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Huh for me the malaria came in as soon as the withdrawal went to 60% (check stories form to see what I am talking about) and at this stage of withdrawal, because I had no other pawn get a drug addiction before I was constantly checking on his health stats and I saw no warning of a Incubation infection in the health tab. Until the malaria hit and then the events that followed (again see the stories to see what happened)
Stories / Re: Tale of Honesty's Mountian
May 08, 2018, 08:22:30 PM
Yes it is aways exciting starting a new colony especially since it's your first time playing I hope u countinue the game trust me when I say it will get more hectic then just raiders coming in. I can't really say much about relationships in the game but when u talk about how the pawns interacting kinda also brings a smile on my face when I remember playing this game for the first time and seeing how magical even the smallest thing seemd. Which is probably why I normally don't reach the late game often. Good luck on your colony.
Yea true mostly I play in biomes rich with wood  ;D mostly because well easier and still grasping the game and how to play even though lol I have been playing and still love this game for a year now. Also I should play more difficult biomes to get a better grasp on how it's possible that wood can be rare. And yes I probably will think twice about using stone because technically as Canute says it isn't a renewable resource. 
Stories / Re: Day 25 siege as tribals
May 08, 2018, 12:03:26 PM
  ??? Ughh are you mad about you being siege or are you just ranting about your coffee cup
Off-Topic / Re: Count to 9000 before Tynan posts!
May 08, 2018, 02:51:04 AM
8024 why not I will join in
That's a very short amount of time you only got 2 mounths in RimWorld (sorry forgot the name of the mounths in RimWorld) and you didn't even try to give an objective here for this like "in 30 days you should do... and tell me what happend" stuff like that's is interesting well interesting in my point of view
Yea that means that the event is stuck and usually (in my experience) addictional illness happens if the pawns or other pawns are already sick and if there are heath problems the pawn is dealing with already. I don't know about the disease predeterming It probably has something to do with your storyteller who is he or she. Also you can see my experience of annoying illness on the story form in A Withdrawal story.
Huh never really had much problem with wood in my experience it is really good for fast construction and great when I try to build huge walls to surround my colony. Even though yes wood is flammable I use the multiple adjancent walls that help cover the first wooden wall layer if it burns down first so that I don't have to micro as much when fire spreads quickly. Usually late game I try and build some type of stone suoronding walls since by then I have enough coloniest to focus more on the security of the place then just survival period. (And yes that's with Randy Random and The steadily increasing one on intense, sorry I forgot her name lol)
General Discussion / Re: The Infestation
May 07, 2018, 07:13:51 PM
Jesus well I guess I better start hunting and killing the bugs like everyone says in this form if I do get a infestation.
General Discussion / Re: The Infestation
May 07, 2018, 12:26:36 PM
I never had an infestation in my games so How big can Infestations get if you don't do anything to control it
Cool also sorry about adding very little to my story at a time I have very limited time on posting due to daily life and I only manage to add a little per time since I have more access to my phone then my computer which is why some story events take longer because I want to get the exact name.
Thanks for your opinions and help I also was wondering how far away the coloniest can be so that they can sit on the table instead of sitting on the floor because they are too far away. Just trying to see where the best place to put a dinning room will be.
Also how those the security of the colony affect the mood of the place like if the security is too close together or too tight will it make the coloniest not feel spacious and instead give it a negitive mood?
My story begins with 3 colonies named Emmi, Ichabod, and Pi who all crashed landed on this thriving landscape with lots of animals and trees to start a basic foundation. Once we crashed landed we only had a basic rifle, revolver, and a palsteel steel knife. Ichabod as our hunter equipped the rifle and made sure that the pesky animals he hunted would die and supply the meat we needed. Even though Ichabod sounds like a cold blooded killer he loves plants with a passion of a green thumb and makes sure that the plants will grow and supply us the food we need for the coming winter. Emmi as our plant cutter and cook is equipped with the revolver but because of her level 2 shooting skills won't see much animal hunting but will certainly see enough slaughter in her kitchen to feel not much empthy for them. Now Pi is a defilcult case equipped with a palsteel knife with a childhood of a programmer and a adulthood of an AI programming and constructing robots he was the perfect colonist except for one thing his addiction of smoke weed. His tolerance of this drug was heavy and his withdrawal was at 43% at this time and so far I was able to relay on him for my most expert work (I will give the levels of the pawns later). In time we managed to set up three rooms for the coloniest and a big storage room were it also acts as Emmi's kitchen for butchering and cooking the simple meals. It is at this point we got our first raid where we were attacked by three melee warriors who rufused to drop dead even if they were shot in the head and some of theirlimbs shot off. fortunately we managed to kill them and come out with a few scratches it was only later when the man hunters came did I start seeing the affects of withdrawal (it was at 60%) really start affecting Pi.

The manhunters came with a hord of savage dogs that looked impossible to beat I did the one thing I could do I made the coloniest run to their rooms and sleep for the night. During the night I fortunately got my 4th member of the colony Svetiana who was a level 5 shooter perfect for the revolver so I quickly sent Svetiana to Emmi so that Emmi could give her revolver and made Pi with the palsteel knife defend Svetiana while Emmi opened the door. The first dead body of the dogs blocked the door from closing which allowed the dogs to come in, in a swarm that almost devored Pi. Luckily I had Ichabod come out with his rifle and managed to clear out the crowd before they could devour Pi. I feared the worst for Pi and did not anticipate the amount of pain and agony Pi will have to endure during his treatment.

Pi was bursed biten and shot by one of Ichabod's bulets in the left leg. It didn't look good for Pi plus with his withdrawal I felt pity for Pi and tried to give him the best medicine I had. I guess his imune system wasn't working so well and he was bleeding out too much because he became infected with malaria. During his treatment stages (by Svetiana who was fortunately a level 5 doctor) Pi increasingly over time lost his conscious and his illness had already reached 90% when a new "illness" appeared that seemed to strengthen him rather then weaken him. (I forgot the name of it and will put the name of the thing that caused Pi's superpowers) this "illness" gave Pi a 50% increasing in blood filtration, blood pumping, movement, and manipulation. It did have its side affect though and and increased the pain threshold by 20%, but I believe and still believe that once he got does bounces he managed to rise up from his illness that barely killed him from having a 98% illnesse before having a immunity.

At this point his withdrawal stage is at 80% and is starting to look like a badass after all the suffering he indured. Unfortunately his suffering only began. It was now Fall closer to winter then ever and Pi was up on his feet helping build Svetiana's roomwhen he heard shots in the distance. The hunters were asked to hunt the local deer herd that came in seeing as though the crops will never grow in time they needed a reliable source of food or meat they could always fall back on of food got too scarce. But the hunters weren't expecting the deers to try and fight back, Now a whole herd of deer is wishing for revenge and of course went after Svetiana. Scetiana being the big girl she is has asthma and could run as fast as Ichabod could so naturally Scetiana was the first to go down with major bruising and cuts that left her on the floor in a dieing heap. Ichabod saw this and tried to distract and kill the deers while Emmi tried to rescue Svetiana and bring her to safety. Ichabod had no chance against the herd and went down the same way as Svetiana the deer once's finished with Ichabod tried to swarm Emmi too when she was desperately trying to run away. That's when Pi came to save the day with his palsteel knife and enchanted body function Pi fought with everything he had killing ten deer as they tried to down him. Pi still standing and bleeding all over plus being the only available doctor caried Ichabod to the medical word and healed Ichabod, Svetiana, and Emmi (she got attacked once or twice from the deer) to full health only to crash himself in the medical word with an infection in his left leg probably from Ichabod's shot residue. Pi at this moment was at 95% withdrawal and now had an infection in his left leg. I fought so long for him that I couldn't see him die from infection, I had Svetiana cut off his left foot and replace it with a peg leg. My It was sad that I had to do it but it needed to be done at lest now his withdrawal is gone with his addiction to smoke weed. However the illness that gave him his superpowers is still in him and I will continue updating the story of Pi until he finally gets a mechanical leg that he right fully deserves.

Right now I am going to give links to the picture of my colony at the moment and I plan on giving links later on about the stats of each colonist that you see on this story

I welcome everyone to share their coloniests withdrawal stories and how it affected the pawns daily life and the daily life of the colony.

I am also going to share my story of a colonist named Pi (since his intelligence level is 17) who I am going to try and update from time to time since even though his withdrawal is over he is still getting affected by the crazy events, illness, and possibly crazy powers that happened during his withdrawal. Take in mind that my colony right now is in its early stage and is barely scraping along since the difficulty is intense.