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Mods updated for V1.0

Yes its intention, once you have the other augments it will more than make up for it.

V1.8 of Core Mod Released.. See Change Log.

Great mod but the Faction download is still 1.71  :'(

Sorry i forgot to update the link, it now fixed and links to the B19 version of the Faction Mod.

Updated for B19

Help / Re: RimWorld core art source
« on: September 02, 2018, 10:03:23 AM »
Has anybody got the B19 Graphic Assets extracted?

Help / Whats is the <intricate> tag used for in some items
« on: September 02, 2018, 09:05:02 AM »
So i was updating my mod and noticed the <intricate> tag in ComponentIndustrial and ComponentSpacer vanilla items

Anybody know what this is for?

Something unfortunate I've noticed while using this and some of the other 40k add-on mods is that a few of them introduce different iterations of the same items - mainly power and chain weapons, though there might be more - with different recipes and stats, meaning you have to queue up the recipe and check the product info to tell which one is which. Might be a good idea to go through all of the generic-sounding weapons (autoguns, lasguns, power weapons, etc) and rename them with a specific pattern-type (be it the canon ones used for inspiration or something made up where none are listed) to make them distinct and discernible. The other modders can hopefully see which specific patterns you used and rename their own creations so those kinds of overlaps and conflicts can be avoided.

So there are only 4 melee weapons in Core game, and one of each type of ranged weapon. If you have loads of WH40k weapons i suspect you are using Ogliss's  "Wh40k Armory Mod" which is an addon to my mod but not created by me, which adds many many many WH40k weapons of lots of WH40k Faction to my Mod, i have no control of that mod.

How on Terra does one defend from the necrons? Everytime they have turned up I've been fried.
You do not pray hard enough

The Necron faction is not my Mod.. its one someone did to add onto mine, i have played them and they are TOUGH..  all i can says is turrets, turrets and more turrets.

Updated Core and Factions Addon Mod, to now have Space Marines..

Help / Is it possible to apply a <HediffDef> to Armor or Weapons?
« on: February 17, 2018, 07:58:32 PM »
So i have been playing around this evening and cannot seem to get this to work and cant find anything online about it..

What i'm trying to do is when pawn wears a bit of armor or carries a gun the item applies a <HediffDef> to the pawn while the armor or weapon is equipped.. I've tried the <addsHediff> tag in the ThingDef but does not seem to work.. bascially i want to use the <capMods> modifiers within the ThingDef to Buff/Debuff a pawn when certain armor or wepaons are carried.

BTW the debuffs i want to use cannot be implemented with <statBases> or <equippedStatOffsets>

Perhaps it not possible with XML only, but thought i would ask here anyway...

Hmmm ok, since i am not a real modder, just someone who browse and edit at the xml sometime i though thats it.

I found at Curopandas expanded power at the A17 version, so i am not sure if this is working for B18
Code: [Select]
<li Class="ExpandedPower.CompProperties_VariableSolarPower">

I think that likely used some sort of DLL that's comes with the mod and is not part of Vanilla. But will have a look at that mod. But if it is a custom DLL, i'm afraid that's beyond my abilities atm.

is the value you are looking for.
If you change it from -1 to -2 it produce twiche so much energy.

Really i tried that and it did not work...

found something odd.

When I launch regular drop pods they turn into imperial drop pods, then back to regular pods when landing. Nothing pops up in the error log.

So this is something that is hardcoded from drop pod graphics, i use xpath to make my graphics be used, its not an error. But offset is the regular pods now use my graphics for take off and landing :)

what is the idea behind the Imperial solar panel ?
Just the look?
Because it got the same amout of HP and energy output, but need imp. compnent and Ceramite.
I would await at last more HP (from the Ceramite) and maybe better power output (from the Imp. component).

So i have not worked out how to make the imperial solar panels output more as solar power output seems to be hardcoded, but i suppose i could make sure they are alot tougher.. ATM they are more a aesthetic build item.

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