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Confirmed, this colonist had a food policy that didn't allow him to eat survival meals. No bug.

I tried to delete the post but was not allowed.
I have posted this bug before, but I didn't have a savegame. This time I have a savegame.!AlmW2TG6jr_7gasHC3fn6w78WG5lbg?e=OpmRnZ

Thanks, that's probably it. Will check when I get back to the have.

Haven't played much since food policys were implemented, so I wasn't aware that they exist.
I use caravans a lot and transport pods to send gifts to other factions, to make them friendly.
It used to be possible to send silver with the comms console too, but this seems no longer an option.

I haven't figured out the maths behind how much to pay for +1 relationship. Does anyone know?

I have noticed that a colonist with better social skill gets a better price in silver/relationship point increase, at least it used to be like that with the comms console.

Is there a fixed base price in silver/relationship point, which is modified by social skill, and that's all? Are there other factors that also matter, like if it's a gentle / rough tribe or outlanders? Does it matter if I'm a tribe and they are a tribe too, or if I'm an outlander (crashlanded start) and they are outlanders too?

I have the impression that storyteller difficulty matters too, which would make sense, but I'm not sure.

When sending a trade caravan with lots of goods, is it better to first sell the goods for silver and then pay silver as a gift, or is it better to give goods as a gift directly, to maximise the relationship gain? Or doesn't it matter?

In the current game, I have the impression that the current relationship matters too, with diminishing returns. When the other faction was around 0 or below, it cost around 40-50 silver per relationship point, but I currently have to pay more than 100 silver per point, when they are at about +60 (almost friendly).

Etc etc. I didn't find much info when searching, but I'm sure someone has figured this out and written it down somewhere.

Quote from: SpaceCows on January 20, 2020, 10:01:43 AM

You can try adding both food and corpses -> animal to your stockpile zone if you want to store animal corpses with your food.

Don't store corpses with food in the same space as you are cooking, it will cause the area to be unclean and increase food poisoning. Correct me if wrong.
General Discussion / Re: crashed pod survivors
January 30, 2020, 06:19:02 PM
Quote from: ColtonCub3D on January 22, 2020, 01:30:40 PM
Quotebut, is there a way i can make people hold medicine in their inventory?

There actually is a way to do this in vanilla, cheesy as it may be. You can set a medical spot next to the crash landed survivor as per usual, but then start a caravan with your doctor with only himself and no items and select a random destination on the map. Then, you can select him, right-click some medicine to load into caravan, then draft him over to the survivor and cancel the caravan. He'll rescue him to the medical spot you just placed, and have the medicine right there on him.

Hope this helped!

Thanks, I've wanted to know how to do this (for all kinds of reasons).
If you starve them to 87% they get knocked down and you can then carry them to the cryptosleep without anesthesia. Doesn't anesthesia require medecine?

I don't know if/how this affects price. Once you take them out and feed them, it will be some time before they recover, but I think you can sell them immediately if you want.
Since we don't recover any wood from deconstructing torch lamps, it would be nice to let them burn until they run out of fuel, but without refueling them automatically (in cases where this is what I want).

Currently this is not an option and the only way around it I found was to forbid all the wood, which has other bad consequences.
When starting the game, there is an option for world coverage,  50% or 30% or 5% (dev), if I remember correctly.

I wanted a game where I could realistically conquer all the enemy bases within a limited time. The 5% setting has only 1 base of every faction, and this is doable, but almost too small. The 30% is way too big.

I think a 10% or 15% setting would be good for the type of game I want to play. It seems to me that allowing the player to set any % would be a very small and easy change, rather than just the fixed 5, 30, 50  choices we have now.
Ideas / Re: Issues that I found when I played RimWorld
December 02, 2018, 06:01:21 PM
Quote-- Adding fuses to help mitigate the electrical short event would be good, since these events can cripple advanced and late game colonies without warning.

The solution to electrical shorts is to have spare batteris that are not installed. When the short happens, install those batteries and you're back online immediately.

I've also seen people split up their electrical network into 2 or 3 disconnected parts which have separate power plants and sets of batteries, so that if one short circuit happens, it never shuts down the whole base.
Bugs / Re: Cannot feed corpse to prisoner
December 02, 2018, 05:35:50 PM
Quote from: 5thHorseman on October 30, 2018, 11:13:28 AM
This is why I love Rimworld.

"I can't feed corpses to prisoners. This is obviously a bug."
"I have the same bug!"
"Well obviously you must be missing something because there's no way this bug could have gotten through testing."
"No, here's more proof of the bug."

Not one person thought to post, "why are you feeding corpses to prisoners? Why are you feeding them to ANYBODY THEY'RE DEAD HUSKS OF CREATURES YOU MONSTER!"

Never stop Rimworlding.

It was the only food available, and the only guy who could walk was unable to cook.
It ended well. The prisoner got back to health and was released for relationship gain. The other two got out alive and back to the colony.
Bugs / Re: Cannot feed corpse to prisoner
December 02, 2018, 05:32:43 PM
Quote from: Canute on October 30, 2018, 07:37:36 AM
Did you check the food policy for the prisoner ?
You are sure you just enabled Corpse and nothing else ?

I have never touched the food policies. If they are by default set to "don't eat corpses" then that could very well be the reason I had this problem.

Maybe they're too wild to use a modern construct such as the NPD. Will they eat food if you just leave it on the ground for them?
Cannibal meals is a great idea. I could probably mod that into the game myself. Not that I will, but simple enough to do.