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Ideas / Re: Your Cheapest Ideas
January 01, 2016, 07:19:45 PM
Issue a warning when an animal is starving. Same as for colonists.

I have starved my pets to death so many times because I put them in a temp safe zone during a raid and then forgot to switch them back.
It's ridiculous. The game speed should be unlocked or at least made optional, or available in dev mode.
I agree with the intent and I think it's a good thing that it slows down when attacked. It could just as well be auto-pause when attacked, I would even prefer that. But once it has slowed down or paused, it should be possible to set the speed to anything, just like before. No artificially forced timer on lowest speed setting for whatever it is, 20 seconds, renewable on each hit?

IF you lose power and plants are about to freeze to death, you can save them by setting up a campfire. I had to do this several times and it saved me.
Ideas / Re: Your Cheapest Ideas
December 23, 2015, 03:25:04 PM
fix these problems with hoppers. I'm sure they're known since long ago, but they are among the most annoying things that happen regularly in my games. and should be easy to fix.

1. There is 3 warg meat left in a hopper so no one can get a nutrient paste meal. Nothing happens automatically to fix this, even though I have hundreds of venison and elephant meat in the freezer, 1 meter away, people start eating raw meat.

2. A hopper was empty and people started eating raw meat, I tried to manually refill it since there was lots of meat in the freezer. I couldn't refill it by clicking the hopper, nor by clicking the meat which usually works. Checked the priorities of the hopper, stockpile, and everything looked good so I thought there was a bug. After a while it turned out that someone else, far away was hauling food into the hopper so the hopper was reserved for him. But there was nothing to indicate this and I couldn'd understand that it was RESERVED, which other objects usually tell when you right click them, for example weapons or damaged people.
General Discussion / Re: Plasteel outrageously expensive?
December 21, 2015, 01:51:55 AM
Quote from: zandadoum on December 18, 2015, 05:36:45 AM
i don't know... i have tried crafting many times and even legendary gold large statues weren't as profitable /material/time/ wise than just butchering all raiders and sell their meat and leather... and you can start doing this sooner too, which helps in extreme biomes.

How did you find enough gold to make a large statue?
I have never found more than a few hundred gold on any map. I admit I have never completely mined a map either, or even close to that, so maybe the gold is just hidden deep inside the mountains?

General Discussion / Re: Traders have no Uranium?
December 21, 2015, 01:30:15 AM
It seems to me that some bulk traders have it and some don't. But also, on some maps they never have it. Just like on some maps I can never buy sniper rifles, or some other specific items.

I think that there's some random process at the game start which excludes some things, but I can't confirm this.
General Discussion / Re: Rim World end-game and Ending
December 16, 2015, 02:27:02 AM
I used to build a ship and escape but after doing so a few times I find it is usually a boring way to go and doesn't improve the fun for me. So far I agree with most people here.

After getting to the point where I've made peace with the tribals and can defend against most pirate or mech raids, things get stable. I usually have 5-10 colonists at this point and played for 1-2 years. Either the map has plasteel and then it's a boring amount of time spent mining it, or the map doesn't and there's a much longer boring time amassing cash to buy plasteel from bulk traders. In the second case at least I try different ways of making money and improve on that, so it's actually more interesting.

I would like to add two things that people seem to miss

1. If you keep playing, eventually there will be a "wanderer joins" event and you can take it from there. I actually like this idea and find it interesting as a sort-of new game, you have just 1 person but a fully developed base, usually with energy, heating, farming, food and a weapons storage. This is definitely a different way to "start a new game". I'm not sure how raids scale to this since I haven't done it for a long time.

Same thing after getting raided and losing because everyone died. Hang around for a while on max speed and once you get a wanderer, you can restart and rebuild in the burnt out ruins of the old base. For some reason both these scenarios appeal to me.

2. I agree the end of the game (ship launch) is super boring, but I'm not asking the devs to do anything about it because I think what they are doing, adding more content to the game will make the game as a whole much more interesting, rather than changing the endgame. So I think their time is better spent on content and making the mid/lategame more interesting.

Ideas / timelapse of colony development
December 06, 2015, 09:51:17 PM
I would love to have a feature to create a timelapse of the development from the start.
I see a few ways this could be implemented, more or less complicated.

One, probably the easiest way, would be to save a daily screenshot automatically of the colony. Or rather a full-resolution picture of the whole game map (or a preselected area).

Another would be if the game logs everything that happens in such a way that it could be replayed, or at least the state of the map and all constructions.

Bugs / Re: Doors on fire
December 06, 2015, 03:38:56 PM
I can't say for sure but I can speculate.

If you have a closed room and there is a fire, the room will become very warm. I've seen up to 600 degrees and I'm sure it can go higher.

Now even if you extinguish the fire, the room will still be warm and if someone enters the door (opens the door), heat will transfer out and a person standing in 600 degrees probably can start burning or get burn damages in real life too.

Also, if the door is closed and the room is still hot inside, I would think that things can start burning because of the heat even if there is no fire. Depending on the materials, perhaps the door is the most combustible thing. For example, if you had granite walls and a steel or wooden door, I would expect this to happen.

If the door and walls are of the same material, then maybe there's another reason that doors are more flammable.

Does any of the above make sense and/or explain what happened in your case?

When I get fires in rooms, I usually make them no-roof zones for a while until the temperature drops and the fire is extinguished. Then I add a roof again and it will be safe.
I had an incapacitated mech lying around and no raids for very long after a game of constantly being raided, which is part of why I thought so.

Now I just got a pirate raid, and the mech is still alive, so that confirms that I was wrong in my original post. Incapped mechs don't prevent raids.
I somewhat agree with the OP, I have been thinking the same thing, but as has already been mentioned, you can already half-do this with stockpile zones etc. I usually do that for big projects I want finished faster like Geothermals or the spaceship.

Never thought about specialised haulers though. A colonist with 2 bionic legs who only hauls could be cool.
I used to hate manhunter packs but since I started playing Randy Random I really enjoy them. I just wall in and wait for pirate raids or visitors that I can loot after the wargs tear them to shreds. Also, free food.

I don't think they are too exploitable. I generally avoid them and wall in since I've tried to exploit them many times and I always end up getting one or two colonists killed. Also I hate slowing down the game to do hit and runs, it's just boring. I like to run the game on max speed and it bothers me a lot doing that type of combat. I think the game was also designed to disencourage it. Just like microing anything else is really annoying in the game.

Ideas / Re: Simple Animal Modifications
December 06, 2015, 02:30:24 PM
I wouldn't be surprised if there's a mod for this.
Ideas / Re: more intuitive hydroponics and growth.
December 06, 2015, 02:29:08 PM
Quote from: toric on December 04, 2015, 03:53:46 PM
i remember  a comment by tynan stating that he had put the resting period for plants into the game to prevent sun lamps from being OP. i personally think that while the resting period may be realistic, it is extremely unintuitive. another little niggle i have is that hydroponics have very little use, unless you are miles deep in a mountain, as otherwise you can simply roof off dirt and use sun lamps.

a solution to both of these problems would be to remove the sun lamp, the plant resting period, and making hydroponics make their own light for the plants. (maybe a purplish glow, as that is the frequency used by IRL indoor farms.) of course, this could come with an increase in hydroponics power consumption. this means that, while you could grow plants with soil at night, you would have to use normal lamps, and accept the lower growth rate. if you really want to grow plants indoors, you must use hydroponics, as that is what they are meant for. any thoughts on this idea?

(also, would anyone be interested in modding this in as a proof of concept? I'm still struggling with xml modding.)

Maybe they are intended to have little use. Or maybe used for different player flavors.
When I started playing I thought hydroponics was super cool and used it a lot. Then I learned to wall in earth and build a non-hydroponics indoor farm which saved lots of power. Also using rich soil which gives the same bonus as hydroponics as far as I can tell, without the drawbacks (power issue + instant death on solar flare).
On one map with permafrost (ice sheet) it was really hard to find earth to grow in, then I was saved by hydroponics. But I almost never use them nowadays. It's situational.

Bugs / Incapacitated mechanoids prevent new raid events?
December 06, 2015, 02:09:13 PM
I think I have read on this forum already that this is the case: as long as a mechanoid is alive then the raid event is still on, and no new raids will spawn.

Wanted to check if someone can confirm this and provide any details on how it works.

I feel like it's cheating, but of course I could just kill it to stop cheating.