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I have noticed that raids are taking a good 2-3 seasons before they arrive after starting, I got my first raid in winter with the standard 1 pawn, my starting season was spring O.o. Once my wealth gets higher everything starts to normalise out or at least IMO feel like it is, but I haven't played past 1 year because of the fps death due to the dynamic devil flower killing fps, I'll have to make that change someone mentioned over on rik's steam page.

Damn I was enjoying playing in my caveworld biome, i did wonder why it was laggy :s

Is there any way to turn off Combat Realism? Very annoying and unnecessary addon.
I'm with you.
Not only annoying, but it makes the game easier since you can kill a person very fast with only basic guns, it makes even large raids easy as they die and retreat before they get any shots off almost every time.

Without CR fights last longer and you will have more tactics come into play along with injuries to mend.
With CR people generally just die from a broken finger and toe (ok maybe not, but they do often die way too soon with minor injuries).

I do think that the scaling of guns and how you early you have access to them needs to be changed, but to remove the whole CR system all together? that's seems excessive :S

What difficulty/storyteller are you playing on as a reference point?

As far as I know CR doesn't effect the desired population cap only storytellers do.

Based on the aforementioned desired population, are you aware that playing on higher difficulties enemy pawns are more likely to "automatically" die? Not because of CR fault but its because of the storyteller maintaining "desired" population depending on the difficulty, e.g 5 on Cassandra classic rough? (It's just a pseudo-random number I don't actually know the value off the top of my head)
So if you only had 1 pawn you'll find that a lot of enemy pawns will actually survive, but if you had 10 you'll find that most of them will die as soon as they hit the incapacitated status and not due to having their head reach 0, or torso reach 0, or any organ reach 0.

Interesting, my game just crashed randomly (It was paused, watching a stream) but after what notfood/sidfu had mentioned about not having enough memory made me wonder if it was actually my pc at fault :S so I go and check my video card stats via msi afterburner and I have 493mb total ram on a 770gtx :/ instead of 2k blergh, here goes my night to fixing my pc :P

Hello guys, could you give me little help?

Im playing A14 still, is it really not possible to place seats in front of the workbenches? It use to be possible to do that. Can any one confirm this please?

I can not build any seats in front of the workshops. Tried everything.


@zzz1000 Idd my load order changed by itself :s

For some reason infused decided to change its load order on its own :/ going like 5 places up in the load order. I can't even explain how or why, I'm 100% certain I've not touched the load order. since playing for 2 hours, it just randomly said out of memory when I checked the output_log - So I restarted and it's now saying my load order changed.

I did try to emulate what happened by simply reloading the game several times, as that's the only unique thing I did. And it's using 200mb more ram each time I reload at 2.1k 2.3k, 2.5k 2.7k before I decided to write this post, so something isn't be unloaded from memory.

Perhaps I somehow managed to corrupt my install :/ Blergh due to the above mentioned shorthash changes I'm just going to do a fresh install always I literally downloaded the version prior to them changes :(

What kinda memory usage are people getting say after like 10 minutes?

Outdated / Re: [A16] TiberiumRim - It Comes From Space v1.1
« on: January 05, 2017, 12:01:58 PM »
does this work with the sk modpack or are you ever thinking of making it compatible?

Tbf It'll probably get a compatibility patch, on skyark's end mods like these tend to fit in with the style of hardcore sk.

Releases / Re: [A16] SeedsPlease!
« on: January 05, 2017, 12:00:21 PM »

For Hardcore SK A16 Jewel, covers most plants and trees. Since HardcoreSK is in constant change, some may be missing. Load after HugsLib, MFO, SeedsPlease and CoreSK.

I wonder why It hasn't been included in hardcore sk yet. I've been porting it manually but thank you for the update / new features.

Outdated / Re: [A16] Camping Stuff v0.1.1
« on: January 05, 2017, 11:57:52 AM »
A pretty nice mod, every little addition like these makes Rimworld feel more complete

Releases / Re: [A16] Less Arbitrary Surgery (2017-1-4)
« on: January 05, 2017, 11:54:40 AM »
An awesome addition, well done :)

hey rhyssia gotta love how no one reads do they

Idd some of the questions make me just go \_/o_O\_/

I haven't tried the latest update being Fix map generator commit 5159dd8018d24d3e26d61dcac7b922dae5eded1c but I did notice that sky updated fishIndustry and that fishIndustry has had quite a few changes that might make saves incompatible if you update, namely reworking the fishing skill so its included as a hunting skill now not as a separate skill.

Note I haven't actually checked this just a heads's up, speculating that it might cause issues for people.

It'll be fine if you start a new game, which generally speaking you should do when you update.

Anyone able to roll uh...smoke leaf?

My colony is currently crafting spot free, so I'm in the same boat, unless it was intentionally removed. I remember the hardcore sk crafting spot had like bow/shiv/stonearrow/tribalwear a few basic stuffs, so I'm guessing it was forgotten.

I'm starting as a tribal at Neanderthal tech no idea if thats relevent, perhasps a higher tech colony starts with it and that it was forgotten to be included in tribal :S

Hi, I have one simple question, how do we get Hay ?!?! (last version of the mod for 16)

harvest grass, just click harvest on an area and you should find some grass nodes to be harvested

Anyone else getting pawns repeatedly eating meals as a joy activity rather than a food one? I had a pawn just ate 8 roasted meats because his joy was low :/ (No he wasn't on a food binge or any mental break) Not sure if its a modded problem or a vanilla issue

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