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I would like to ask how to disable the packed lunch functionality? I play with SKHC, and some how, after I installed the mod guys are not eating their inventory meal.
Hey Guys! Dont forget to join us at the discord channel! The adress is in the first page. Tons of people discussing the game, answering questions on the go, showing their base creations and wondering why so much death and destruction. Join Us: <link></link>
Hey Rio, git version has been fixed. Thanks again for the feedback.
Hey Man, great job in both mods. Im particulary fan of the table configurable. Congratz!
Hi Rio!

Thanks  for the effort of looking into this. I did it myself and came to the exact same conclusions. Except i didnt know that you could use it as ingredient for fine meals. One thing i have to test is if we can use kibble as an ingredient as well.

I dont really know how to avoid this, so Ill have to research it. As soon as i get some results Ill update the mod. For now Im just glad its working on vanilla.
Hello! Im super thankfull for you guys helping out and testing this!

I just uplodade a fix to the git. Im having a real hard time understanding the purpose of the trhee following tags possible contents:

So what I did is to copy a few inputs from kibble. I added a tastetough, and changed preferability to DesperateOnlyForHumanlikes.

What I want is that no human will try to consume this unless they are really dieing from startvation. This is fermented meat and veggies afterall, and they taste like a shit took a dump.
Thank you.
All right! Thanks for the feedback. The github link has been updated and the def files have been corrected.
I apologize for the previous version, I used PlantPotato instead of RawPotato in a derp moment of mine. Well, its corrected now. Have fun.
Hey Guys! Behold the Fixed Version!

You can try it now, I have just been playing with vanilla and there were 0 - ZERO errors.

I found out that most of the errors were becouse of changes in mechanics in B18, and some becouse a ireally overlooked SK compatibility...

So now you can test it with no fears, and give some feedback.

Harry, the idea you gave its awsome. Why not make some vaccines to increase longevity? Why not a speciual food that increases the rate of wool production?

Im gona look into that, and see if i can come up with a great update. Thank you.
Hey Guys,

Sorry for the delay. Let me see what is going on.

1 - First of all it should be compatible with all other mods, since all content is created. If there are erros, they are occuring because of my mod, and not compatibility issues.

2 - Since i "transposed" this mod from the SK Hardcore version, there is probably something I overlooked. I have been playing only the MODPACK and its hard to tell what is vanilla or not.

3 - Really sorry for the delay in answering, this is my second mod ever in the history of my life, and sometimes I forget that i have to check the forum more often.

4 - I will, review the mod, and play test it in vanilla. As soon as i get a green light, Ill shout out for you.

Oops, Sorry for that. I forgot to save the update. It should work fine now.

Im not exactly sure how much of a improvment is in terms of numbers. The animal rations (that are used to make the pellets), should have the same stats as kibble, a little better (Nutrition 0.08). The pellets have way more more nutrition, and to make them you have to research, and it costs eletricity. But the payoff for sure, since they have close to 0.25 nutrition, which means 15 of them aproxx. should fill a megasloth hunguer bar.

The purpose of this mod is to enable you to raise animals without having to put all your colony to make food. So I made sure the profitability of Pellets is high.

If you produce Protein Pellets (they need meat), you increase nutrition to a staggering 0.4.

The next step for this mod, is to produce animal food that heals animals. This is very important in the SK Hardcore modpack, since there are a ton of new diseases.

If you have any ideas on how to improve the mod, please, just post them here.
Releases / Re: [B18] Power Logic - (v1.6b) (18.11.2017)
January 03, 2018, 05:38:04 PM
This is a great mod. Congratz!
Releases / Re: [A18] - Animal Husbandry (SKHardcore)
January 03, 2018, 05:14:25 PM
You asked for it, you got it! Now with a vanilla version. Let me hear some feed back.

See you.
Releases / Re: [A18] - Animal Husbandry (SKHardcore)
January 02, 2018, 02:11:46 PM

Tell me if you want a Vanilla version. I´ll make it happen. Happy new year.
Releases / Re: [A17] - Animal Husbandry
September 05, 2017, 11:33:10 AM
Hey Guys,

Im glad you liked Canute. I new to github, but got it right this time, thank you for the heads up.

For now Im focused on increasing rations diversity, including a "medicine" ration for those animals with malaria. Im new to modding, so everything takes a long time to learn.

Please remember for now this mod is intended to be played with Harcore SK Project V6 modpack:

Im still figuring out how to xpath it so we can play both versions.

Please, feel free to suggest stuff, Im having a blast moding this baby.

Also, remember, this is a job done by me, but with a some very special contributors.

Greetings my fellow Rimworldians!

"Have you ever wanted to just build an animal farm, but couldn't grow enough hay or make enough kibble to keep more than a few pets?  Have to slaughter your poor baby animals because you do not have the sustenance to keep them alive?  Tired of you growers having not much more than hay to sow because there is not enough time or people to grow food for the humans?  Well here is a mod for you animal lovers!  You now have a stronger form of kibble in the form of animal pellets which give 5x more nutrition for all types of animals (meat eaters and grass eaters alike!)!"

                                                                                                                                                                                       (The Queen of Mods)
This mod is for those who like to raise animals, but never have enough to feed them.


- Includes two new types of Kibble called Pellets (Veggie Pellet and Animal Pellet): Those are way stronger than Kibble.
- Includes two recepies for Animal Rations.
- Animal Rations are processed in a Ration Tank, that transform then in Pellets


More types of pellets, including one that will heal animals faster


Special Thanks to:

  - Flonz (Idea, Incentive, Coding, Playtesting, Texturing)
  - Sidfu (Support)
  - GG (Promoting, Incentives and Love)
  - Kubouch (Universal Fermenter)
  - Cupropanda (Universal Fermenter)
  - NotFood (Support)

Link for SK Hardcore Version:

Steam Link for SK Hardcore Version:

Link for Vanilla Version: Working On it. Soon!