02, 2015, 01:11:40 PM
Visible at especially large animals such as thrumbos/elephants. I understand that such mechanic is good for raiders, especially from tribes when there's a lot of them, that even non-lethal damage kills the moment your colonists would be incapacited.

It just does not feel right when it's the same mechanism for animals. Thrumbos and elephants are rare and I often beat them down with army of my colonists armed in bare fists and bruise causing animals to convince them to join my safe and food rich stable where I can attempt to tame them. To my disgust even though I risk lives of my fellow colonists doing that, they often drop dead without any lethal wounds.
I'm testing your interface, found no problems so far.
Also I have to say I love the interface options you introduce. Especially small icons for colonists. When I reached around 100 hundred colonists last game, it was taking most of my screen. Now I have around 15 and I still use it because it's nicer to have bigger view.

I want to inform you that option to auto-pause on loading the game is already in vanilla and is redundant :) You can safely remove this one.
Releases / Re: [A12] Rikiki's Miscellaneous (30-08-2015)
September 02, 2015, 07:48:46 AM
Hey Rikki, I have one bug report with caveworld flora.

I think that because you use ResourceBase instead PlantFoodRawBase (or you are missing some new tag in A12), my colonists started to pick up your shrooms to eat them later and won't eat them. They also stack indefinetely in their inventory. I've caught my colonists starving while having 250+ of each edible shrooms in inventory.

I suppose you used ResourceBase to customize some aspects such as nutrition? I wonder if you could use PlantFood base and just overwrite things/flags you need.