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Quote from: SadisticNemesis on April 09, 2016, 11:17:24 AM
2.5 seasons really isn't much time at all.. plus you had ground trade caravans as you said, so its likely the story teller didn't think you'd need another trader for awhile.
Well, yes. But 2.5 seasons is about 7.5 months in A12 time, and I could reliably get 4-6 trade ships a year in A12. I even downed a Thrumbo, which seriously jacked my wealth, but I only got ground caravans. I'm not sure what the metric is to get a ship, whether it's wealth, time or # of colonists, or something else. More data is needed.
It would be nice, the disfigured social debuff is not cool.
I spent about 2.5 seasons waiting for a ship with console and beacon and never got one. They are way, way more rare. In that time I got very regular ground caravans, so maybe the game's RNG picks between ground and space and you get what you get. None of them wanted the 4 elephants I tamed.

Eventually everyone's best friend got beat to death by a pirate and the whole base went berserk, RIP.
General Discussion / Who builds the ship?
April 08, 2016, 10:45:13 PM
Who actually builds a ship? I can't imagine a reason except as some sort of benevolent exporting of undesirables.
Quote from: dangordon on April 08, 2016, 06:47:44 PM
i tried again earlier... same setup, spawned another 7 blokes at start. this time they were almost all gun nuts.

built more defences. spawned better weapons for my blokes. even before raids started people were going bezerk. had a bloke everybody hated. yes i was building stuff for happiness - as much as you can early in the game.

pychic drone starts... two more go bezerk. now lets hit you with a raid... playtime less than 45 mins.

The only story its telling me is something about ramming something where the sun don't shine.

dont get a great deal of time to play so messing about with like 3 or 4 blokes is super boring (especially sitting here watching them sleep for x minutes a day) thats why i generate a crowd of 10. as it is now i'm giving up for this revision.
Perhaps you'd enjoy the game more if you were not spawning stuff in with dev tools? People tend to appreciate less that which they do not earn. If you're bored there's always the fast-forward button.
Bugs / Re: [A13] No traders
April 08, 2016, 07:59:23 PM
I'm entering winter of my first year and I have no orbital traders. have had a comms console and beacon for over about 2 seasons.
Asthma is a pretty serious condition, especially for starting. I have an asthmatic colonist and they are just chewing through medical supplies. I'm going to prioritize lung replacement since this is a non-sustainable situation.
General Discussion / Re: EULA and forums
April 07, 2016, 11:13:19 AM
Quote from: NoImageAvailable on April 07, 2016, 11:02:01 AM
Personally, I see no justification for tying access to a software I purchased to an unrelated forum account and since you've been avoiding the question I suspect you don't see one either.
It's not unrelated though. The fact there is a sub-forum that has nothing to do with Rimworld does not divorce the forums themselves from Ludeon Studios and the game. If LS wish the tie behavior on their forum to your account for the game, and the user does not agree with this, the obvious solution is to not use the forums.

The EULA is fairly straightforward, but without a lawyer's review it's hard to say it's bulletproof.
IIRC, the bonus is based on number of unoccupied tiles in a room. The layout is unimportant; putting a piece of furniture in a room will drop the unoccupied tile count, which may be the source of your confusion.
Quote from: humblebundle on March 22, 2016, 06:22:07 AM
So i always have to build more freezer and sometimes i set them to -200°C, i mean why they don't freeze that?
Are you storing liquid nitrogen by chance?

Your freezer sounds pretty small, so what you need more than anything is an airlock, and maybe an insulating wall. Airlocks are absolutely vital to maintaining stable temps in a freezer that is used every day. Make a 1x4 passage with doors on both ends. If you are still getting wild temperate fluctuations, the difference in temp between the inside and outside is too extreme. In this case make the freezer wall twice as thick, with an gap in the second wall for the coolers to vent. Or try making a pocket around the freezer, with a second line of coolers to transfer heat from the pocket outside.
Quote from: IkeaSwede on March 07, 2016, 09:58:37 AM
Yeah, being able to equip everyone with knives + ranged would nullify the idea of melee combatants, which the game is based around having.
Does anyone even use melee combatants? I know there are shields but they only delay death by a seconds if there's any sort of formidable group. I find melee fighters can't be used offensively unless you want them to wind up as a pincushion. Ditto for hunting, of course.

Melee combatants are sort-of effective for me as backup if the raiders can reach my shooters, but if they get that far odds are the colony is doomed.
I play with the 'Expanded Organ Engineering & Prosthetics" (If that's not the title it's close) mod. It has advanced prosthetics and synthetic organs that will fix issues like bad back, frail, cataracts, etc. The only thing you can't seem to fix is brain death (no cybernetic brains) or scarring of the head. So it won't make you totally invincible, but you can make some pretty exceptional colonists...