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The game uses trading and quests as soft requirement gates for initial materials like advanced components, so yeah you're gonna struggle finding those specific parts when you actively disable the main reliable methods of obtaining them.

Crashed ship parts now dropping advanced components along with the pretty hefty buff to both material cost and research time means you should be able to hit deep drilling a lot quicker.
Honestly the minimum range addition alone is great, I feel a lot less inclined to spam mortars at the blaster cannon now if I'm actually allowed to close the gap and not get punished for it.
Mech clusters in general are brutal but they are in no way invulnerable. Do I feel more forced to have colonists come in harms way dealing with them? Yeah, but I've also gotten a lot better about crafting armor and obtaining combat drugs for these hot drops. More often than not, these clusters are either on a decent delay or proxy activation, meaning you have time to stage a front that is advantageous to you. Don't like your odds due to the turrets (which I agree to an extent are kinda scuffed due to their zero warmup on shooting)? Mortar them so the foot soldiers come to you (mortar shields can be disabled for an in-game hour by hitting it with an EMP mortar, which you can follow up with a volley of regular shells with good timing).

Mech clusters force you out of your defensive comfort zone, something that really only outpost raids took the player out of. Adapt to something that isn't just a killbox design and you'll be fine against the clusters for the most part.
I hope they at least add a new storyteller that prioritizes the royal questing similar to how it currently is, so they can downplay it more on other storytellers. I'm not a huge fan of the guaranteed introduction and rebellion quests on storytellers like Randy, whose supposed to be random.
The addition of EMP/smoke launchers definitely wasn't a random thought, you really need at least the smoke launcher to close the gap more often than not unless you have the time to build basic fortifications (most of these clusters do seem to either be on a dormant timer/proximity activation). Running directly at these things is pretty suicidal so yeah, I'd argued there are some extra tactics required in taking these things out properly, but an unprepared colony is more than likely a screwed colony.

If you really want to push the gap, have your smoker wear a shield belt and push forward to closer cover then drop the belt so they can start laying smoke down for everyone else to push. I can pretty safely say I've never bothered with smoke until now, so something seems to be working.
If for whatever reason one of these pawns loses an item (dropped a weapon when downed, ect) and you have them pick up another item from your own stock, it becomes linked to them and you can no longer access it normally.

The lock system is there so you can't reasonably steal any of their gear, which is fair, but in the unfortunate circumstance where they lose these items (usually a weapon since that drops on being downed), you're forced to either give up one of your own weapons permanently or have them go the rest of the stay without a weapon. The only real way to circumvent this is to actively down them again to take the weapon back, but that seems absurd for what the player is expected to do. Ideally it'd distinguish between what the pawn came in with and colony-owned items so you can better equip them for their stay if possible (add, never remove/replace.)
In game faction deacription says they're the remains of once a larger empire that was more or less destroyed by war. Despite that, they were an ultra tech society with a monarchy/feudalism set up, meaning they upheld a title system despite having glitterworld-era tech. The stellararch title implies they reigned over at least an entire star system originally, which is still reasonable in the lore primer.

Effectively they're a bunch of refugee nobles and their peasants clinging onto the last glimmers of their once system-wide empire solely due to the fact their technology outclasses pretty much everyone on the rim.
The little tidbits left in the debug menu got me real excited for potential future content, hopefully those aren't just leftovers from past ideas!
The biolocking of weapons sounds like the weapon equivalent of dead mans apparel, probably isnt a bad thing if it means you aren't getting ahold of superior weapons quickly en mass.
All this post tells me is that someone really hates your crops.
Can you add a mod option for assigning item blacklists for gifting? Playing with Combat Extended essentially means the visitors will more or less give you all of their ammo before leaving as a token of their appreciation, which is rather annoying and super exploitable.
You aren't gonna see much success here for the same reason you won't see RimjobWorld on the steam workshop, albeit that being the more extreme end of the spectrum. The fact underage pawns can be generated in the vanilla game (although their limit is like 16-17) probably doesn't help your case.

There's better hills to die on, man.
Ideas / Re: I want it on
March 01, 2019, 11:32:59 AM
Quote from: ninjaRakun on February 24, 2019, 11:23:52 AM
I also registered just to add: I would love to buy this game on GOG, but only on GOG.

P.S. The post verification questions are annoying, so I probably won't post here again.
Rise from your grave once more, fallen thread.

The main website offers a payment option to get a direct download link to the game via Sendowl. Practically the same as GOG and directly supports the developer.
You could condense everything you just said into "change is bad because you could just micromanage and min-max to avoid it."

I'm glad you're one of the minority capable of handling three colonies at once and keeping them running at peak efficiency but the demographic that got Rimworld to where it is today probably isn't into that level of micromanagement, me included.
Having an option to disable explosion shrapnel would be great, since otherwise they cause stutters every time one goes off and the problem is exaggerated once you start dealing with a siege or multiple grenadiers.