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If I were to create a Boombear, would... "it" be automatically compatible with the Chemicals extraction & Neutroamine crafting mod and produce chemicals that can be harvested or would this need a compatibility patch?

Seems like it will need a compatibility patch! The mod itself includes patching to modify the original boomalopes:

Code: [Select]
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>

<Operation Class="PatchOperationInsert">
  <xpath>/Defs/ThingDef[defName = "Boomalope"]/verbs</xpath>
  <li Class="Chemical_Extraction.CompProperties_Extractable">


I just added compatibility with A Dog Said using the Patcher:

The mod should be updated on Steam and Github. Try a bionic Thrumbear. Scary!

Thrumbo + Megascarab = ...

I prefer Thrumbo + Megaspider :D

I have just uploaded the whole thing to GitHub. I don't quite understand GitHub, so if anyone could tell me if everything is OK I'd be grateful: GitHub link

Interesting idea.
To bad it is currently just limited to vanila animals.
Maybe you will fine a way to create hybrids from other animals without having patches for each animal mod. So we can made Sminion (smurf + minion).

I'm afraid the only way to do it is with patches! Plus any hybrid you want to make has to be drawn and XMLed by hand, so it is quite a bit of work. That Megafauna mod, though... I have to do it XD

This seems awesome! Any chance for a non-steam download?

Any idea where I could upload it that would stay there for a long time?

Genetic Rim

Scientists in the Glitterworlds, with their advanced technologies and stable societies, can allow themselves to think about ethics. "Should this be done in the name of science?", "Are we not playing god?", "What are the limits, and should they be crossed?". No such luxury on the Rim. If it can be done, it WILL be done. And if you are not the one doing it first, then you are the one being beaten to death by the results.

Hi! This is my first mod, and I hope you guys like it! It draws its inspiration heavily on a game called GeneWars, by Bullfrog (1996), which was an RTS where your "units" were different animals that you could hybridize to get different, more specialized units.


- Hybridization: Extract genes from Bears, Cats, Chickens, Boomalopes, Muffalos, Wolves, Rodents, Reptiles, Insectoids, Thrumbos and Mechanoids, and create hybrids of these species. Some combinations can go both ways, so for example a bearalope is different from a boombear, and you will get one at random. A total of 77 new creatures for you to play with. Some very useful, others... less so.

- Hybrid implants: The Growth Vat can be used to create either animal or human implants. Using different animal genes, you can create implants such as Thrumbo Legs, or Chitinous Hearts, and turn your scientific aberrations into even more bizarre creatures. By using humanoid genes, you can mix them with animal genes and create several hybrid implants to improve your colonists.

- Paragon Creatures: With the Animal Enrichment research, you can turn regular animals into Paragons, more evolved versions of the base creature. A total of 14 new creatures for you to play with.

- Animal Control: With the Animal Control research, you can directly control your animals. Draft them and move them at will! It also gives special abilities depending on the creature, so wolf hybrids can use Adrenaline Rush, thrumbo hybrids can stampede, and so on. 11 new abilities, and any combinations of them, open up fascinating new tactical possibilities.

- Eldritch Creatures: If you download the patch mod, you can create 8 new hybrids with monsters from the Call of Cthulhu - Cosmic Horrors mod.

- Dinosaur Creatures: If you download the patch mod, you can create 8 hybrids with dinosaurs from the Dinosauria mod.

- Megafauna Creatures: If you download the patch mod, you can create 9 hybrids with creatures from the Megafauna mod.

- Alpha Creatures: If you download the patch mod, you can create 9 hybrids with creatures from the Alpha Animals mod.

- The Archotech Project: Genetic Rim adds a new win condition for the game. Instead of building a spaceship and leaving the planet, you can research how to integrate and control an archotech AI inside a bio-mechanical body. Why would you leave when you can stay and kill all your enemies?

Concept art by geek96boolean10


There is a cool wiki here!


Recommended: This mod so the game stops mutilating mod images

How do I progress? Here is a mini-guide:
- First, research the genetic engineering tech.
- Build a Pulper or a Recycler to get organic pulp from wood or corpses (the Recycler needs a Pulper first, though), and a Genetic Extraction Table to get DNA from animals and to build empty incubators.
- Kill the animals to extract their genes.
- Build the Gene Pod to mix the genes of different animals, and fill an empty incubator with the mixture.
- The incubator will hatch in a day. Keep it warm! The creature will be born tamed.
- Results are sometimes random! If you mix Bear and Chicken, you might get a Bearchicken or a Chickenbear. Or the experiment can also go wrong...
- Finally, research the Insectoid Genome, Reptilian Genome and the Advanced genetic engineering techs, build the Advanced Gene Pod and experiment with Insectoids, Reptiles and Thrumbos to get the strongest creatures in the game. The advanced mechanite bio-integration is end-game, and unlocks mechanoid experimentation.
- On a different path, you can research humanoid genetic engineering, and develop hybrid implants to modify your colonists. Yeah, you can create a colonist that lays chicken eggs twice a day. It's hilarious and disgusting.
- On yet another different path, you can research animal enrichment, which allow you to create Paragon animals with the Paragon serum extraction table and the animal enrichment center.
- Researching animal control gives you access to fascinating new abilities in all your hybrids and paragons. Just build the Animal Control Hub.
- Finally, the age drugs tech allows you to mature your animals much faster!

Plans for the future
- Plant-like creatures
- Hybrids with creatures from other animal mods

I honestly don't care, use this as you wish. I even included the source for the c# part.

Unstable 1.1 version release, can be donwloaded at:
Current release, updated for Rimworld Release version, can be downloaded at:
Steam Workshop

Download old versions
b19 on GitHub
b18 on GitHub
a17 on GitHub


Patch for Call of Cthulhu - Cosmic Horrors:
Steam Workshop
Patch for Dinosauria:
Steam Workshop
Patch for Megafauna:
Steam Workshop
Patch for Alpha Animals:
Steam Workshop
Patch for Combat Extended:
Get it on GitHub, made by Saebbi

Super compatible with Giddy-Up. Saddles included for all big enough hybrids and paragons
Compatible with Animal Collab Project, Alpha Animals, TropickAPP, Mechanoids Extraordinaire, More Mechanoids, Let's Have a Cat! and Polarisbloc - Mechenemy for gene extraction
Compatible with A Dog Said for implants on hybrids and paragons
Compatible with Rim of Madness - Bones for extraction of organic pulp from bones
Aesthetically compatible with the High Tech Laboratory Facilities mod
Uses Nightinggale's Modcheck mod (no need to download)
Uses Harmony (no need to download)

Uses custom version of Range Animal Framework by Fluffy and BrokenValkyrie
Some sounds by Mike Koenig,
Some building textures modified from Textures by Pixel Art World
Some building textures modified from Textures in the High Tech Laboratory Facilities mod

v4.5: New win condition for the game. TropickAPP compat. Human implant medicine use fixes (09/05/19)
v4.3: New animal family: cats. Added non-specialized genes to extract from any animal. Added genetrainers (29/03/19)
v4.2: New saddles for Giddy-Up. New mechanoid hybrid balance. Tons of new humanoid implants (26/02/19)
v4.1: New building graphics. New options screen for legless creatures. Alphas renamed to Paragons (28/1/19)
v4.04: Added several functions for the upcoming Megafauna patch (14/12/18)
v4.03: Disabled exotic wools on vendors, added gene extraction capabilities for several mods (15/11/18)
v4.0: Rimworld 1.0 version (17/10/18)
v3.203: Re-added patches for A Dog Said and Animal Collab Project (16/09/18)
v3.2: Added Mechanoid Hybrids, several new animal implants, fixed the mad scientist merchant. Full Changelog can be seen on GitHub (13/09/18)
v3.101: Added special ability for eldritch hybrids using the Animal Control research. The Boombeetles ranged attacks work again! Also some light bugfixing (31/08/18)
v3.1: LOTS of hybrid implants to modify your creatures added! You can now create implants that only work on hybrids and alphas, giving you a wide selection to improve your creatures. Also, there is no longer a need to have third party mods (30/08/18)
v3.04: B19 Version (29/08/18)
v3.0: Initial stages of updating to RimWorld B19 Version (18/06/18)
v2.405: Bugfixes. Changelog can be seen on GitHub (03/03/18)
v2.404: Adds compatibility with Dinosauria Patch. Incubators now send a message when they hatch. Animal control now has a mote effect and messages to adequately convey when the abilities are recharging. Recombinating serums now take 5 random serums instead of 10 random corpses (04/01/18)
v2.4: Animal Control research: 9 new abilities for your animals. Also, you can now build empty incubators in the alpha serum extraction table. Also fixed the graphic in the Snakewolf. Finally, removed many mod things from traders (06/12/17)
v2.2: Added native compatibility with A Dog Said and Animal Collab Project. No need for patches now! (23/11/17)
v2.1: Added rodent hybrids. 6 new creatures that breed very fast! (20/11/17)
v2.0: Updated for Beta 18. Added possible compatibility with other mods by adding prefixes to defnames (18/11/17)
v1.7: Added the Gene recombinator. You can now combine 5 vials of genetic material to get new genetic materials, perhaps of species that aren't showing up on your map! (10/10/17)
v1.601: Modified Age Pills to be slower to craft, made Thrumbochickens pack beasts, and fixed a typo(28/9/17)
v1.6: Added more Alpha Animals (hare, iguana, pig, rat and tortoise) and their animal products. (26/9/17)
v1.5: Added Call of Cthulhu - Cosmic Horrors patch, which adds 8 new eldritch creatures (19/9/17)
v1.48: Added Alpha Animals (first batch of 9, more to come). Added age drugs. Added recycler. Made taming unnecessary for all incubators. (15/9/17)
v1.35: Added A LOT of animal byproducts, and general balancing changes. Most hybrids should be useful in some way now (6/9/17)
v1.3: Added reptile hybrids and squashed many many bugs (25/8/17)
v1.2: Added hybrid humanoid / animal implants (21/8/17)
v1.1: Added the whole Insectoid hybrid family, with new tech. Added skill requirements and electricity requirements (20/8/17)
v1.01: Compatibility with A Dog Said (18/8/17)
v1.0: Release (17/8/17)

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