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I am translating
  <TradeWith>Trade with {0}</TradeWith>
  <TradeWith>Negocia amb {0_definite}</TradeWith>

getting: Negocia amb the Barry, comerciant (Nord Athinumys)
expected: Negocia amb la Barry, comerciant (Nord Athinumys)

So the article is not translated as expected.

Translations / Some help with new formats please
September 13, 2018, 03:09:07 PM
From the keyed file "Enums.xml"

  I need to have "Esgotat" if he is a man and "Esgotada" if she is a woman.

How sould I do it?
Bugs / 0.19 Memory trouble due to Translation errors?
August 22, 2018, 04:59:03 AM

I know the translations has many errors. I am working on it. Can it be the cause of the hi memory consumption?

I left you the log file

[attachment deleted due to age]
Bugs / Linux: memory ocupation
August 03, 2018, 08:05:23 AM
I am playing  Rimworld Version 1.0 unstable on Ubuntu Linux Xenial version (16.04)

After about 15-30 minutes playing a new colony, the game freezes. The memory consumption ramps up.

I wait 15 minutes or so to let Linux manage the memory and I can continue playing a little bit bumpy (memory usage is at maximum level)

Translations / ExtraHard difficulty bugged
July 16, 2018, 03:00:54 PM
I've found that the report keep saying:
Quote========== Def-injected translations load errors (294) ==========
Found no RimWorld.DifficultyDef named ExtraHard to match ExtraHard.label (Difficulties.xml)
Found no RimWorld.DifficultyDef named ExtraHard to match ExtraHard.description (Difficulties.xml)

But They are correctly defined in difficulties.xml :
Quote<ExtraHard.label>Extra hard</ExtraHard.label>
  <ExtraHard.description>Face brutal survival challenges. The price of survival is blood.\n\nRecommended for: Players with a lot of experience who want to push themselves beyond Hard mode.\n\nSucceeding at this level requires a well-rounded understanding of diverse strategies, an eye towards preparation, and some luck. Threats can spike and combine in vicious ways, so sometimes you'll have to accept serious losses to survive.</ExtraHard.description>
Translations / Official: Catalan
May 27, 2017, 05:22:53 AM

The game is almost playable in catalan, but a lot of work is missing yet. You can get the files here:

Any help and feedback is welcome.


El joc es pot jugar en català de forma gairebé completa, però encara queda molta feina. Podeu descarregar-ne els fitxers a:

Qualsevol ajuda o comentari és benvingut.


I'm translating Rimworld to Catalan, witch is not a official translation yet

With the change of version, some changes has been made (obviously) and there are some strings that stopped working.

I tried using RimTrans, but since the Catalan language is not included yet, is not useful for me.

Any hints to know exactly what has changed and how to reuse all my old work?

As an example:

The bottom buttons were translated and how they appears in English again. I found that the folder and file names has been changed from "tabs" to "buttons". After changing this names, they appear translated again.