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Quote from: Hague on October 10, 2015, 05:24:22 PM
I have around 10 colonists and two dogs. I'm playing on a larger than default map and I'm getting huge lag spikes. I'm using the latest released version of the modpack. I have Harsher environments disabled, Do not Disturb enabled, Zombie Apocalypse disabled, and Skynet removed as well. It's clearly a pathing issue with pawns as when night time rolls around, the lag disappears. When I use the development tools and enable draw paths, the message box reads "PawnPathPool leak: More paths than pawns. Force Recovering" This leads me to believe that somewhere along the way there are too many paths that are being made at one time. Is it the animal hunting behavior that carnivores exhibit or do I just have too many tasks going on at once?

Have this issue too, but at very small map - PawnPathPool leak: More paths than pawns. Force Recovering.
Freezing extremly.
And i have only 4 colonists on a very small map with 16 Gb RAM and i7 CPU + clear install RimWorld and right installed 2.2e.
This modpack seems completely broken and unplayable at this moment.
This modpack freezes game like a hell at warm biomes after 40 days of gameplay.