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Quote from: lancar on December 12, 2017, 03:24:09 AM
This was easily possible before with just plopping down a sleeping spot or crafting spot and targeting that. Or just targeting a sturdy piece of rock or wall behind what you wanted to shoot that.
Reverting this recent change to be able to just target ground directly will do next to nothing to combat this usage of the minigun other than make it slightly more annoying.
OK this is better then THX for the history I am very new player just into my second game.
Maybe an overheat or jamming mechanic for miniguns that make you have to have other support peoples too or damages the guns longterm to give some kind of disadvantage.

edit: as for Booms I like playing my Boreal Forest they don't have Boom-animals I find them strange
I think its is insanely bold by the Dev to offer this management of multiples colonies at all I was very surprised to see it. We should not be cranky about problems with it same as with ludicrous size colonies. It explicitly states you are in dangerous waters when you use them.
Sadly good multi-threaded architecture is not easy to do for small teams in projects of this size especially if it hasn't been done straight from the start of the project. But this games performance is way better than I expected coming from Dwarf Fortress. Dwarf Fortress is unplayable in its current state even with small embark and restriction on population the game always dies FPS death 2+ years into thats how I came to Rimworld in the first place so I am really happy right now. Having no Z layers and lower pops in the level is probably why Rimworld can survive where DF fails with pathfinding CPU cost.
Btw. does my steam workshop mod automatically update and break my savegame?

Sorry this has probably been asked a hundred times already just started playing Rimworld but this question is not answered in Reddit FAQ or forum sticky.

edit: just found this thread about copying mods and unsubscribing:
I guess I should do that before opening Rimworld next time? Or when does the mod actually download the new patch?
edit2: THX @Canute I guess I roll with it then
I feel they should remove Minigun target ground again. Its too powerful. No need to use other weapons, no need to have melee and shooting skills, no need to craft better quality items. Just equip everyone with Miniguns poorly crafted or dropped from Centipedes and your unstoppable you don't even need defenses.
So I tried this mod and it has been so much fun.

Btw never try outshooting Scythers with Ballista. After 2 Ballista destroyed and two new arrivals loosing body parts I charged in with warhammers that did the trick. Shooting regular raiders with Ballista and catapult is fun though.
THX for the great work.
Those warlord shields that drop early are pretty OP but I guess its fine because they loose durability quickly and also attackers get very numerous and are quite threatening because fort value also goes up fast and the attackers come with pretty scary equipment.
General Discussion / Re: Dealing with Toxic Fallout
December 11, 2017, 07:00:32 AM
In my tribal run I made sure I had a big stockpile of Pemmican and Kibble early. That lasted me through the fallout but when the Pemmican ran out I had to cook the toxic dead animals better than eating Kibble. Doing Boreal Forest so I have to have big stockpiles of food anyway just in case randy random drops a tornado on my fields during the short growing season or so.
In my non tribal run I just had a giant freezer and a separate room with packaged survival meals.

And I always set my home area in only roofed parts and restrict them to home. What you can do is have one guy at unrestricted to do some outside hauling and woodcutting and just cycle that position between all your colonists.
General Discussion / Re: tornado sucks
December 11, 2017, 05:58:02 AM
I think its fine that its dangerous there is not really any other event it seems (I am quite new to the game though) that than can threaten a well established midgame/endgame colony.
If a tornado comes during a raid and destroys part of your colony that can actually be interesting. That said it should come from an edge of the map and go to another edge of the map not spawn directly on top of your colonists.
agree @lancar... also Recurve
I had one early into my Tribal start but managed without any cheese. Just built a few wall pillars for cover. You have to seperate the Scythers from the Centipedes which is usually possible. Swarmed the Scythers in melee, then retreated to the cover and killed the Centipede with Recurve bows.
Isn't IED quite late anyway you can have snipers and armor and such easily doing it regularly by that point right?
General Discussion / Re: The Wonder of 5% Worlds
December 11, 2017, 04:31:03 AM
THX for telling me there is a 5% option have to try that out.

Always did 100% so far, btw. is there a disadvantage to that other than world creation duration? Like a performance hit during normal play?
Imho this "ultimate flaw" is kind of like a flavor of a more basic realization. Any game that offers a certain amount of options, choices and freedoms and also is Single-player is ultimately usually easy to exploit and its scripted "AI" systems can be turned into a slave to the superior human mind in front of the machine. Does not really matter if the game is Civilization, Skyrim or EU4. Different for some simple "action rpg console games" and thelike where its mainly running from A to B and smashing orcs but even there its often the case just motoric/dexterity skills and practice of those plus memorizing levels and such make up more of the "challenge".

At that point you have to decide what you want to do:
- Download a different game that give you a new set of problems to figure out
- Play multiplayer (if the game has it)
- Find ways to enjoy a game other than problem solving and optimizing
- Restrict yourself by mods or voluntary challenges giving creating an additional problem to solve

For me even though I like complex games like Dwarf Fortress and HOI3 its not mainly about solving hard problems. I have plenty of those at work so games while I like a challenge and them not to be too stupid I still want to relax and enjoy.
If solving tough problems is the main motivator for you you might want to look into sites/games/books that offer interesting and really hard math based problems and riddles/puzzles there's enough material to keep you busy for a lifetime.