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Sadly I have to agree to the mentioned bugs...

It`s such an awesome mod but with the current flooding/rain it`s almost unplayable. Started with a colony that landed on a rainforest tile. Everything was pretty fine until it started to rain...

On the left side of my base a small puddle formed and on the right sight the river flooded. I coped with it and changed a few structures but now I think I must abandon that save. There is no way I can recover or fix this. The puddle turned into a huge lake that is still growing and killing off everything on the left side of the map and the river is almost an ocean by now that wrecked half my base and crops.

Rainforest turned into waterworld. Not even pumps or terraforming in godmode keeps the water away. It just plops back up in a few seconds. There is just a small strip of land left in the middle...