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Mods / Re: Playable Xenomorph Mod
« on: February 14, 2018, 10:37:40 AM »
-About Stealth: I've always wanted stealth in Rimworld, and I think that the whole knock out thing is pretty cool. Maybe drag them into the wall to kill/capture. This can be used to disable dangers before you face them head on. This won't work on certain enemies, such as (as you said) Predators or bionically enhanced brawlers.
-Eggs: Eggs should take the place of Dead-fall traps, and the whole upgrade thing's wonderful. Maybe to keep enemies from just blasting it, have an upgrade that would make the facehugger spring out sometimes when the egg's destroyed.
-Yautja: This is a great addon concept. To have a few creatures that can't be grabbed, stealthed, or face-hugged by normal means with powerful gear is a terrifying challenge. The predalien is a great prize however.
-CE: Since Aliens can't use guns or ammo, I don't know. I've got little knowledge on the matter.
-Drones: I like this healing idea more. The creature won't bleed out, but will just retain the damage done. You can choose to keep the damaged creature, or let it die. They're expendable.
-Spit: Alien -cringe- resurrection. Had a alien  that spat it's blood. And in Aliens -CRINGE- Colonial Marines, had a Xeno class called the spitter. However bad these were, a late game ranged attack's a nice feature.
-The Food: So Xenomorphs eat... I dunno. Maybe you convert meat/vegetation into Biomass Tyrannid style, with it being both a food item and construction material. So it will be easy to build with and strong, yet will catch fire with ease.
-Temperature resistance: if they can survive in the void of space, they can live in cold temperatures. Heat can be dealt with, yet not fire.
-Last thing: In one comic, a hive was being attack by a odd enemy, Mold. It destroys eggs and adults alike, and in order to combat that, they experimented on people and prey, and cultivated another fungus (I think). Does this mean they have some sort of agricultural capabilities. This shouldn't take the place of meat, but can help through lean times. I dunno, maybe locked behind research like "Fungus Cultivation"
(After cultivating the perfect strain, your Xenobiologists *Dumdush* made a nutritious fungoid suitable to your needs)

Mods / Re: Playable Xenomorph Mod
« on: February 13, 2018, 04:38:11 PM »
I saw all of you points, and I was surprised I was actually agreed with. Sometimes I feel like the... I dunno a good analogy, but you get the idea.
-About the Bio-Benches: I like your idea more. If the Xeno is expendable, I'm not going to make cloths for it. I'd rather stick it in a vat for a bit. Also, what to they eat? I've seen a comic were they attacked a pig and ate it, but is it needed?
-About needs and mindset: Not much more to say on this one. Xenomorphs for the most part have no emotions, and no, neither tables.
-Breeds: I saw the whippet transformation. I have a whippet, so seeing one turn into a little death machine was too cute! They don't have to be that complex, this is no GeneticRim. I think at least the queen, warrior, and drone should be implemented. It depends on who works on it.
-About "Spit-balling ideas": I guess that's what I just did. Also, to everyone who's viewing and interested, please give ideas / feedback. This mod's a cool concept, and I'd love to see people breath life into it.

Mods / Re: Playable Xenomorph Mod
« on: February 13, 2018, 10:41:04 AM »
Oh no... Xenomorphs gave me a fear of the dark (and vents) by the age of 7.
And I LOVE them!
I feel like they should have a couple things to keep them from being more animal than colonist:
-Have cool bio-y benches, like the carapace bench for "armor" and Mutation Stations for discovering new breeds/upgrades
-I know this is like a huge burden, and you don't even have a C# programmer yet, but the idea of impregnating different creatures for different results, like the Runner from Alien 3: it used a dog as a host and instead of a stronger bipedal form, it had 4 legs that propel it at high speeds, a great hit and run creature. Now imagine that with a muffalo, who is a beefy tank that can't do much but take damage and haul, or a boomrat suicider!
-You said Xenos should not really care about anything about the queen, I feel like there's more to that. They should be able to have social lives, however dull. They can have some kinship towards others, but we still have to consider the whole Perfect-Killing-Machine thingy. They should also get a mood boost when events occure like:
New Birth (Stackable) +8 A new servant joins our brood. We are pleased.
Enemy Captured(Stackable) +2 Yessss... Fresh feed or another birth? We're interested.
Queen Dead -100000 NO!!! THIS CANNOT HAPPEN!!! WE ARE RUINED!!!! RUINED!!!!
I'm sorry I can't do anything but complicate your idea even more, but come on! Xenomorphs! MotherF*cking XENOMORPHS!

Scenarios / The Holy Land (Modded B18)
« on: February 12, 2018, 11:39:45 AM »
As members of the Church Of The Offworld God, your team is tasked to make a citadel of legendary proportions on a feral world.
A Rimworld Of Magic  (for priests and paladins)
Medieval Times (For tech)
Cosmic Horrors (To fight against the darkness)
Prepare Carefully(See below)
Hospitality (For the pilgrims
What to do:
Start as a tribe of 4-6
Start with basic medieval tech
Research rate 50% (You grasp on to old ideas and ideals, and it takes longer to change)
Have at least 1 priest and 1 paladin
No psychopaths
Non-equatorial forest recommended
Give starting members tunic and suspended trousers.
Start with random pet and 40 smoked meat, 200 wood, and 100 steel, 300 silver as well. 2 clubs and 2 shortbows

 Your priest is the leader. DON'T let them die.
You must accept all chased refugees. Feel free to reject wanderers and prisoners.
The 5th day of every season is holy. Any who attack that day receive no mercy. Dishonorable Cowards!
For Immersion, do not research electricity until everything else is complete. Same for microelectronics.
By the 3rd year, choose a special "service" to your god:
Feed The Hungry
And He said let them be fed, and so the disciples delivered...
You must produce large amounts of cheese,stew, and meat and sell them to merchants/visitors.
Have large farms and kitchens. A large meal hall would be cool.
Protect The Weak
Save those who cannot save themselves...
You must make a fort-like citadel, and accept all you can. Expect lots of raids. Redeem The Redeemable
And he laid his hand on his shoulder and forgave...
You need to recruit every prisoner you get your hands on, except those who attack on the Holy Day.
I'm sure you can make one on your own. Good luck, I hope you enjoy.

Stories / Most Specialized Colony?
« on: February 12, 2018, 09:49:02 AM »
Foreword- A Specialized Colony is one that has a unique export or theme. One of the most common examples is hat factories making hats out of human leather. Feel free to post your own specialized settlement.

So I had a colony that only sold simple meals. While these simple meals were made of "interesting" ingredients, the traders didn't mind. My colony had that sort of farm feel, but our cattle was... unique. I never asked 'Is 13 1x2 prisoner rooms too much?'. The answer was no. Of course not.

Unfinished / Re: [A16/A17] [WIP] Warhammer 40k Corruption
« on: February 08, 2018, 10:26:28 AM »
Whoa. This looks pretty cool. I'm not a player of warhammer, but I have a general idea of what it is. I have a few questions / suggestions.
- A cool series of mods are out on steam, the imperial guard + Mechanus (I think that's how you say it). Is this yours?
-Could we have Tyranids? I know this was said way earlier by many, but I would like it like a mix of insects + tribals. They have ranged capability and numbers of tribals, and the... well insectyness of insects!

Thank all of you for the help. I think it's fixed.

I'm quite sure I'm on B18. I'll check once I have the time. It's very strange. One day it was working with A Rimworld Of Magic, then I just couldn't use Jecs tools, even with 3 mods.

Mods / Mod Series Development: Ben & Buddies Booming Bootleg Businesses.
« on: February 07, 2018, 01:29:03 PM »
"Here at B&BBBB, quantity is our top priority. Whenever you're out on The Rim and need a weapon fast and cheap,
 we're the guys to call. Ben & Buddies is not responsible for friendly fire, health conditions and lack of digits

Our motley crew of 2* people have thought out and drew several weapons and races to bring to life. The only problem is we're utterly inept and have no clue how to code C# or XML. Oh right, only one of us has Rimworld (me). I know this will probably sink to the bottom of request. But maybe... You know...

Weapons (so far) -
-Ledpump - A mini gun of questionable quality. Amazing fire rate, yet crud damage and accuracy. Bonus points if it has a chance to shoot behind and hit allies.
-Demigun- Just a security turret ripped off the walls. Basically a stun sniper. Has small chance to cause dementia.
Races (So far) -
Lengfolk- Strange crystalline people with the ability to eat steel. High tolerance to heat and fire, but will shatter when blunt damage is dealt. High social. The salesmen of B&BBBB.
Huham-  Engineered to feed urbworlds. High hit points, except on neck, which is low hp. Consumes nearly anything, and eating it won't cause a debuff. Low learn speed, yet high pathogenic resistance. The grunt cast of B&BBBB.
Drawfs- Like the dwarfs of legend. High mining speed. Can't get cirrhosis. Nearly immortal age-wise. Dislikes open spaces. Cannot shoot (Blind). The suppliers of B&BBBB
Insectum- Spider-like race. Toxic melee. Resistant to sharp. Produces jelly. Good crafters. Wings vulnerable and are vital to movement. Bad social impact. The "artisans" of B&BBBB
Polaris- Polar bears. Bloodthirsty warriors. Skilled in all forms of combat. Cold climes are the only thing it can survive in. will eat raw meat. 5-7 year lifespan. The Enforcers of B&BBBB
Muffaman- Hair covered beings. Wise, retains skill points well. Drops wool. The leaders of B&BBBB

That's all for now. I would greatly appreciate any work put into this. I thank you just for reading. Just comment down below for any art assets needed!

Sorry for not going on the discord for this (my account isn't working with me), Jecs Tools doesn't work. At all. A modlist of core hugslib and Jecs Tools swamped me with errors. I'll copy the logs by tomorrow, I cannot do it right now. Any ideas on the problem?

Releases / Re: [B18] A RimWorld of Magic
« on: February 05, 2018, 01:30:02 PM »
Hi, just started playing with the new classes, and I have another class suggestion:
The Pysker
Able to move and shape matter just by thoughts, the Psyker is a subtle manipulator of the battlefield.
The caster launches a selected target through the air. the target becomes a weapon, dealing blunt damage to all in their way. For extra awesomeness, make this a skill: At level 0, the target will break through wood doors. At level 1, the target will go through steel doors and wood walls. At level two, The target will go though steel walls and stone doors. At level 3, the target will go through most walls and all doors.

Crush. The targeted area will have higher gravity. All who pass through are slowed and get dealt blunt damage.

Wall of force
An impassable barrier is put up to block gunfire and movement. This has a limited time.

This grants colonists more sight and manipulation for a long time, at the cost of their social life "Y's thinking about B! That bastard!

Ultimate: Pysker's scream.
This has a large aoe, and only affect enemies. The effects varies:
Deaf: No effect
Dull: Stun
Normal: Ear damage, mood debuff and Stun
Sensitive: Massive ear damage, blood losses out of orifices
Hypersensitive: Cranial Hemorrhaging, massive brain trauma.

Stories / Re: Slow Tech Experiments
« on: January 31, 2018, 11:56:32 AM »
It's Been awhile, and I was wondering if this list will be expanded, plus a new mod list?
If not, I may continue it myself (if that's cool)

Unfinished / Re: [B18+] Outer Galaxies
« on: January 30, 2018, 06:05:51 PM »
Sounds easy enough.

Stories / Re: The Curious Cautionary Tale of Greg
« on: January 30, 2018, 01:37:09 PM »
You have... a questionable sense of justice my friend...

Stories / Re: Saddest Animal Stories
« on: January 30, 2018, 01:35:04 PM »
The horse for my one legged warrior lost 3/4 of his hooves. He cannot walk, and just sits there out of respect for his combat days as a noble steed.

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