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Perfect mod, great design, and most importantly a good balance. I can not imagine this game without this mod already.

There are a couple of suggestions and ideas that are possible in development already:
1) Ability to choose the color of the apparels in during of creation and \ or change the color of existing things (new tables for crafts? Yes of course!).
Possible a additional thread of craft to create a resource like "paint" which will be used for apparel crafting?
2) Maybe some stands with different size for apparels?
3) Stackable Hex-Cells?

1) textile scraps (and hyperweave) do not show own amount at maximum zoom (only in info panel when it's choosen)

And It would still be nice if you could add an option for automatic corpse stripping (maybe some additional option in crematorium when corpse cremating?) it's very helpful with hard mode playing

I am by no means a criticized your mod. The Mod amazing, but the dream is not harmful  ;)

P.S. Also maybe to add a trade with space traders or new Apparel traders? (resources & top crafted Apparel for example)
Outdated / Re: [MOD] (Alpha 6) Synthmeat
September 29, 2014, 05:23:24 AM
"Do until you have X" option doesn't work in Alpha 6. But in the early Alphas it's worked. Could you return this option? It very helpfull, especially for a large colony