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Hmm following the mood of masquerine. I did notice that some of the resarch topics are showing two levels of the same technology. Ie. Medicine (II) and Medicine (III). Is this meant to be?
Edb Your mods are awsome. Cant play the game without them. I would like to suggest on thing.
I wish we had a more graphic of vizualizing gear equipped by the colonists. Like traditional games where you drag and drop a certain clothing item in a spot.
I also think that there should be categories in the uniform menu, so we can for example, ban all winter clothes and allow only for the more refreshing ones. Do you think any of this is possible?
Stories / Re: LEGO
November 24, 2015, 04:26:38 PM

I have tons of lego. Huge fan! I liked your idea, and i have been meaning to start a project using my huge collection. What do you have in mind? Can you explain your idea and how could i contribute?

Not sure if this was discussed before, but what do you think about including the mod TOOLS FOR HAUL in this modpack? With a few tweaks i think the gameplay would be greatly improved. And if we think about it, it makes sense to do so. Whti the great list of mods you have in this pack, you get tons of new stuff, so you get to carry more things around. I think the mod could help with that. Thanks a lot for the great job.
I ran into the same problem, but i figured it out. In this mod you have to have different kinds of parts to build stuff.
So, if you want to build a wooden table, you have to make wooden parts in the "smithing bench" After you have some wooden parts, it will show up in the menu for you to select. Hope it helps thanks
Hey I love the fishing mod.

I have been playing with it for a while and I think there is something wrong with the fishing basins. When ever I add 25 egg jobs in a basin, the colonist keeps getting one fish out of the basin, placing it in the stock pile, and then retrieving the ame one fish to fill the other jobs. That goes in a loop until all jobs are done, and then there is no more fish in the pond. Am I doing something wrong here?

Thanks for the awsome mod. I have a simple request: Please add the branch version of the mods in the description of the first post. Ist a pain having to open all of them to see what is what. Can you do that? Thank you. Also. Droids are to cheap to build. And we need more kinds of droids with upgrades.
I think the download link is down. Im not able to download it.
Outdated / Re: [MODPACK] (Alpha10) Skullywags Pack
April 20, 2015, 11:53:47 AM
Hey, like the mod! But dont like the concept of not beeing able to build vanilla turrets. Can you fix that?

As the title suggests, im wondering what is the prototype pack? What does it do? It is listed as a mod in the mods folder, but i dont seem to find a description anywhere.
Outdated / Re: [MOD] (Alpha 6) Modular Tables (v.1.1)
August 14, 2014, 01:34:42 PM
Where didi you get the textures in the screenshot?

BTW excelent mod.