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Quote from: Teneombre on January 20, 2018, 05:43:36 PM
Yep. It update the copy bill from bench part but unfortunately, not the surgery part :/

I allow myself a small up. Even if I'm a modder, I can't manage assemblies so I need your help :/
Perfect ! Thanks for the tool !
Mods / Re: Modding induced gaming fatigue
January 21, 2018, 06:56:14 PM
I am not a great modder. I'm probably even not a true modder (I just play with .xml files), but I already see happen. I planned to play last night and finally found myself correcting bug, making research for other mods, etc. And after the B18 was out, I didn't play until something like late december, not even launching the game to test the two update of my mods.

I can guess why I play less :
1) I use a lot of mod and scenario conditions to accelerate the game. It's nice, but a little bit unbalanced, and I have to found other goals in order to play.
2) When I found a little thing bothering me, I quit the game and try to found a mod or imagine one which can modify this tiny thing. And I am not an experienced one, so I have to go over a lot of thing.

Often, I don't feel like I want to play. But once I am in the game, it generally cautch me for hours, like he used to be.
Bugs / Error in xml file. Old def use
January 20, 2018, 09:41:43 PM

I was cleaning a little bit my game because I have a lot of bug due to many mods (and not really clean update for my personal mod) but I found a bug in the game itself.

Here was the line in the debug log :

QuoteCould not resolve cross-reference to Verse.ThingDef named Neurotrainer

After a bit of research, the error was cause by a typo in this file : \Mods\Core\Defs\JobDefs\ItemCollectionGeneratorDefs\ItemCollectionGenerators_General.xml


but with the B18, Neurotrainer def changed and the good code is now :

I was septic about the error but after, I reload the game and no more references to a Neurotrainer error. I hope I didn't make a mistake and help a bit :)
Hi everyone :)

I come here with a mod request that is more, in fact, an update request of this mod :
There is two majors fonctions in : copying bill from bench, and copying surgery bill. The first one was since updated but not the second part and if you play with some enhanced body part, it will take you a lot of time to make surgery bill for everyone. So my request is quite simple : can someone knowing how assemblies works could take a look and update the code ? I can deal with .xml files now but not assemblies :/
Thanks in advance :)
Thanks !
In order to me learn a little bit, can you also give me the version with the / in the beginning ? There is also a // but I already know it's a bad idea to use it.
Sorry, I'm not an english speaker so my first post was probably a little bit messy.
Currently, I want to modify this file :
I want to change the
<ThingDef ParentName="PlantBase" Name="TreeBase" Abstract="True">
    <description>A tree.</description>
I want to change the pathCost value. So I use the code I post on the first post. All exemple I found use the "defName" tage to target something, but there is no defName here so I want to be sure the strange thing I use is the good one. It's my first patches so I want to be sure I understand everything fine.
I everyone,

I'm come here to ask your help because all the patches files I found modify a file with a defname as definition (I mean <defname>XX</defname> so they target using this defname [defname="XX"]. I currently trying to modify the global stats for tree (plant_base) in which there is no such defname to target. I can't nether just modify all the stats of all the bush/tree there since I only want to modify tree.
So, I use this code :

   <Operation Class="PatchOperationReplace">
     <xpath>/Defs/ThingDefs_Plants/ThingDef ParentName="PlantBase" Name="TreeBase" Abstract="True"/pathCost</xpath>
The problem is :
1- should the game throw back an error if a patches files is not valide ?
2- I can't use the name of the file "plant_base" because I want to be able to modify any mod with its own name. With the code I used, the game will look for "<ThingDef ParentName="PlantBase" Name="TreeBase" Abstract="True"> in all the files in the "ThingDef_Plants" folder or I didn't understant something ?
3-I try to reduce as much as possible the number of operation for my xpath to operate. Should I always start the path setting from the begining (so the general Defs folder) and so on, or must I only start the path setting from the subfolder there there is the files I want to change ?

Sorry for the noob questions. I was able to manage near everything in A16 by looking how other mods do and then learning but it's a little bit harder for the xpathing method. I hope someone will be able to help me there ^^
Thanks anyway for reading this :) Double thanks if you take time to answer :)
Help / Re: Trade moding question
October 09, 2017, 12:45:38 PM
Hi everyone and thanks for all the answers.
I found the Stockable parameter when looking of the different arguments you can use in def file on the wiki. I was wondering at an error but it works ingame, even if I don't know what it does.
@Albion, thanks for your answer. I don't want to stack them in my storage, I don't really care, but I build a lot of them (so I have like 5-10 times the same quality/material art,) to trade and it's can be messy on the window. You're answer remember me a mod that have "minified building" and stack on the trade HUD. I will look at it. Thanks a lot !
If your are right @Wishmaster, and I guess you are since I took a lot of time to search in .xml file, I'm screwed TT I just look in the assemblies of a mod creating preset storage (I wanna create one by myself for my last mod) and it was... way out of my skill ^^
Help / Trade moding question
October 08, 2017, 11:02:20 AM
Hi everyone :)

I started moding rimworld since the a17 now and if I still don't touch any .dll, I'm quit used to .xml (creating object/recipe etc).
I'm currently trying to modify the way arts are show in the trade HUD. they are currently display one by one, in a really long list in my case. I want to make them act like body part, guns, cloth and other thing that are not stackable ingame but are stacked in trader HUD. I was try to use the <tradeability>Stockable</tradeability> but that won't work.

So my question are :
- how to stack arts in trader HUD ?
- What the "stockable" entry for tradeability is used too ? (didn't found any entry in the Core files)

Thansk everyone for reading it, I hope some of you have the answers I need.

PS : I'm pretty sure it's obvious but English is not my main language. I hope though his topic is still readable.
Hi :)

Sorry for this necro but your mod, nethrez1m, is the only one I found which modify the pod capacity and unfortunately, A17 broke it. Do you have an update version ?