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Just read the message. I was playing permadeath without saves. So the only save I have is kinda late, much time have passed since Nova's sister death. She already has only -43 social to the killer. Anyway, here is the savefile.

Edit: can't actually upload on forum. Savefile size is 13000 KB, archived 1400 KB, but max attachment size is only 1000 KB. Uploaded on google drive:

Ideas / A bit more realism in caravan requests
« on: November 14, 2018, 06:50:51 AM »
Today I got this caravan request:

And it wasn't first request that seemed quite wierd. So what do I suggest is making demanded items and reward in closer tech range. Basicly demanded items can't be lower than 1 tech level. Some examples:
1) If they offer glitterworld medicine, archotech parts and other items that are top tier and trade/ancient/quest only, they ask for spacer items or better.
2) If they offer spacer tech items (marine armors, bionics, etc.), they ask for industrial tech items or better.
3) If they offer high quality (master-legendary) industrial items, they ask for medieval tech or better.

It would make requests more meaningful. I mean, if they asked for 20 armor vests on screenshot or even 20 parka in fall/winter, it would make much more sense to me. It also creates some kind of upgrade ladder for items in your stockpile (that you haven't sold yet), promoting you to find and may be keep higher tech stuff to eventualy trade it for glitterworld items.

Stories / Re: Your Best Screenshots
« on: November 14, 2018, 06:04:07 AM »
R - Realism :D

Another thing I noticed. Not sure, if it's a bug or not.

I have a colonist called Nova. She went on rescue mission on world map. While she was half-way to the mission, I got a raid in hometown. One of the attacker was Nova's sister and she died during raid. But Nova didn't get any negative thoughts about her sister death, even when returned to town 2 days later. She has social -80 to the killer, but mood is not affected. And no traits blocking it.

Nice. I like the idea of fraction. It really make sence. Also "Volatile" persons won't be that dangerous.

Playing without mods.

TLDR: When colonist die "on hands" while being rescued, others get no negative thoughts. Nobody get "My friend died", "My husband died", etc.

Detailed version:
I was fighting mechanoids a bit far away from my base. After the fight I ordered to rescue all downed colonists. One of them died "on hands" of other colonist half-way to the hospital. But, nobody received any negative -mood thoughts. He had a wife, but she is fine. She doesn't have "My husband <name> died" thought. Her backstory is: Cave child, Loner. Traits: Brawler, Greedy, Undergrounder. Dead colonist also had friends and rivals (he had a social fight not long ago), but nobody of them are affected.

I just bump it one time in hope it won't get ignored.

Just checked, still not fixed in 1.0. Steadfast tooltip: "Decrease mental break threshold -9%" and pawn has 31% mental break threshold, pawn without trait has 35%. Same for Iron-Willed, 31% despite tooltip saying -18%.


I think it'd enough to make minor break threshold as "base" threshold, so all 3 threasholds can freely go up and down (but no lower than 1%). Right now extreme break threshold is "base", and it created this problem. I can be wrong.

Fair enough. However, this game shouldn't be balanced around top difficulty, since the lower down difficulty levels (e.g. intense and rough) will be trivialised.
There are similair traits: Optimist and Sanguine. They give mood bonus which is a bit better than decreasing mental break threshold, but they give a little less in terms of numbers. Which is alright and balanced, if Steadfast and Iron-Willed were not broken. But right now SF and IW give only 4%, which is wrong, doesn't follow description, unbalanced and should be fixed.

Steadfast and Iron-willed (especially the latter) only see a lot of use when in place with other traits that increase mental break threshold, such as Too Smart and Neurotic.
On normal difficulty may be. But early in the game on extreme difficulty my pawns mood rarely go over 20-30. Mid-game when some disaster strikes or something bad happen during the raid (husband died, drugs destroyed, etc.), mood going under 30 again. Withdrawal, resisting psychic drones, pain from new scars on hunter (who rarely go to town and can break when hunting too much), there are alot of uses for these traits.

Anyway, they worked properly before, now they are bugged. It shouldn't be too hard to fix them, isn't it?


Steadfast and Iron-willed are still bugged in A18. Please fix.

Description says, it decreases mental break threshold by -9% and -18%.
On person without traits mental break thresholds are: 5%, 20%, 35%.
On person with trait (Steadfast or Iron-willed) mental break thresholds are: 1%, 16%, 31%. (!!!)
But it should be:
On person with Steadfast: 1%, 11%, 26%.
On person with Iron-willed: 1%, 2%, 17%.

A pawn's mental break threshold can never, and has never be able to reach 0%, despite the traits yielding a number below 0%.

I know, but minor break threshold normally is 35% and major break threshold is 20%. Both Iron-Willed and Steadfast decrease them to 31% (minor) and 16% (major).
But it should be for Steadfast: 26% (minor) and 11% (major). For Iron-Willed: 17% (minor) and 2% (major). As it was before A15.

Steadfast and Iron-Willed traits have only 4% decrease since A15. They should have 9% and 18%. I belive they got broken when "Extreme Break" was introduced. 5% chance extreme break can only be decreased to 1% (hence 4% decrease) and game uses this value instead of 9% and 18%.

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