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 ;D A rider group of ten try's to attack my camp while there in route a psyc ship decides to pay a visit and kills three raiders. Naturally the drones decided to come out at that time too. ;D :D I was laughing my ass off as I was watching the remaining raiders with 2 melee 2 grenadiers and the remaing 3 range try to kill two stalkers and a centipede with a inferno. The centepede was the only survivor which got gunned down from my remaining troops. My god ;D so much free loot 
Ideas / Re: Obliviousness?
May 15, 2018, 03:46:49 AM
If you do that with colonist you have to apply it with animals also.  ;D
Edit: Such as bound animals if you did not get what I ment
Sorry If my comment seemed in any way negitive just trying to prove a point
Ahh bud just play the game normally instead of trying to cheat a few caravans into the game. (That's why you send your own caravan) can't help you though if you want to return to that save file and countinue playing creating a new game should still work though.
Ahh yes factorio the most complex yet simple game to get the grasp on I can understand fluffy how factorio can effect ones mindset since of its addictive complexity. Also If you want this mod created maybe help out a different way then doing the coding of mod making such as the art aspect to speed things along. Also it's not that hard as long as you grasp the information and take your time in the coding part of mod making.

My user name is a bit crazzy since it's meaning changed throughout my life, so I guess I will start with the first part of my username I choose Tober because I was a freak about keeping my identity a secret but I wanted people to know a very small part of me so I choose Tober instead of Toby my real name (also I didn't like my name at the time for some profound reason) I chose fire since my first username was fire lord as I was a kid in middle school who didn't know that this username was also used by a kid who constantly rages in a game (or so my friend told me) hence me changing my username but fire holds a different meaning then just a old username fire represented both life and death. A tool that allowed the human race to evolve also destroys the vast amount of life there is, but it allows for other life to grow were they never would have grown if the other life hadn't died like us humans without the Dinosaurs becoming extinct we would have never evolved and become the dominant species of this planet. Fire also represents a bit of my personality since I change constantly everyday with each action I take to every word I say. fire has become my symbol in a way to show that I constantly change and that what you see now will not be what I will be in a year. Now the number 6 well I couldn't just leave toberfire without connecting it someway so I thought about the word sick I don't know why now but I know it ment "cool" back then so I choose it but I couldn't connect the two words with sick or it would look like tobersickfire it just didn't sound right so I choose 6 since it sounds like sick and it sounded perfect when I connected the two words to form the username I use Tober6fire but unfortunately I used the name for my email which doesn't sound professional anymore so I hope to delete the email and any other links to my name with this username (even though I will still use it for almost anything that requires a username). This name is stuck with me since it became part of my life even though I plan on creating a new username with something with pyro (Greek name for fire) since I am becoming more literate in the English language rather then my native language polish (even though I lived in US for a long time my parents often spoke polish and I didn't learn English until I started going to school). Well that's my story on my username
Ideas / Re: Killing killboxes.
May 13, 2018, 10:47:54 PM
I am all for making the AI smarter but maybe if we do implement these ideas not all AI's have to be this smart depending on the character traits. Such as a raider with high intelligence level would probably be thinking how to infiltrate a base better how to implement that into this game is maybe add some of these functions of recognizing were to go and were to not go for some pawns but not all of them or all raiders would be able to take advantage of you which is not exactly fun when you are trying to build a civilization a two or three raiders easily raider your early base since you were not prepared.
Rimworld forms
Most games you can say are copycats of other games even though most popular games are inspired by other games and their mechanics like take for instance fortnight which if you go down the line went from coping the general idea of PUBG which was from H1Z1 king of the hill or now just (king of the hill) which then you can say copied from DayZ (I don't know if it goes any farther) since H1Z1(or now just survive) is a zombie apocalypse game. (I used fortnight since it's really gaining popularity) Another example would be The Watch dogs series and GTA series. Since both games are still somewhat popular it was kinda of natural to for some people to assume that Watch dogs were trying to copy GTA's approach to open world and the occasional fights between your character and the cops. Other then that that was it for the Similarities, Rimworld and K(sorry forgot how to spell this game we are arguing about lol) yes their art may be similar and the "we need to survive" aspect is also the same, but really the two games are as similar as watch dogs series is similar to GTA series. If people aren't allowed to become inspired from other games to create their own games what is the point of any future game to be created if the creative part of it is shattered since they couldn't use the mechanics or art style of another game.
Well that's the point of choosing the right tile. If you are looking for casual play. Also rainforests if thick enough trees  can act as a greenhouse trapping the heat (maybe this aplies to the game).
Pawns obviously have enough steangth to hop on one foot everywhere they go  ;D must be one muscular leg
General Discussion / Re: Research
May 13, 2018, 07:43:39 PM
Also if you were able to prioritize you might end up forgoting the pawn and it will probably end up starving if the mental breaks don't get to the pawn first
Huh cool... let's just say this story is interesting I enjoy reading a engaging story especially got any tips for how to write my story to make it more engaging. Honestly any tips would be helpful it's about a withdrawal "spoiler he now lost his left arm"

Here's where you can find the story
General Discussion / Re: The Infestation
May 11, 2018, 03:25:46 PM
Infection takes on a whole new meaning in this game it's basically like real life bugs once they move in they might never come out.
Ideas / Re: Your Cheapest Ideas
May 09, 2018, 07:38:15 PM
Possibly make it so that mechanical and PegLeg things could be seen such as for the mechanical eye instead of the pawn having a black dot for an eye maybe add a grey dot.
Off-Topic / Re: Count to 9000 before Tynan posts!
May 09, 2018, 07:19:56 PM
Quote from: Listen1 on May 09, 2018, 04:16:06 PM
He has three apples, how many he does he have?

Only___ if he only has ___ hands