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General Discussion / How do you get rich?
« on: March 27, 2018, 10:49:22 AM »
Hey everyone,
for me a big part of playing Rimworld is to get rich (not necessarily in silver). At least I make that a side-goal every time I play and it comes with lots of benefits. I usually do not just go one route to get rich, however I've found several methods that work better than others. I'm interested in hearing what you guys do to get tradeable items or silver.

I have lots of wool producing animals, I make some drugs (unfortunately that always seems so tedious and barely profitable... maybe I'm doing it wrong) and I sell everything from raids that I don't need. Sometimes I make sculptures or cloth dusters too. What ends up breaking the economy for me though is just one simple thing: Plasteel. The moment I get deep drills I just swim in stacks of plasteel and that stuff sells for more than Devilstrand (12 to 14). Yes I have a lot of mods but until recently I had none that made getting plasteel easier. Now I have minimize everything and I can reposition my deep drills, making it even easier to get it. Though the 1 component and 25 steel I lost per drill wasn't a huge deal to begin with.

Is there a better way to get rich? Because for me honestly nothing compares to selling plasteel. It is just that broken. Once I have 5-7k of it every trader basically gets robbed of every good item they have and all their silver, and all they get for it is 300-700 plasteel.

I ask because I want to try something different. If plasteel is THE answer I will probably just edit the def and make it worth a lot less.

General Discussion / What's your generator of choice?
« on: August 10, 2017, 05:09:16 PM »
Mine are definitely wind turbines. The reason is that they are the cheapest to make, relatively reliable and all drawbacks can be worked around quite easily. I dislike solar panels because of eclipses, the research requirement and the higher cost. Thermal is great once you get it and if you have geysirs, but that's a big if and eventually your needs for power might be higher than the amount of geysirs you have.

Wind turbines have a few issues. The lockout area needs to be kept clear. Long term solution: Floors. At the start you definitely just put crops there. Also you can put solar panels there if you want to. High/low output being random is solved by batteries. If you have enough batteries to save all the energy from the moments they are running at full capacity you will generally never have an issue.

Combining all forms is probably the most reliable solution. Wind/solar will generally not fail at the same time, and even if you can reduce the drain on the batteries with thermal or fueled generators long enough for the wind to pick up or the eclipse to end.

Anyone using fueled generators? I generally never use them. I prefer to spend my components on wind turbines right away.

Also: Did human meat price get nerfed hard? I remember it being pretty high, but might have been a mod. Now it's 40% of normal meat.

Ideas / Minor quality of life improvements during load times
« on: August 10, 2017, 06:16:48 AM »
I would really appreciate if loading while the window is not in focus was possible.

Either way, it would be great if there were a few more background images, maybe some tips displayed or even just witty/funny loading text (think the Sims). Just to help keep the mind busy and interested while you have to wait for the game to load, which can take quite a while if you have lots of mods or a long-running colony.

The tips would probably the easiest, least work-required and most impactful change. Especially if you can cycle through them with a button or key during the load time (nothing is worse than starring at the same tip for 1-2 minutes).

I'm pretty sure the community would write up tips in a thread very quickly (plus we already have a thread similar to that), so all you would need to do is pick the best ones, spellcheck and you're good to go.

Ideas / Component Creation Suggestion
« on: August 08, 2017, 10:01:44 AM »
I just had an idea of how to make the component workbench a much more interesting thing in the game. Last time I checked there was just one recipe in this huge thing and many people mod it, because it takes a lot of steel and time to create components.

Making them so rare and hard to get is not a good thing IMO, because of how much you need them for everything. If you really run out in a game that can suck really bad and it happens often in flat worlds.

The idea:
Make two recipes. One that costs 25 steel and requires only 500-1000 work compared to the 3000 now. The other recipe should cost much less steel, ~10 - but it should require 3000-5000 work. So you can make components fast or cheap -> nice interesting decision.

General Discussion / Advanced Tips and Tactics
« on: April 04, 2017, 12:02:13 PM »
Also known as specific tips, tips related to exact knowledge of game mechanics etc.

Basically tips that are likely to help a player who isn't a beginner anymore.

Grants 61% immunity to Malaria, Sleeping Sickness and Plague. This effect diminishes over time (hence why it says take every 5 days). The way diseases work is that they infect your colonists and after a certain time they are discovered.
If one of your colonists gets Malaria and has recently taken Penoxycyline then he will be immune BEFORE the disease is discovered, meaning you will never even know he had Malaria. For Plague and Sleeping Sickness that's not the case, but you can keep them working and not treat them and they will be immune before the illnesses become severe.

Even if you take it less than every 5 days it will still give a huge benefit against these diseases.

Further, the game decides how many pawns will get sick and then selects them randomly among your pawns and your prisoners. This means two things, first - Prisoners protect your colonists indirectly. Secondly, immunity makes it less likely for a colonist to be chosen. So if your doctor takes Penoxycyline regularly he is VERY unlikely to get sick. However, if all your colonists take it regularly then all have the same chance of getting sick again.

Conclusion: Regularly taking Penoxycyline makes fighting most fatal diseases (save for Flu and Infection) a lot quicker and easier. Giving it to just one or two very important colonists makes sure they are not the ones who get sick. Even just using 6 Penoxycyline on your doctor per year makes sure he/she barely ever gets sick and even if will be healthy enough to survive without bed rest or treatment.

Sterile Tiles
Reduce food poison chance and infection chance. I arguably never get infections in my hospital so I usually use those in the kitchen instead. The tooltip doesn't state it, that's why this isn't something known to everyone.
It can possibly be a good idea to put the butcher table not in the kitchen, because it creates lots of "dirt" - the butcher table itself reduces cleanliness too.

Stories / The misfortune of others...
« on: April 02, 2017, 09:04:21 AM »
You surely remember the traders or visitors (especially if you have Hospitality) that just do something stupid or happen to be where a manhunter pack or raid spawns. Tell us about those stories.

Today I had visitors and during the last year I had several yayo cargo drops. The leader of the visitor group overdosed on those and died, spreading around 50 meals, a doomsday rocket launcher and other nice things across the floor. The meals were mine of course.

General Discussion / Good skill/trait combos
« on: April 01, 2017, 12:57:26 PM »
Some are very picky when it comes to starting colonists and colonists that join, others will make due with anyone. Whatever type of player you are, you still like to see certain combination of traits and/or skills.

An extreme example is this trait combo:
Very Neurotic

4% better break threshold, 175% global work speed. If that's your constructor/crafter, GG. But no matter what he is good at, that will be a top-notch colonist.

Some combos are more specific and those are the ones I'm more interested in.

For example - someone who is good at growing, medicine and cooking. This colonist will stay inside the base at all times, because his skills allow it. A bad combination would be animals/shooting with medicine/cooking. They want to hunt/tame but need to stay at the base to cook or tend to people regularly, resulting in conflicting priorities. They often will wander across half the map to hunt/tame and then return half-way because someone needs their flu shot or a hamburger.

Shooting/Melee/Animals is another good combo because that guy can go hunt/tame and do reasonably well in a melee fight with the animals. Also animals/brawler for the same reason - doesn't make a good hunter though.

I like my constructor/crafter to be separate, even though they don't really hurt each other like above example. It simply is annoying that you have to choose between crafting the clothing/weapon your colony needs and building whatever needs building right now (especially if no one else can do it since quality is relevant).

I like a high research score on whoever is doing things that aren't always in need to be done - e.g. a doctor/crafter could research reasonably well even if research is not higher priority than his main jobs.

What combination of traits and skills do you like? Personally and objectively?

General Discussion / Interesting and fun starting conditions
« on: March 29, 2017, 12:05:02 PM »
What do you guys enjoy - aside from the standard scenarios?

I like the "starting with nothing" scenario. However, having just one person, even for the first few days is really boring, so I want to try a start with two people. I'm not sure if tribal or colonist start, but probably tribal, because it's more difficult and interesting.
Also I would like to play on a non-mountain map, so my base has to be in the open.

It's also the reason I never really went with the rich explorer start. While in theory it sounds fun, the first few days are just really boring.

Ideas / Operating on mechanoids
« on: March 27, 2017, 09:43:17 AM »
...should use crafting skill and not medicine. I'm pretty sure a doctor has not too much knowledge about advanced electronics and robotics. The guy making weapons, components and the like probably does. The more important argument though is that it makes sense - I'm pretty sure most players will assume that operation success chance on mechanoids is based on crafting or even construction before considering it's based on medicine.

Or is there a good reason it uses medicine skill?

Shutting them down should also give a nice bonus to crafting skill, like operations on humans give to medicine skill. Currently shut down is only used so you don't have to melee them to death, but it's quite tedious to assign the operations to all of the downed mechanoids manually.

Ideas / Three small QOL changes (hauling behavior, prioritizing work)
« on: March 26, 2017, 11:45:22 AM »
#1 When hauling pawns try to carry their maximum and pick up other stacks around the selected one. This area should increase in size with further distance to the stockpile they are hauling to and not be a fixed size. So if you are hauling from the other side of a large map they should gather stuff in a large area before returning.

#2 When assigning prioritized work it should overwrite if another pawn is already handling it (there should still be a message that it's already handled by someone, so you know you're canceling the current action of another pawn). Having to draft the other pawn, assign the work to the first one, then undraft the second is tedious.

#3 When someone is not assigned to a certain job they should still be able to get manually assigned (prioritized work). Having to open the work tab every time for that is pretty tedious as well.

For #2 and #3 there is a mod. However, I don't quite understand the design decision behind not including this in the base game.

Stories / When RNG loves you
« on: March 26, 2017, 08:50:35 AM »
Tell us the stories of when Randy Random (or any other story teller) mean it well with you and give you just what you need.

#1 In my second game ever I killed the first Thrumbo that appeared, noting how powerful they are I tried taming the second. On the very first attempt, with a guy that has 9 in animal skill I tamed it.

#2 In my current game - this is why I made this topic - I needed components. Literally 1 minute later this happened:

Note it's a 350x350 map, so it was REALLY lucky. All fallen spacecraft stuff I started with was at the absolute top side of the map and my colony is at the bottom.
I didn't even know spacecraft drops could be this big? What's the limit?

General Discussion / Weapon Roles and Combat Pets
« on: March 25, 2017, 03:16:18 PM »
#1 Since I started playing I wondered what roles each of the weapons filled. Some I have acquired a lot and I see their values quite easily, some others are so rare and never built (and never talked about) that I have no idea what niche they fill.

#2 Also, what animals would make great combat pets?

More on #1:
Let's focus on ranged weapons first. The short and great bow are obvious - cheap (no components, only wood) and come at different technology levels. The pistol is great to teach someone to shoot due to it's low damage and possibly low accuracy (if a bad pistol) - still makes an acceptable early game weapon. The survival rifle is a good all around early game weapon and also pretty cheap to make.

So far so good, but then I see machine pistol, heavy SMG, LMG and I wonder, why ever bother with these when you can just make assault rifles? You even save components skipping these. The only use I see is in the heavy SMG because it has pretty insane dps, short range (so your pawns don't waste time trying to shoot from ineffective ranges) and rather good accuracy in it's range section. The LMG seems quite similar, however worse accuracy, more range and worse warmup/cooldown times.

The role of the assault and charge rifle is clear, and the sniper rifle is obvious too of course. I just wonder why there are 3 different MGs? If their price was lower I would consider them more, but as it is, why not make assault rifles?
There isn't even a skill limitation on building any of these.

Now for melee weapons:
Same question, why is there so many? I only really see use in the tribal ones (because early game) and then long sword and mace (if you want a blunt weapon to try to take people alive).

More to #2:
What would you use as battle pets? Thrumbos have really high dps, are tough and somewhat fast, but they are hard to get and eat a lot, plus breeding them is nearly impossible (maturity time 25 years...) - so let's not include them.
My favorites are:
Panthers/Cougars - so far they seem to have identical stats. They can't take much damage, but they are really fast and have pretty good DPS as well, nearly rivaling elephants and megasloths. Disadvantage is that they only eat meat, aren't easy to tame or train and can't even haul things.
Wargs - about the same as panthers/cougars, though I think they have more health, lower speed/dps. However they can haul, making them a better all-around choice.
Huskies - they are just all around solid. Easy to train and you often even start with them. In every way superior to Labradors.
Wild boars - if you don't have huskies, they breed fast and have about the same stats.
Chickens - They have about a third of the dps/speed than huskies, but getting 100x more chickens than huskies is pretty easy.
Squirrels - as a joke, but hey, you can train them release, faster maturity rate than chickens and they are fast! Maybe this is actually worth trying... . (concerned about their HP tho).

General Discussion / Clothing materials
« on: March 23, 2017, 10:21:27 PM »
What materials do you use to make your clothing? What types of clothing do you go for? How does it change from early, mid to late game?

I'm currently playing a jungle colony, so I made some early cloth dusters for my colonists. Cowboy hats are of course more efficient (4x faster to produce and 4x less materials) - but you also get less crafting skill. Dusters are really stylish and give twice the bonus as well. What is also relevant is that dusters have the best value per material used of ANY clothing, and since I make these (no worn by dead person penalty) they will sell well later.

Now I'm heading into mid-game. My researcher guy is also a grower, which kept me from getting electricity for ages (tribe start) and I still don't have it. The thing is - I planted a ton of devilstrand (around 150 plants) and I'm going to use those to make devilstrand shirts (either type, doesn't matter) and pants for the great protetion they provide. I will also make devilstrand dusters, but they are secondary. I have 600+ alpaca wool, so I could use those for dusters and get a whopping +51°C heat protection, however my jungle tile isn't very hot and heat waves don't reach 60°C - if I really need to I just make alpaca wool cowboy hats and they give +27,2°C heat protection, which is... pretty insane (twice of a normal duster, what the heck?).

Late game I don't really know what I'm going to do. Do bullets count as sharp weapons? Or does sharp/blunt only matter for melee attacks? Hyperweave doesn't seem that much better than devilstrand, or am I mistaken?

General Discussion / Rare biomes
« on: March 21, 2017, 07:00:33 PM »
Clicking through loads of hexagons I encountered a few boreal forests with 30 day growing period. It seems to happen when bordering a desert only.

Did anyone of you find any similarly rare biome conditions?

Unrelated question: What biome is fun to try aside from the normal temperate forest? I tried boreal forest myself, but I didn't find it to my liking. Growing period is a mechanic that I personally didn't enjoy that much - you just circumvent it with greenhouses or eventually hydroponics. Also random cold snaps killing all your corn just before harvest... followed by winter.
Currently trying out arid shrubland.

Ideas / Coffee
« on: March 21, 2017, 09:25:06 AM »
my name is Syrchalis and I work as a game designer in germany. I've been playing Rimworld for a while now, enjoying the stories it tells and am now starting to add more and more Mods.

In a lot of mods I see value, but as mods not as part of the base game. However, the idea of coffee has really interested me, because right now there seems to be no drug that fills the niche of "requires work and effort to produce, for minor benefit, but also minor risks".

My idea is the following:
Step 1:
Coffee has to be planted. The growth rate could be slow (imagine corn with less yield) or it could be hyper sensitive to soil conditions (e.g. it could maybe only grow decently fast on rich soil). -> It should not be too easy to acquire.
After harvest it would need to be roasted, similar to like yayo and joints have to be created - which yields a long lasting item - roasted coffee beans. This could happen in the cooking station, a campfire, the crafting station or even the brewery (see later why that might be a good fit)
Step 3:
After that it would still need to be made into cups of coffee. This should happen in the cooking station, creating maybe 5 at a time. It would probably improve gameplay to make the cups of coffee rot away in 1 day with temperature having no effect on it at all.

+5 to mood
Reduces tiredness slightly - effect only happens when coffee is drunk without the buff active, so you can't just keep drinking coffee. (balancing reasons, not realism reasons hehe)

Indirect risk, because you're using effort and space (possibly on rich soil) for plants that do nothing but give a small mood boost.

Pawns should drink coffee irregularly when available, similar to other drugs. Those with chemical fascination should try to have the buff up most of the time when coffee is available. Teetotalers should refuse to drink coffee.
Via the drug policies pawns can be encouraged to drink coffee (the mood threshold thing).

It's a luxury good. But not one that requires high tech, but one that is available to tribes already. Unlike beer there is no hangover, no addiction but the mood boost is much smaller and no pain reduction.

Note that I read previous topics about this idea and I know there are mods for this. This is pretty much why I am suggesting it for the base game. It adds barely any complexity, because it uses the same systems that are already in the game, and gives the interesting decision "do you want to bother with making coffee for a small mood boost (can you even? Do you have the space/rich soil for it?) or not?" It's for those who really really don't want to bother with addictions (not even from beer) but still want to give their colonists some luxury.

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