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Releases / Re: [A16a] [MODPACK] Hardcore SK global project 5.0 test: Jewel
« on: February 16, 2017, 11:16:12 AM »
Uck i just had my first freeze during auto save, (Gave it 2 minutes then I alt f4, every other autosave took only like <10 seconds) I will give a detailed explanation & information if it happens again, the output log had nothing, hummm... it doesn't look promising, I hope it was the one off, fresh install as of couple hours ago.

Releases / Re: [A16a] [MODPACK] Hardcore SK global project 5.0 test: Jewel
« on: February 16, 2017, 09:49:01 AM »
I haven't played in like 2-3 weeks lots of changes and even a manual now lol goodwork on that :) Lets see how quickly HCSK can kill me :P

I have one request, could there be a more detailed description of what the new storytellers do? (Specifically Rey & Haseo) I've no idea which one is the harder one out of the 3 for example. It's very vague at least I think it is, maybe its just me but when I compare it to the vanilla explanations for example, Pheobe tells you that you can expect gaps in between events which would be aimed at the newer players, Cassandra explains that she would be the default experience with a scaling difficulty curve, in that this is the one you should be using for a balanced orientated game, Randy is quite literally random. Hildegarde epic is explained reasonably well, in that there will be a focus on bigger nastier events (Assumed it has faster difficulty curve) and less power outs, blights, solar flares etc.

Rey is tough??? but what does that mean, whats changed? Whats different? It's the same with Haseo. The only thing I can think of is that the incidents are going to be more frequent, but doesn't say which, and I assume the difficulty curve is going to very hard. my point is, that I don't want to assume, I want to know specifically what each storyteller does. I'm just asking if there could be a bit more of an explanation. I love the work you guys do and hope my input hasn't come across as negative or anything :)

Releases / Re: [A16a] [MODPACK] Hardcore SK global project 5.0 test: Jewel
« on: February 14, 2017, 02:32:22 PM »
The last time I used a HKSK storyteller was in alpha 13 with Hildegarde on 2nd or 3rd highest difficulty (They changed names), and my god I never got a break, it was raid after raid, my colony wealth just kept going up because of all the loot on the map, and I was just quite literally overwhelmed not because it was impossible, it was tedious as fuck checking items/ammo/clothing etc.

Edit - Since then I've always stuck to the vanilla storytellers, perhaps I should give them another go.

Releases / Re: [A16a] [MODPACK] Hardcore SK global project 5.0 test: Jewel
« on: February 02, 2017, 07:56:21 PM »
There needs to be a cheapo alternative for wood working, like that butchering spot. It's very slow but it does allow you to butcher it'd be the same for logs, very slow but possible. In the odd scenario you don't have components on the map be it from ship parts, compact machinery or even metal flooring.

Releases / Re: [A16a] [MODPACK] Hardcore SK global project 5.0 test: Jewel
« on: February 02, 2017, 04:20:14 AM »
Was cleaning up my downloads folder 50-100gb's worth of various downloads over the years and noticed this...   

I'm not sure if it's sacrilege to delete them.

I've only been playing the mod since October 2015 not as long as some folks but still I've put in some time :)

Ah i love modded games, pain in the ass sometimes but its worth it in the long run,  I've probably only spent like 50 hours in vanilla, probably close to 1000 hours or more from this modpack alone :/

[attachment deleted by admin due to age]

Couple of Brewery questions.

Are you meant to start out with the abilty to craft a brewery?

Basically I found a drop-pod full of wort and figured oh sweet I could probably make some easy beer! It's only like a 2-3 crafting difficulty recipe. (I don't think it was that long ago since I made some lol...) I noticed that beer was taken out yet I'm able to craft most other alcoholic drinks i.e. cider sake rum etc. I was just wondering if it was an oversight or intentional? To not be able to craft beer, or rather just not be able to use the brewery in general.

I noticed that there was a very long winded research for it which is like 10,000 points worth starting at Neolithic seems a bit odd just to unlock brewery stuff in general, "Allows you to build a brewery to transform hops into tasty wort" Yet I already have the abilty to craft a brewery & wort. I'm pretty certain it's just to allow you to make the crated stuff, but also I'm guessing that's where beer would be unlocked, I can't see to find it under drugs etc so anyways, any clarity someone could provide would be much appreciated :)

Using commit 5aecf734a5bfd433d45d58c82c915757e3c642ca (Retextures)

Again i have some problem i think...
I have designed place to plant haygrass. Plant haygrass, allow sowing.
But they only clear "field" and dont plant anything. When little grass or tree start growing they immediately cut it.
Now i have nothing on my "empty" field.
Any help?

Believe with this modpack you need seeds for everything. No seeds, no sowing! Perhaps I'm wrong and haygrass is an exception, in which case I'm sure someone will correct me.

As BlacksmokeDmax stated but I will add a little bit to it.

Grass and haygrass both produce haygrass, but grass is not technically haygrass so it doesn't produce haygrass seeds, but there is a early game workaround. You can extract the haygrass seeds from the said grass haygrass at the plant processing bench which is only 100 research from agriculture.

Why are some my bills paused???
I have 300 kindling and i designed to 500, so they should work untill i have 500. But it say its paused and i cant make them work on it???

It'll craft until it reaches 500 then it'll remain paused until it reaches the designated minimal threshold you set which seems to be 300,

See the screenshot and where it says minstock once you reach your maximum output it'll remain paused, until it goes below that level. Changing that value to 0 would prevent it from ever being paused, but whenever it dips below 500 e.g. 499 that operation will be carry out by any pawn to return it to 500 or 500+. The benefit of having a minstock value is that you don't keep on having your pawn constantly making kindling until your stocks reach the minimal acceptable level you desire, it allows you to focus on other crafting jobs.

[attachment deleted by admin due to age]

Quick question, is there anyway to get rid of radiation?

It very slowly depletes over time. As per real life once you have it you either survive or die depending on how much of it is inside of you, and/or if you took some form of anti radiation to absorb the particulars. There are real life treatments to stabilise it e.g. to make it non life threatening but, I'm no expert and/or not sure how much of it has been translated to end game, I rarely get to end game, too many updates.
I'm not sure there is any form of anti radiation meds in game to prevent it, but there is clothing like hazmat suits when working with uranium / radiation events and if I remember correctly there's chances of getting bad mental disability/disorders e.g. dementia if you go past the serious state. (The last time that happened to me was in alpha 14 though)

Outdated / Re: [A16] Colony Leadership and Teaching v1.1
« on: January 24, 2017, 01:28:06 PM »
An awesome mod I was wondering if it was mechanically possible to do this, after my last masterwork dwarf fortress session where I was focusing on my millita training, I thought why hasn't rimworld got a teaching mechanic yet :S

Never leave the forums for a week, spent 30 minutes reading last 20 or so pages of posts just to catch up T_T

Also awesome mod suggestion to be included in hardcore SK, the long overdue pawns teaching mechanic.

Hey there!

Does anybody else has a problem with cheese? When I make some, it has 2 different spoilage dates: one pretty long (I don't remember exactly, let's say at least a season) which seems realistic, but also a very shot one (a few days).

Obviously it spoils after a few days, which ruins what cheese is good for...

I made a issue/request about it ages ago but it got put on the sidelines :/

Does anyone else feel like early tech lighting is too high maintenance to be worth it? Having to cut and refuel 10 kindling per light per day is a lot of manpower to invest, and manpower comes at a premium in the early game.

I could propose a rebalance, but fishing for some opinions on it first...

Without the seeds mod you can just plant a little bush patch (each bush gives you something like 6 kindling per week) sized to meet your needs. It's obscene to try and cut it by hand otherwise. They should probably make crafting it a lot more efficient.

I just use the manager in a localised area. never really have to worry about kindling again but it's a lot of work actually cutting and then going to each and every torch just to refuel them, albeit realistic, its very tedious.

I would suggest adding another mineable resource oil shale, which could quite easily be a modified coal vein but is used in oil lamps which would burn for a very long time.

Can someone tell me which mod added stats (increased cooking speed, tame chance and such) to items back in a14 modpack?

Infused_CR is the modpack version otherwise you're looking for Infused. They add suffixes to pieces of equipment

I'm getting an IMMENSE, unplayable amount of lag. Every time I start a colony it seems just fine, then as time progresses it gets insane. I only have 4 characters on this last save, can't do anything anymore. Any ideas? (BTW the pc is not a supercomputer but it's definitely overqualified for Rimworld, and non-modded works just fine.)

Did you actually read the past few pages?  you'll find your answer there.

Ohh iam finished with CR, start work with bug-reports.

Checks combat realism

See's this


Auto ammo finder
- work for pawn with null loadout.
Advanced AI for AI pawns
- Now all humanlike pawns can find weapons, ammo for them, checking their inventory for overload, find and equip apparel if needed.

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