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It seems like there is a confusion in stockpiles now between "in" and "on" as both type of items now considered as contained in a stockpile.

I came across this bug when a user reported unexpected behavior in the RW 1.0 version of my mod.
It's a minor bug and i doubt it actually matters to the vanilla game, but figured its best I report it just in case.

For example, if you build a lamp inside a stockpile(installed, not minified).
The lamp thing category will be "Building" as opposed to "Item" when minified.
This is the expected behavior, obviously. However, the stockpile instance will now:
1. Include it in its AllContainedThings
2. This one i might be wrong about (can't remember for sure) but:
On default storage settings, its StorageSettings.AllowedToAccept(Thing) method will return true when given the Building type thing.

To reproduce, you will need to be able to debug and print stockpile's contained things.
Just place a lamp in a stockpile and it will be contained in the Zone_Stockpile.AllContainedThings variable.
Here's a picture of the stockpile returning a Building type as contained item(installed lamp):

I'm assuming this is a bug and not intended change. If it was intended, feel free to ignore this report.
Outdated / [B18][Mod Updater] ModSync Ninja
July 16, 2017, 06:34:45 AM

ModSync Ninja
Update your non-steam mods!

Struggling to manage all your mods or just really want to know when your favorite mod is updating? use ModSync Ninja!

What's that?
ModSync Ninja is a client-server service that allows modders to push updates to their mods.
When you check the list of mods you use, you'll be able see each mod installed version, current version, and a link to the update on the forums.
All that from the game itself.

Download: Direct | Steam

The project has been revived!
Kiame has joined us. Together, we have decided to give the project another go!

Aside from the project being back up, here's what we have in plan for the near future:

  • Better UI for the in game mod
  • Easier ways to update mods such as automatic build \ commit scripts that update the mod version on mod sync
  • Deliver better update notifications that includes the content of the update: Bug fixes, Feature, Translation and more.
  • Better update notifications by allowing patch notes
  • More, and open for suggestions!

Whos already in? Check the list of registered mods here!


  • Is this an auto update?
    Not yet, but it could be, depends on the community response. If everything goes well, a mod hosting and auto updating will be added.
    For now, if there's an update, you'll be directed to download the new version from the author's forum post!

  • Why is a mod I'm using not on the list?
    The author needs to add it to the sync database. Ask them to join, it's easy!

  • Can an update break my save game?
    If the update is a safe one that does not break save games, you'll see an indicator next to the Update button.

  • Will this use up my internet connection?
    An update check is only called once when you open MySync Ninja's menu.

  • Will it conflict with other mod managers?
    No, it doesn't modify the Mod menu.

Connection indicators

Kiame, historic, Jas

Wanna learn more? visit:

Client Change log
View on ModSync.Ninja mod page

Tools / ModSync Ninja - Mod update manager!
July 16, 2017, 04:29:03 AM

ModSync Ninja
Automatic updates for your mods!

Sick of players complaining about bugs that has been fixed 2 versions ago?
Hate it when they miss an amazing feature you spent hours developing?

What's that?
ModSync Ninja is a client-server service that allows modders to push updates to their mods.
Players then can view the list of mods they use and get update notifications and update links in game.

Tell me more \ How do I add my mod?
Check out the website! You can upload your mod there, update it, and check the full FAQ.

Notes when adding a mod:

  • Provide correct mod folder name(the name of  the folder in the player's mod folder) its the only unique indication for a mod
  • Keep your Secret key, you'll need it to post updates.

The project has been revived!
Kiame has joined us! together, we have decided to give the project another go.
We've acquired a new host for the server and API (with a much wider time frame) and really hope you decide to join in!

Aside from the project being back up, here's what we have in plan for the near future:

  • Better UI for the in game mod
  • Easier ways to update mods such as automatic build \ commit scripts that update the mod version on mod sync
  • Deliver better update notifications to users by giving the modders the ability to set update content type and priority. Bug fixes,
    Feature, Translation and more.
  • Better update notifications by allowing patch notes
  • More, and open for suggestions!

Client -
API Library -

Whos already in? Check the list of registered mods here!

Ideas / Research overhaul suggestion
July 03, 2017, 08:44:32 PM
I'd like to introduce a suggestion to make research what I believe is better than its current state. I know there were several topics discussing research already, but they are mostly dead and outdated.

I constantly get people asking me why my mod does not require research. My answer is always, "I don't believe in the current research system of the game".
Don't get me wrong, I love RimWorld, and the research system is fine. However, for a game so good, could we maybe achieve more?

The core purpose of the change is to

  • Make research interesting and not a passive time-consuming task.
  • Add aspects of macro management to research.
    While you could still "touch and forget" to start a research, you have more interaction options that will provide better rewards.
  • Make research more realistic and social by making it a joint task. Not a single  person's job.
  • Make knowledge a viable income method and keep research viable late-game.
Please note, this suggestion is merely a scrap which is why it will not be addressing balance at all.

1. Research requires knowledge
A specialist is defined as: A person with a skill(eg. shooting) higher than the researcher's same skill.
Research can be done faster with input from people who are specializing in the topic.
This is achieved in two ways:

Research data
New "craftable" item: Research data for <SKILL>

Made by a person with a relevant skill, scales in quality with the skill level.
Add new incapability: Can't write. People who can't write will not be able to write research data.

For example: "Packaged survival meals" could use "Research data for Cooking" written by a cook. Done in a writer table, probably as a bill.

Researchers having a conversation with a specialist in the relevant skill area will gain a buff to the research speed.

2. Multi-stage research
Make research longer, but in times faster, by splitting into multiple stages (more like R&D).

Phase 1: Researching
Time consumption: 0-5/10.

This phase is a timed research, like the current research system. However, it can vary in time or completely skipped based on the amount of relevant Research data the colony holds.

Phase 2: Development
Time consumption: 3/10.

This phase length is based on the researcher Intellectual skill and produces an item at the end for the relevant research.
For example, researching Gun Turrets will produce "Gun Turrets manufacture manual". The manual quality will determine how long the Finalize phase is and is based on the researcher intelligent.

Manufacture manuals are consumed upon use. Therefore, if this is the first time a colony is running this specific research, it will be consumed in Finalize phase.
On other cases, it will be kept as a tradeable item.

Phase 3: Finalize
Time consumption: 1-2/10.

Finalizing the research and preparing production.
If you acquire the relevant manual, you can skip phases 1 and 2 directly into this, finalize phase.

3. Research as a colony income method and trading knowledge
Research data and Manuals can be traded(both buy and sell) with factions based on their technological level.

Research data (Relatively cheap)
Having enough of them allows you to completely skip Phase 1 for relevant researches. Therefore, reduce research time.

Manufacture manual (Expensive)
Allows you to completely skip Phase 1 and 2. Almost completely nullify specific research time.

Some answers to possible questions

  • Nice, why don't you just mod it?
    Because i believe this will be a healthy change to research the game will greatly benefit from and feel like it should be a part of the core game.
    Regardless, i will be modding it. Tho i'm very short on time and i doubt it will ever see daylight.
  • If Manufacture manual is consumed upon use, how do you trade it?
    Once completing a research you'll be able to redo it. It will only run the 2nd phase (development) and produce a manual.
  • What about research that is not relevant to any skill?
    It will not use Research data. Phase 1 will be skipped and Phase 2 time will be adjusted properly
  • What about research that is relevant to multiple skills?
    It will use Research data of all relevant skills.
  • I don't think a level 20 constructor knowledge is enough to research a spaceship
    Maybe not, this is where research that is assigned to multiple skills could be relevant.
    A very intelligent person alone with zero understanding in construction will not build a spaceship without consulting a builder as well.
  • What priority is "write research data" for pawns who are not assigned to research?
    Writing could be added next to research in priorities tab.
  • I don't want to have to allocate my best construction guy time to write research data
    You don't have to, you can have the researcher simply do Phase 1.
    However, you can use the power of a good builder's construction knowledge to speed up the research.
  • Why?
    Why not? Research is kinda dull at the moment and adding more aspects to it would be nice. Also, there are many people taking a role play approach to rimworld building drug cartels etc. adding trading aspect to research alone will add more playability to the game.

Industrial Rollers Version 2.5.0 - RimWorld 1.1!

What's new in 2.0? - new features, balance changes, new mechanics and QoL changes. read here!

Lets you set up automated rollers to transfer items to stockpiles and free hauler's time.
Use In-wall rollers to transfer items into rooms while keeping the room sealed and maintaining its temperature.
Roller pushers can scan and move items to a different roller system based on configured pusher storage settings.

While you can make use of a simple small belt system (for example: hauling chef's ready meals to fridge)
A well planned, broad and organized belt system can greatly benefit your hauling capabilities. I can't wait to see people's implementations!

Recommended mods
Some recommended mods that enhance automation experience:

Usage tips

  • Place stockpiles on the roller to force pawns to haul to them and make sure the stockpile has the same priority as the destination stockpile
  • This mod adds structures to the Industrial tab.
  • Use pushers to split a big general roller line into branches of rollers who deal with specific items
  • Every type of roller and the pusher require electricity. however, you don't need to provide power to each roller. Rollers transfer power, a single connection is enough
  • Items are forbidden, don't worry about it. it prevents pawns from trying to haul items from the moving rails. once the item reaches its destination or gets stuck (for example, when the stockpile is full) the items will automatically allow again.
  • Does not require additional mods / libraries. as for now, there are no known conflicts with other mods and can load into an existing save game


  • Can i add\remove it from my existing save?
    Yes, you can add it.
    To remove, you'll need to make sure you have no mod related structures placed.
  • What are these rollers?
    Conveyor belts! This mod is heavily inspired by Factorio.
    And since the mod is not easy to learn, i try to keep things similar to the game many people know (this is why underground rollers are limited in range).
  • Research?
    No. i decided to skip research for this mod because i don't believe in the game's current research system. you can read my suggestion here.
  • My Puller\Pusher are not working
    Make sure you've set the Storage settings for them. Storage settings represents the items they will be handling.
    For Pullers, also make sure you have set a destination stockpile or set it to "do forever".
  • Why are my Pullers\Grow zone pullers consuming so much electricity?
    This was a balancing act. Pullers and Grow zone pullers power consumption is based on attached stockpile\grow zone size, each tile costs 4.5W and 2.5W respectively. With a minimal power consumption of 60W for small zones.
  • Even with the huge power cost, i still think Puller is OP
    Many agree, you can go to the mod settings and enable Hardcore Mode. it will limit the range of the Pullers.
  • Can a Pusher place items inside a building\structure X? and can a Puller pull from it?
    As long as the structure implements game's Storage_Building interface, it can.
    if it doesn't, i can't fix it at my end.
  • I have items teleport around on my rollers
    Make sure you have no extra stockpiles on the belts. you should only have them where you need them (on the belt entry point if you dont use Pushers).
    Seeing a stockpile, the belts are trying to place the item in it, but since there is a belt under that stockpile, it can get into a loop.
  • Something is still not working for me
    Feel free to ask, but it would be nice if you include a screen shot. it will be much easier to detect the problem.

In-development / Future releases

  • Multi lang localization

Version log

Version 2.5.0 - RimWorld 1.1 and Underground Roller settings!
- Updated the mod for RimWorld 1.1
- You can now change the max distance between two connected underground belts in game options.
While I still recommend using the default 6 cell distance balance, you may extend or shorten it in the mod settings.

Version 2.4.03 (No version number change) - RimWorld 1.0 (DL link in main post)
RimWorld has finally hit version 1.0!
This update is only a version number change.
If you are still running B19, it will still work even if it appears red in your mod list.

Version 2.4.03 (No version number change) - RimWorld B19 (DL link for ver:
- Just RimWorld version number change to match B19.

Version 2.4.03 - RimWorld 1.0 Unstable support first bug fix iteration (DL link in main post)
- Pullers will be now default to "DO FOREVER" once built instead of "STOPPED".

Bug fixes
- Fixed a bug that caused Pullers to pull built structures and furniture from stockpiles.
- Fixed a bug causing Puller buttons (widgets) to disappear when using the "Save Storage & Outfit Settings" mod. Support for the mod is back as well.

Version 2.4.00 - RimWorld 1.0 Unstable support! (DL link for ver:
- RimWorld 1.0 version.

Version 2.3.06 - Recovering from B18 Bugs, bringing back ModSync Ninja! (DL link in main post)
- Added ModSync Ninja back!

Bug fixes
- Some users experienced disappearing pullers. while i couldn't reproduce the error myself, i did change the problematic method - should be fixed.
- Fixed Pushes and Pullers don't push\pull to storage buildings when there is a power conduit under the structure
- Underground rollers should now work on bridges and any other surface.
- In-Wall rollers should no longer disappear when loading a game if there was an item on the belt

- Fixed Japanese translation by ハグ & Proxyer. Thanks!

Version 2.2.0 - B18, Bug fixes, balance changes and translations (DL link for ver:
Bug fixes:
- Power conduits are no longer visible on top of belts when built near by.
- XML refactored and cleaned up to allow easier access to editing if required.

Balance changes:
- In-Wall Roller: HP increased from 80 to 200.
- A18 Construction skill requirements added:
  - Construction skill 10: Normal belts(including directional), In-Wall and Splitter.
  - Construction skill 12: Pusher, Growzone Puller.
  - Construction skill 13: Puller, Underground belts.
Construction skill requirement is being used instead of research as a balance factor to the mod.
If for any reason, you are not happy with the change, you may edit the XML file and replace <constructionSkillPrerequisite> tags to whatever you see fit.

- Fixed Japanese translation by ハグ (thanks for feedback!).

Version 2.1.25 - Bug fixes, balance changes and more translations (DL link in main post)
Bug fixes:
- Fixed a bug causing items to disappear into unknown void when placed on a belt next to almost built belt.

Balance changes:
- Hardcore mode puller range reduced from 20 to 15.
- You can now adjust puller pulling range in the mod settings(if using Hardcore mode). Allowed values 1-100.

- Added Russian by meggerry(
- Added Japanese by ハグ.
- Added Turkish by KemalKhan(
- Added Hungarian by DevEagle.
- Dutch translation update by an anonymous translator.
- German translation update by an anonymous translator.

Version 2.1.1 - ModSync Ninja support! (DL link for ver:
- Synced with ModSync ninja to allow update notifications for ModSync ninja users.

Version 2.1 - More translations, QoL changes, features and a bug fix! (DL link for ver:
Bug fixes:
- Fixed a bug allowing users to build Pushers right after Grow zone puller resulting in the Grow zone puller getting stuck.

New features:
- Added support for Saving/Loading storage settings for users using Save Storage & Outfit Settings by Kiame!

QoL changes:
- You can now build rollers on bridges and other structures that allows building on such as pipes and modded power cables.
- The new directional indication arrow was added to Pushers, Pullers and Grow zone pullers on placement phase.

New translations added:
- French by blaktek.
- Polish by Kubin & YoshyPL.
- German by eddy2k.
- Spanish by msxRL.
- Chinese(Traditional) translation by PostPack.
- Portuguese translation by Lucas.
- Korean translation by kms8610.

Thank you all for the amazing translations!

Version 2.0 - The huge update (DL link for ver:
- Big update,  read here :

Version 1.3.01 - A17b + Renameable destinations for pullers (DL link for ver:
- Updated for A17b (no change, just to match version numbering)
- Pullers now gets storage buildings labels in a way that allows them to show renamed buildings.

Version 1.3.0 - A17 Version (DL link for ver:
- Updated for A17

Version 1.2.3 - Pulling Intervals (DL link for ver:
- New "Pulling Settings" added to Pullers. allows setting pulling intervals to reduce "over pulling" of resources.
- This change greatly improve performance as well since it reduces the number of unneeded pulls and draws less item transitions on the map.

Version 1.2.22 - Flammable changes and localizations (DL link for ver:
- Since in-wall roller, pusher and puller maintain room temperature, it only makes sense that they will not be flammable. Therefore, these 3 components are no longer flammable.
- 6 translations added: German, Korean, Spanish, Russian, Norwegian and French!

Version 1.2.21 - Graphic changes and fixes (DL link for ver:
- Graphical update for both Puller and Pusher to better represent the fact they can be placed in walls and a new graphic to represent "Off" state
- Bug fixes:
-- Power cords from "PowerSwitch" now automatically removed when a roller is placed on them. no longer causes the belt to get stuck by power cords.
-- Graphical issue with Pusher displaying the "push" animation on every item instead of just filtered items has been fixed.
-- Missing graphic for Puller when pulling items from stockpile has been added.
-- In-Wall rollers now act as roof support

Version 1.2.10 - Custom storage buildings and mods support! (DL link for ver:
- LONG REQUESTED: Pusher can now push into storage buildings such as equipment rack, modded fridges, etc!
- Bugfix: rail and other machine blueprints properly appear as blueprints and not as already built structures.

Version 1.2.0 - A16! (DL link for ver:
- Added support for A16
- QoL: Mod structures and machines moved to "Industrial" tab from "Misc"

Version 1.1.01 - Balance patch! (DL link for ver:
- Rollers power consumption been heavily reduced to 5W from 25W each
- Puller power consumption has been changed from 60W flat to 4.5W per connected stockpile cell(min 60W)
- QoL: Pullers now display a line between Puller and linked stockpile when selected

Update note: Puller's configured stockpile algorithm has been changed for a future storage buildings support. if you had any pullers configured to a stockpile you might need to take a second to reconfigure them (one time), sorry for that!

Version 1.1.0 - Puller patch! (DL link for ver:
- NEW MACHINE! Puller - pull resources from a stockpile to a roller or another stockpile, has configuration to pull until selected stockpile is full.
- Pushers and pullers can directly replace a wall and maintain temps(like in-wall rollers)
- Pushers and pullers no longer hold an extra item on them if a destination is blocked
- Pusher no longer work without electricity(woops...)
- Selecting a roller will now highlight its direction

Version 1.0.01 - Small QoL patch (DL link for ver:
- In-Wall rollers can directly replace a wall without the need to deconstruct it
- Pushers no longer start fires outdoors

Version 1.0.0 - Initial Release (DL link for ver:

X.0.0 - Major changes | 0.XX.0 - New features  | 0.0.XX - Bug fixes, tiny features and QoL changes


Latest RimWorld 1.3 (and 1.2, 1.1, 1.0) - Works even if shown as outdated version as the relevant game code didn't change.
Steam workshop | File

A15 Version(v1.1.01)
A16 Version(v1.2.3)
A17 Version(v2.1.25)
B18 Version(v2.3.06)
B19 Version(v2.4.03)
1.0 Version(v2.4.03)

Feel free to add.