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General Discussion / Re: Clothing materials
« on: March 24, 2017, 07:15:02 AM »
But as far as a "ton of plants" well, a ton of devilstrand is more like 10,000, the stuff grows super slow xD

As for shirt/pants, sounds silly but I'd say dusters should take precedence.  Pawns actually are perfectly fine running around wearing nothing but dusters like some skeezy flasher until you can make actual clothing.  And dusters cover everything AND provide temperature protection, and are cheaper than pants + shirt, and have a better protection value :)
Mountain jungle, so not much space to grow on. 150 Devilstrand gives enough fabric to give all your colonists a full set of clothes, save for dusters with 1 harvest (I have 9 colonists already, because two raids in a row I captured like 3 people each).

Sure I made dusters first from cloth. They had tribal wear and put dusters on top. Looked good, was effective. Now devilstrand shirt and pants for protection (done), and then dusters. Last armor and helmets. I finally have electricity... thank goodness. Playing without a freezer is annoying as hell.

Generally, I'd try my best to start growing devilstrand at once (praying for no blight to occur... especially in a biome with limited growing period).
Devilstrand is immune to blight.

General Discussion / Clothing materials
« on: March 23, 2017, 10:21:27 PM »
What materials do you use to make your clothing? What types of clothing do you go for? How does it change from early, mid to late game?

I'm currently playing a jungle colony, so I made some early cloth dusters for my colonists. Cowboy hats are of course more efficient (4x faster to produce and 4x less materials) - but you also get less crafting skill. Dusters are really stylish and give twice the bonus as well. What is also relevant is that dusters have the best value per material used of ANY clothing, and since I make these (no worn by dead person penalty) they will sell well later.

Now I'm heading into mid-game. My researcher guy is also a grower, which kept me from getting electricity for ages (tribe start) and I still don't have it. The thing is - I planted a ton of devilstrand (around 150 plants) and I'm going to use those to make devilstrand shirts (either type, doesn't matter) and pants for the great protetion they provide. I will also make devilstrand dusters, but they are secondary. I have 600+ alpaca wool, so I could use those for dusters and get a whopping +51°C heat protection, however my jungle tile isn't very hot and heat waves don't reach 60°C - if I really need to I just make alpaca wool cowboy hats and they give +27,2°C heat protection, which is... pretty insane (twice of a normal duster, what the heck?).

Late game I don't really know what I'm going to do. Do bullets count as sharp weapons? Or does sharp/blunt only matter for melee attacks? Hyperweave doesn't seem that much better than devilstrand, or am I mistaken?

General Discussion / Re: [A16] Poll: What difficulty do you play on?
« on: March 23, 2017, 08:11:10 AM »
I personally started with some challenge, because I was new and with that I thought I could fail. Whenever you can actually fail it is a lot more fun. A lesson learned from the 2005-2010 period where game developers made everything super easy, thinking it would sell well (then came Dark Souls and made it obvious that that is BS).

I mostly used Phoebe at the start because she obviously is the storyteller for new players. I later switched to Cassandra, hoping she would make for better gameplay, but the opposite was true. She is so predictable yet her raids are just too harsh. When I have 4-5 colonists with nothing but the starting weapons she throws 6 enemies with shields and LMG/Assault Rifles at me.

In one of my tribe playthroughs I faced two ARs literally the second tiny raid, where they have only clubs and shivs usually. However, due to 5vs2 I killed them and then had those ARs for myself which made the harsh raids afterwards very manageable.

Now I'm playing a jungle tribe game with Randy Random on Rough. I feel like rough is too easy, but intense throws these brutal raids at you, it becomes an arms race instead of building your colony and I want a bit of both.

So far I enjoy Randy Random.

General Discussion / Re: Rare biomes
« on: March 22, 2017, 11:04:52 AM »
I enjoy ice sheet, where every single cargo drop is celebrated, and you're glad for joining wanderers because they bring 3 meals with them. Snow and temperature makes it very defensive. I also like tropical rainforest, which is a little green Hell.

You know you can harvest crops prematurely ? With most plants you need 60 or 65% maturity, and then you can use Orders - Harvest. This is how I managed to get 453 devilstrand in my first year in temperate forest.

Just curious - why do you prefer greenhouses for storing food for winter ? What's the big problem for you ?
I play Boreal all the time and use giant mountain bases. I try to use outside fields only and then go the whole winter hunting only if I run low on food. It makes the game feel more realistic and adds a difficulty level.
This pretty much. "Avoiding the mechanic" via greenhouses feels kind of bad, from a gameplay sense. It's very hard to put my finger on where the difference between dealing with the growing period is and avoiding it, but I guess even in year-around growing zones you use hydroponics, so "just building standard" with maybe some more focus on getting hydroponics early is what I mean by avoiding, while having bigger growing zones and storing food for winter is actually dealing with it.

Maybe it's simply because if you go for greenhouses you "ignore" the growing period and if you build more and store it you "use it" in a way you wouldn't in warmer biomes.

Anyway, I hear a lot of tropics here, so I might try that one next. Currently I'm on a flat/small hill arid shrubland and trying to build a non-mountain base. It's stell pretty early so I am doing fine, though I'm somewhat scared about raids. In my boreal forest game they came with like 6 people really early with superior weapons and I had no chance. Probably because I "declined" quite a few colonists with really (I mean REALLY) bad traits and stats.

I just can't deal with people who won't do hauling - it makes them so utterly worthless as a person. Especially since they can't even clean usually or cut plants which would be the other two "odd jobs" I could use every "useless" person for. Bad stats - no problem. No passions - meh. Bad traits - oh please go away. Won't do hauling and one or two of the previous points - please die.

General Discussion / Rare biomes
« on: March 21, 2017, 07:00:33 PM »
Clicking through loads of hexagons I encountered a few boreal forests with 30 day growing period. It seems to happen when bordering a desert only.

Did anyone of you find any similarly rare biome conditions?

Unrelated question: What biome is fun to try aside from the normal temperate forest? I tried boreal forest myself, but I didn't find it to my liking. Growing period is a mechanic that I personally didn't enjoy that much - you just circumvent it with greenhouses or eventually hydroponics. Also random cold snaps killing all your corn just before harvest... followed by winter.
Currently trying out arid shrubland.

Suggestions / Re: Coffee
« on: March 21, 2017, 06:53:00 PM »
The idea behind the mood bonus was that it is generally useful to have, so all your pawns can drink a nice cup of coffee each morning. Theme: Luxury. With the tiredness thing being the main focus I feel like it's too niche. I mean, there is wake-up already. Sure, it's a hard drug, but it fills that niche.

What you could do instead is that tiredness goes up slower while under the effects of coffee, like 10-20%. So your colonists would sleep less each day and they could get more work done.

Either way, I wanted the benefit to be something generally useful so that you nearly always have an incentive to go for coffee - that is, if you have the time/space etc. for it.

Currently you can give your pawns only so much luxury. Basically a clean and well constructed base (with good floors) is all you can really do. Maybe flower pots and eventually some sculptures. But you will max out on beauty eventually. This would add another possible way to make them feel better - one that goes a completely different route than beauty.

Suggestions / Coffee
« on: March 21, 2017, 09:25:06 AM »
my name is Syrchalis and I work as a game designer in germany. I've been playing Rimworld for a while now, enjoying the stories it tells and am now starting to add more and more Mods.

In a lot of mods I see value, but as mods not as part of the base game. However, the idea of coffee has really interested me, because right now there seems to be no drug that fills the niche of "requires work and effort to produce, for minor benefit, but also minor risks".

My idea is the following:
Step 1:
Coffee has to be planted. The growth rate could be slow (imagine corn with less yield) or it could be hyper sensitive to soil conditions (e.g. it could maybe only grow decently fast on rich soil). -> It should not be too easy to acquire.
After harvest it would need to be roasted, similar to like yayo and joints have to be created - which yields a long lasting item - roasted coffee beans. This could happen in the cooking station, a campfire, the crafting station or even the brewery (see later why that might be a good fit)
Step 3:
After that it would still need to be made into cups of coffee. This should happen in the cooking station, creating maybe 5 at a time. It would probably improve gameplay to make the cups of coffee rot away in 1 day with temperature having no effect on it at all.

+5 to mood
Reduces tiredness slightly - effect only happens when coffee is drunk without the buff active, so you can't just keep drinking coffee. (balancing reasons, not realism reasons hehe)

Indirect risk, because you're using effort and space (possibly on rich soil) for plants that do nothing but give a small mood boost.

Pawns should drink coffee irregularly when available, similar to other drugs. Those with chemical fascination should try to have the buff up most of the time when coffee is available. Teetotalers should refuse to drink coffee.
Via the drug policies pawns can be encouraged to drink coffee (the mood threshold thing).

It's a luxury good. But not one that requires high tech, but one that is available to tribes already. Unlike beer there is no hangover, no addiction but the mood boost is much smaller and no pain reduction.

Note that I read previous topics about this idea and I know there are mods for this. This is pretty much why I am suggesting it for the base game. It adds barely any complexity, because it uses the same systems that are already in the game, and gives the interesting decision "do you want to bother with making coffee for a small mood boost (can you even? Do you have the space/rich soil for it?) or not?" It's for those who really really don't want to bother with addictions (not even from beer) but still want to give their colonists some luxury.

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