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Most of your suggestions are random and uncontrollable events with very bad outcomes. That's typically not what makes a game more fun.

Also, regarding warning about events, I don't see the point. The game always sends raids your way, you should always be prepared for it. There's no such thing as downtime on the higher difficulties.
Is this when you have a caravan that is being threatened?

I tried chickens a few times but they mostly annoyed me and then got killed by a cold snap or some raid.

I have had good use of alpacas that I would let roam free mostly outside my base, eating grass and bushes. The idea is that they will be low maintenance, free food, and provide wool and alpaca babies. I'll sell the wool or make clothes from it when needed. The babies are kept in the base and fed kibble when needed, otherwise they'll get killed by predators.

Also dogs for hauling and wargs for some fighting.

And boomalopes for fun, trying to run them into raids and sieges (often not successful, but fun to try).

Just don't let boomalopes sleep with the other animals. I had one die and it took several baby animals down because they went on fire and I couldnt rescue them in time.

In pure economic terms, I think the alpacas were profitable, but not the others. But it's also a matter of risk reduction, esp being able to send combat animals in as meat shields and to absorb fire.

This colony had something like 10-20 alpacas depending on the season and traders, 5-10 dogs, 3 wargs.
Ideas / Re: I want it on
October 24, 2018, 06:11:08 PM
I still don't understand what you're arguing about.

It's quite simple. If you want to play Rimworld, buy it and play it. If you want to play anything else, from GOG or whatever, go ahead and do that.

If you want to play Rimworld but choose not to because it's not on GOG, then, well, nevermind.
I have had raids consisting of 1 scyther a few times, very early in the game. I think it can only happen on Randy. It is not common. This was on A17 or A18, don't know if it changed since.
Research should not matter. You can buy a leg off a trader and install without having researched it.
Bugs / Cannot feed corpse to prisoner
October 22, 2018, 04:44:41 PM
I have two coloniss and a dromedary corpse. The corpse is fine and they've both eaten from it. One of them was unable to walk, lying in bed, and the other one could feed him with the corpse.

The prisoner however, also lying in bed, cannot be fed. It says "Cannot feed Monroe (no food)". I think she was starving at this point, but I'm not 100% sure.

Later on, when she was able to walk, she ate from the corpse on her own initiative.
Is there a bug?

Ideas / Re: Ability to Remove Prisoners Eyes
October 09, 2018, 07:16:29 PM
You can install bionic eyes. I think you can uninstall them too, so that would be a sort of workaround.

General Discussion / Re: Multiple Bases
October 09, 2018, 06:38:05 PM
Send out 1 expendable pawn with building and shooting skills to establish a small base near your main base.

Build a defendable house and a transport pod.

Then use the same pawn or send a new one and start mining (build the house far from the edges of the map and near steel, so you get time to prepare for raids).

Keep wealth at a minimum and the only raids you will get will be 1-3 almost naked pirates with poor quality melee weapons.

Mine out steel and either send it back by pod or send in someone with alpacas/muffalos to carry it back.

I have lost a lot of pawns when things go wrong, but I also have some success stories. My best advice is to always have transport pods in the mining base, ready to drop out in case of emergency, and don't hesitate to use it.

But also have pods in the main base and be ready to send in an emergency shooter or doctor when needed. It costs some steel but is easily outweighed by the amount you can get back.

Another fun thing is the nuclear option, if you build your mining base house next to an ancient danger and too many pirates come, you can pop it and let them slaughter each other. Dont expect to survive though, and it may be hard to reclaim.

Also, don't build much but build everything in stone. Then if you get raided and have to drop out, it won't burn down and it will be easy to recapture and get started again.

I often leave my mining bases in the winter because the walking speed on snow is so low for mining back and forth,  and since we can't grow food it's not self sufficient. This makes it less worth it.
Bugs / Re: Prey kill predators too often
October 06, 2018, 08:55:31 AM
I agree it's clearly imbalanced in the new version.

I see dead cougars everywhere, maybe they are particularly fragile. And wargs, one of the most dangerous animals, die from the wounds they get hunting turtles, over and over again.

I have a couple wargs of my own that roam free, and mostly they do fine, but yesterday one of them almost died after hunting either a boar or a turtle. I noticed by pure luck that it was bleeding and could take it in for hospital care, then it was fine. But it would have died on its own.

I think one issue is that we get no notifications for this. If a colonist is wounded we get lots of notifications at different stages, but it seems that (tame) animals can get seriously wounded, maybe even bleed to dead, without notifications.
I thought it was funny and it doesn't ruin anything, so I really don't mind. But still.
All I know is that Zamora butchered a couple of people (the game says 10, so that's probably it) over some time period (2 days total from the first to the last sounds real)

And also someone else butchered one or a few corpses around the same time, which is why she also has the "we butchered humanlike" debuff.

I haven't reproduced it or ever seen it before. But also haven't butchered corpses in B19 before, so it wouldn't have happened.

It looks to me like the dates have just been swapped. It would seem completely correct to me if it starts expiring in 3 days and stops expiring in 5.

I could probably upload a savegame if that would help.

I have no mods installed.

Latest beta 19
This has happened plenty of times in my current game. Playing the version 0.19.2009 accordingto the main screen.

Alpacas and chickens are starving, but three is plenty of grass in their zones. When I got this notification, I set them to another zone and then back, and they will immediately go find grass(which they already had access too) and eat it.
I play on Linux mint 64 bit and never had this problem.

Haven't tried Ubuntu