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Way to reproduce:
  • Choose any language except English, for example Russian
  • Go to Mods\Core\Languages\Russian\DefInjected\RulePackDef folder
  • Replace or add file RulePacks_NameMakers_WorldFeatures.xml with RulePacks_NameMakers_WorldFeatures_Cyrillic.xml (see attachments)
  • Start new game and create the world map
Result: no geographical names are shown (see first image in attachments).

If you replace this file with RulePacks_NameMakers_WorldFeatures_Latin.xml (from attachments) and restart the game, all names will be shown properly. These files differ only in language, they have no references to any external rulepack.

[attachment deleted by admin: too old]

Translations / Custom word files in rule packs
« on: August 30, 2017, 06:28:41 PM »
A lot of languages have different forms of the same word: plural/singular, gender-specific, etc.
RulePackDefs in current implementation only allow to use one single form for each word, which is often not appropriate for different contexts.
For example, in English version NamerFactionPirate rule pack contains lines:

Code: [Select]
        <li>name->The [badassadjective] [groupname]</li>
        <li>name->The [badassadjective] [badassanimal]s</li>
        <li>name->The [badassadjective] [badassperson]s</li>
These rules generate faction names in plural form just by adding "s" to the end. This trick is only actual for English, but not for many other languages. Moreover, some languages, for example Russian, require using plural form of [badassadjective] (because the adjective is connected to the plural noun). This is really annoying thing that leads to poor quality of translation.

There is a way to get rid of this problem by adding extra <rulesRaw> in Def files:
Code: [Select]
      <li Class="Rule_File">
      <li Class="Rule_File">
      <li Class="Rule_File">
      <li Class="Rule_File">
      <li Class="Rule_File">
      <li Class="Rule_File">
      <!--EXTRA FILES-->
      <li Class="Rule_File">
      <li Class="Rule_File">
      <li Class="Rule_File">
      <li Class="Rule_File">
      <li Class="Rule_File">
      <li Class="Rule_File">

This allows translators to add custom files with custom keywords, which could be used in rulesStrings:

Code: [Select]

Please add extra rulesRaws to RulePackDef files! We really want to make translation better and easier for players to read!

Translations / Backstories' translation guideline?
« on: March 09, 2017, 06:17:58 PM »
During translatiion of backstories we found different types of them:
  • Name and gender neutral. These ones contain "NAME", "HE", "HIS" entries. The game replaces these entries by character name and gender specific pronouns.
  • Gender specific. These ones contain only "NAME" entries. Hardcoded gender pronouns ("his", "him" ) are scattered in the description. Stories of this type: FallenProdigy22, MadScientist28, FarmKid40, CivilEngineer41 and many others.
  • Name and gender specific. These ones are full-hardcoded. No "NAME" or "HE" keywords. Stories with the same name seem follow in pairs: (FarmerBoy63, ArmyCook51),  (UrbworldCriminal64, UrbworldPolitican16), (OptimisticChild43, GraphicDesigner99) and others.

According to the message of ZorbaTHut there are many backstories that are linked to the specific backer-created character:

How these types of backstories should be translated?
Will types 2 and 3 be ever made generic in future? Or they are connected to a specific gender or name forever?

Will any guidelines be provided?

Bugs / MadScientist28 backstory is not gender neutral
« on: March 05, 2017, 10:12:10 AM »
MadScientist28 backstory description is not gender neutral:
"Continuing his research with nothing left to lose, he made minions to carry out the tasks that bored him."
"HIS", "HE", "HIM" should be used there instead of "his", "he" and "him".

Translations / Some template strings start with lower-case letters
« on: February 07, 2017, 02:40:09 PM »
In the resource files there are some template strings that have argument on the first place:

  <SomeonesRoom>{0}'s {1}</SomeonesRoom>
  <DiseaseGrowthModeChanged_Growing>{0}'s {1} is now growing.</DiseaseGrowthModeChanged_Growing>

As we know, each sentense should start with a capital letter. So, if the first argument is a name
"Ray's bedroom",
the phrase is correct for English language. In contrast, some other languages use the different word order. For example, the same phrase in Rissian is:
"cпальня Ray" (analog in English: "bedroom for Ray")
In the game this phrase starts with lower-case letter which is not correct (see the attached screenshot).

The other example:
"Ray's carcinoma is now growing"
It's ok, but Russian language requires a different word order:
"карцинома Ray прогрессирует"
The message starts with non-capital letter which is wrong.

Someone may say that translators may find different workarounds for problems like this. But I don't think that distorting natural phrases is a good approach to the translation. It significantly spoils the feeling from the game.

We need your help! Please make such kind of messages force-capitalized.

[attachment deleted by admin due to age]

Translations / Confusing message label: "Psychic drone (male)"
« on: February 01, 2017, 04:19:04 PM »
When the "Psychic drone" event happens, the message "Psychic drone (male)" (or female) occurs. A lot of players find this message confusing. They often think that it is a some kind of drone aircraft which has male gender somehow.

We (the official Russian translation team) tried to find a solution of this problem, but this string cannot be significantly modified in translation files. Strings that are responsible for "Psychic drone" and "male/female" parts can be easily found and modified, but the format string:
"<Psychic drone string> (<gender string>)"
seems to be hardcoded in the game scripts.

The best solution may be to move this format string to translation files (e.g. "Mods\Core\Languages\<Language>\Keyed" directory) so we can modify it and make the resulting message more clear for players.

Steps to peproduce:
1. Create a Psychic drone event with developer tool.
2. Look at the message on the right-bottom of the screen.

Looking forward to your replying.

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