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Off-Topic / So What's The Issue With Steam?
« on: June 11, 2018, 10:34:39 AM »
Did I miss something? I use Steam for all my games, and I see people on the Forum who seem to dislike Steam? I'm sorry for being clueless, but I wanna know why.

Mods / Where Is Lord Of The Rim(s)?
« on: June 06, 2018, 11:18:06 AM »
Uhh... I'm a bit embarrassed to say this, but uh...
I can't find LOTR. I mean, I searched for it and browsed the mod section for some time now.
I'm having a problem with the mod, so I'd appreciate a link or something. Thanks.

Suggestions / What's the worst event that you can think of adding?
« on: April 24, 2018, 10:32:24 AM »
Nuclear Missile Strike
The event gives you 10 seconds to pack up and leave, before the map and every tile in a 5 tile radius is incinerated. Nothing will remain but radioactive roaches and green mutants.
Anything else?

Mods / [mod request] Banana Suit
« on: April 19, 2018, 09:23:49 AM »
This is a matter of utmost urgency. Please. I know we all need this.

Stories / The Lava Men: A Tale Of Gecko Sacrifice And Heatstroke
« on: April 13, 2018, 11:54:23 AM »
I don't have a definite list, but here are the basics
-Beast races
-ROM Cults, Horrors.
-Survivalists Addons
-Medieval Times
-Nature's pretty sweet
Chapter 1: Good times, good times
(I'm not writing this as a narrative because I cannot relate to actual people very well)
2 tribals, one F human and F Elephant-man. I started with nothing, so we had to gather stuff, and pronto. I was on a volcanic biome, so trees were limited. I built a shitty bad hut. It was small, but better than nothing. A crafting spot was built, and so a bow and shiv was born. Okay, I forgot human #1's name, but I remember Ms. Elephant, Green. So green started mining, and as she brought steel back, a dire wolf ambushed her! It leaped from a ledge and knocked her down! Human #1, Let's call her Rain, turned to see her friend on the ground screaming, stabbing at the wolf on top of her as it nonchalantly chewed on her left ear. Okay, the story would have ended right now as the beast could easily tear open a unarmored tribal and tank dozens of arrows. I may have cheated a bit, weakening it. They killed it , with Green losing her ear and gaining several scratches. She recovered, and two days later we had a rice farm and small grill. That night was foggy, and Rain was bringing back berries as she noticed a strange effigy in the distance...
Thanks for reading this. Listen, it get juicy later, so come back next time if you choose!

Mods / {Mod Request} Starship Theory
« on: April 09, 2018, 12:04:57 PM »
So there was a game called Starship Theory. It's like FTL and Rimworld together. I recommend looking it up, as I can't explain things well. It was abandoned when the dev had a early born child, as well as other domestic events. Some say it's a scam, but it WAS early access so...

Anyway, it is do able in RW, and with Mars mod having a oxygen system already, it could be done. Besides, RW has hydroponics, research, and ship parts. In closing, this would be an awesome mod to have!

General Discussion / Tribal on sea ice?
« on: March 19, 2018, 02:38:03 PM »
Quick question, is it possible to survive on sea ice with the tribal start? I've been playing the rich explorer start, but I really like tribal. Are there enough resources?

General Discussion / What Rimworld Planet Type Would You Like To See?
« on: February 27, 2018, 06:24:24 PM »
So, basically, on my way to the airport, I was reading the fiction primer. I wondered about a game or even Rimworld allowing you to see different worlds. Here are some things I thought of.

-Mars-like Dead worlds, similar to The Mars Mod, but more sci-fi
-I feel my favorite to see would be urbworlds. You can make a "gang" base in the lower levels (I imagine 40k Hive-Cities and distilling water and growing fungus. You can either avoid illegal activities and just carve out a living, or make flake and raid others.

I would be eager to hear your opinion.

Scenarios / The Holy Land (Modded B18)
« on: February 12, 2018, 11:39:45 AM »
As members of the Church Of The Offworld God, your team is tasked to make a citadel of legendary proportions on a feral world.
A Rimworld Of Magic  (for priests and paladins)
Medieval Times (For tech)
Cosmic Horrors (To fight against the darkness)
Prepare Carefully(See below)
Hospitality (For the pilgrims
What to do:
Start as a tribe of 4-6
Start with basic medieval tech
Research rate 50% (You grasp on to old ideas and ideals, and it takes longer to change)
Have at least 1 priest and 1 paladin
No psychopaths
Non-equatorial forest recommended
Give starting members tunic and suspended trousers.
Start with random pet and 40 smoked meat, 200 wood, and 100 steel, 300 silver as well. 2 clubs and 2 shortbows

 Your priest is the leader. DON'T let them die.
You must accept all chased refugees. Feel free to reject wanderers and prisoners.
The 5th day of every season is holy. Any who attack that day receive no mercy. Dishonorable Cowards!
For Immersion, do not research electricity until everything else is complete. Same for microelectronics.
By the 3rd year, choose a special "service" to your god:
Feed The Hungry
And He said let them be fed, and so the disciples delivered...
You must produce large amounts of cheese,stew, and meat and sell them to merchants/visitors.
Have large farms and kitchens. A large meal hall would be cool.
Protect The Weak
Save those who cannot save themselves...
You must make a fort-like citadel, and accept all you can. Expect lots of raids. Redeem The Redeemable
And he laid his hand on his shoulder and forgave...
You need to recruit every prisoner you get your hands on, except those who attack on the Holy Day.
I'm sure you can make one on your own. Good luck, I hope you enjoy.

Stories / Most Specialized Colony?
« on: February 12, 2018, 09:49:02 AM »
Foreword- A Specialized Colony is one that has a unique export or theme. One of the most common examples is hat factories making hats out of human leather. Feel free to post your own specialized settlement.

So I had a colony that only sold simple meals. While these simple meals were made of "interesting" ingredients, the traders didn't mind. My colony had that sort of farm feel, but our cattle was... unique. I never asked 'Is 13 1x2 prisoner rooms too much?'. The answer was no. Of course not.

Mods / Mod Series Development: Ben & Buddies Booming Bootleg Businesses.
« on: February 07, 2018, 01:29:03 PM »
"Here at B&BBBB, quantity is our top priority. Whenever you're out on The Rim and need a weapon fast and cheap,
 we're the guys to call. Ben & Buddies is not responsible for friendly fire, health conditions and lack of digits

Our motley crew of 2* people have thought out and drew several weapons and races to bring to life. The only problem is we're utterly inept and have no clue how to code C# or XML. Oh right, only one of us has Rimworld (me). I know this will probably sink to the bottom of request. But maybe... You know...

Weapons (so far) -
-Ledpump - A mini gun of questionable quality. Amazing fire rate, yet crud damage and accuracy. Bonus points if it has a chance to shoot behind and hit allies.
-Demigun- Just a security turret ripped off the walls. Basically a stun sniper. Has small chance to cause dementia.
Races (So far) -
Lengfolk- Strange crystalline people with the ability to eat steel. High tolerance to heat and fire, but will shatter when blunt damage is dealt. High social. The salesmen of B&BBBB.
Huham-  Engineered to feed urbworlds. High hit points, except on neck, which is low hp. Consumes nearly anything, and eating it won't cause a debuff. Low learn speed, yet high pathogenic resistance. The grunt cast of B&BBBB.
Drawfs- Like the dwarfs of legend. High mining speed. Can't get cirrhosis. Nearly immortal age-wise. Dislikes open spaces. Cannot shoot (Blind). The suppliers of B&BBBB
Insectum- Spider-like race. Toxic melee. Resistant to sharp. Produces jelly. Good crafters. Wings vulnerable and are vital to movement. Bad social impact. The "artisans" of B&BBBB
Polaris- Polar bears. Bloodthirsty warriors. Skilled in all forms of combat. Cold climes are the only thing it can survive in. will eat raw meat. 5-7 year lifespan. The Enforcers of B&BBBB
Muffaman- Hair covered beings. Wise, retains skill points well. Drops wool. The leaders of B&BBBB

That's all for now. I would greatly appreciate any work put into this. I thank you just for reading. Just comment down below for any art assets needed!

Suggestions / Some cool biome ideas!
« on: January 23, 2018, 12:15:05 PM »
So I was looking at the old weird & wacky biome post, and noticed it just stopped! Well, blimey! I'm not done! So I'm looking for cool biome ideas; gimme the name, general description, pros and cons, and other unique stuff (events & stuff). Here, I'll start out:
Magnet Fields
A barren place with constant flash-storms, There's crystals that attract lightning and can be harvested. It's constantly windy and has a unique aurora (no joy buff).
Pros: Good power option, Unique crystal, little raids
Cons: Barren, dangerous, Constant lightning and solar flares.
Also: Some animals should be added to, such as a brontosaurus-esk beast who acts like a lightning rod, feeding on the power, and a dark souls lizard looking thing that holds crystals and meat. The crystal is strong but comes at a cost: It allows you to be stunned by E.M.Ps and wearing it during a lightning storm isn't ideal. Maybe a lightning rod building to deflect or even absorb lightning for power.

Stories / Humanity? What's That!?
« on: January 23, 2018, 10:14:01 AM »
So I made a colony using Prepare Carefully, where everyone was a Cannibalistic Psychopath. One of the first things we did was build a storage house, which was a "prison", with enough room for a bed only. We gained a lot of food (humanely or otherwise.). We harvested our "crops" till we had no more herbal medici- I mean fertilizer. We were praised by merchants for our quality meals and headwear (Dudum dush!) Most praises went like this:
"Wow, this hat feels like a part of my skin!"
"What an explosive flavor! Is that pork?"
Well yeah, you can say that

We faced cold insects (I killed one and lost the other, only to find it consuming a poor "cow" we haven't got to "process" yet.), Angry snow hares (They're coming out the caves, man!), and lots of raids (walking buffet w/ drug addictions!). If a enemy wasn't a "softie", we recruited them. Wow, for pirates these guys were squeamish! Sorry if you wanted pictures, I don't know how to get them off my Steam. I'll provide updates later!

Suggestions / Faction Flaire?
« on: December 07, 2017, 02:38:14 PM »
So I've been wondering for awhile now, getting raided by the same old Pirates and Tribals. Mods helped remedy this for some time. And I've been wondering if perhaps if there were minor differences in factions. Here are a few examples.

Addicts- Either tribals consuming ritual medicine, or bandits enjoying their loot, these individuals, if they choose to prepare, instead of moving around in a dumb clump, they may all take a certain drug (Eg. Beer, Flake, Maybe Luciferium!). Maybe they'll bring some stools and build a fire and sate their addictions together (all/many are addicts).

Mercyful- Either a code demands it, or maybe they're just good people, the raiders, if they beat the colonists, will bring them to the nearest bed (medical preferably) and treat them using no medicine or maybe herbal (I dunno). They'll take what they want, but won't burn or kill, if they can. Most close ranged bring clubs and bludgeons.

Integrating- If your colonists are kidnaped, they will probably will return as a hostile (I don't think they do this already). The enemy will use them to navigate all traps the colonist knows about. Once they are shoved off the map they will not memorize any new traps. Iron-willed will not be integrated, or maybe they'll betray their new comrades. Colonists will retain relations, maybe with the integrated having a -20 social point for "letting me be taken".

So there you have it. This is my first post so let me know if I'm doing something wrong. Let me know what you think!

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