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I'm not a huge fan of the "shoot centipede with survival rifle for 24 hrs to kill it" mini-game, either. Lancers take 2 hits with a rifle. Scyther's need some armor so they can tank shots to get in range/be dangerous, but 5-6 seems reasonable. Centipedes should be up to no more than 20 good hits.

As for hunting, it's really not bothering me. Even my tribals were mostly able to take out Rhino and Elephant using Recurves without aggro. As of build 1955 or so anyway. Crashlanders with survival rifle only have to be wary of Thrumbo.
General Discussion / Re: Recent Mod recommendations
July 18, 2018, 12:52:47 PM
Numbers is one of those Quality of Life mods that makes everything easier. Compare any stats the pawns have, look at equipment, etc.

I'll second Proper Shotguns, but need to look for Rebalanced Stagger (doesn't seem to be on steam?).

Other gameplay change mods:
Hugs Lib, of course.
Simple Bulk Cooking - 4x
Simple Bulk drugs -4x
Dub's Skylights/Hygiene/Rimfeller (haven't actually used it, yet. But I love his other so much I'll list it). These add huge complexity/options
Additional Lights
Simply More Bridges
Deep Ore Identifier
ED Embrasures - BIG potential gameplay effect here, despite being simple.

I wouldn't go with a whole lot more for 1.0. My b18 list is 100+mods long.
Just going to chime in and say that it's not JUST barracks that are wonky for the Disturbed Sleep debuff.
Take a look at Noisy Chaz.
I queued another research task while she was sleeping, so she got up to start working on it when she'd napped enough. Due to her room door AND the room door of Sofia/Whistler being open, they get the disturbed sleep buff.

I leave doors open for temperature transfer when I don't want to build vents immediately, so I was already aware that open doors don't block noise. That makes sense.
I wasn't aware that noise traveled through multiple rooms, which makes me think it's simply a radius around the bed/pawn for the check.

Personally, I think the noise level should be modified by the path length between the source and receiver. Someone bumping around down a hall, with a couple walls to get around but in a 4 tile radius, shouldn't cause the same level of disturbance as someone in a direct 4 tile Line of Sight.

[attachment deleted due to age]
Ideas / Re: Give tree planters a brain cell
July 15, 2018, 12:55:38 PM
Most trees, except apparently cactus based on a comment from another thread, require 1 space all around. Looking closer, the Treebase definition of the Plant_Bases.xml has a line that says "<blockAdjacentSow>true</blockAdjacentSow>".

This makes sense, because if you plant a 3x3 patch, the things 1 tile just outside of it usually get cut down too.

If you want to make a tree farm for the least work possible, draw a horizontal line 9 tiles long, then vertical lines at the 1,3,5,7 and 9 points. You'll get a nice even grid of trees once your planters are good enough to actually do them in a reasonable time. The larger the farm you make, the less you have to worry about missing that 1 tree because the spacing was offset somewhere.
This seems like a reasonable choice to me. Scary War Masks at crafting/tailoring spots. Simple Helmets at smithy, Advanced helmet still at machining.

That said, an elephant/rhino/bear/thrumbo cowboy hat is pretty good armor too.
Ideas / Re: Let carnivores hunt while caravaning
July 12, 2018, 03:26:56 PM
That's a good point. I hadn't taken any wargs out on my caravans yet.
I appreciate you starting a new thread for this, Walkabout.

I haven't managed to launch a ship yet in 1.0. I play mostly on 2x speed and have gotten a couple years in. One of my boreal colonies got close in .1954, but I decided on restarting with temperate Tribals because I hadn't in a long time. Tribals are having a Randy Rough go, for sure.
I also enjoy playing around with mods. 800+ hours, mostly with as many mods as I can tolerate due to startup time.

As I said in the unstable build thread: Failure takes 30 seconds, sometimes. But long term failures also start deathspirals. Deathspirals can be fun to watch happen, or they can be two hour panicked slogs where nothing goes right and you rage-quit. That's a neat story on reflection, but not fun for me in the execution. And I would rather lose 2 hours of playtime than start a new colony.
Success takes hours, minimum. So I play to succeed, despite the setbacks I have. There are lots of fail states to consider, depending on scenario.

Here's a host of reasons I save-scum/dev-mode:

1) You need a +8 grower to make medicine, and even a 8x8 constantly growing field of herbal may not be enough. Maybe I want to see what happens if I give my plagued doctor immunity.
2) You need a +10 doctor, a clean room, a normal+ bed, and generally standard medicine to have a pawn survive Plague. Flu is a lot less punishing than it used to be, thankfully.
3) New-ish failure mode: send folks caravaning, lose them to sickness, starvation from injury carrying, random dangerous manhunter. Lose colony to a raid because you sent your best shooter to guard your best trade bargainer to buy enough medicine to keep you going for another half year. Use up all your stored pemmican getting that medicine. Then get hit with blight. Then get hit with toxic fallout. This literally happened to me in my current tribal game and we just about starved.
4) Refugee raids are still about 2x as hard as any other type. They tend to kill or incap one of your colonists that you PICKED while giving you one of dubious value. If I was playing perma-death, I would literally never take refugees given the current balance.
5) Losing limbs to Lancers is not generally a game ender in 1.0 Crashlanded for me. It was in previous versions because prosthetics kinda blew. A pawn that is up, and moving around, with 10+ shooting but 50% manipulation and 25% sight isn't the same as one with both arms attached and unscarred eyes, but I've felt the game treats them as such for a long time. I'd love to have a few weapons for pawns like this. Like a re-tooled shotgun that sprayed multiple projectiles.
6) There are 12 skills, and every pawn is critical up to a larger than expected number. I stated a few above, but there are other examples. 10+ Social for recruiting is required or it takes years sometimes. 3+ construction is required, or you can't build traps and will get overwhelmed. Tough/Nimble/Brawler is required on at least one pawn, because melee folks will stab your gunners to death. Handling 5+ is now required if you want to keep any trained animals. A pack of dogs is GREAT for hauling, but takes upkeep.
6a) Skill level doesn't reflect ability. My starting doctor with 10+ medical lost a thumb and got an eye almost gouged out despite being back line defense. She's now worth only 70% of what she could do. Long term death spiral, no fix aside from recruiting a new pawn.
6b) Spreading pawn jobs out over more than 3-4 primaries becomes incredibly inefficient. This is why I say that 6+ pawns are critical, because you are likely to have someone to fill the gap if you have good pawns. If you don't, prepare for a death spiral.
7) Animals now get sick. If I'm using my single arctic wolf or elephant as a meatshield during raids, and they're down/dying, then I'm effectively down a pawn or two. Anything bear+ sized is somewhat amazing vs human raids, btw. It's great because I want to take care of them with medicine. But they'll go lay down in a dirty cave corner despite having a nice fluffy bed in my hospital.
I save scum in 1.0 because it's under development and I never know what's going to happen. For example, I stopped last night after a 3 hive infestation spawned 3 large, 3 medium and 6 little guys in my 6 tribal pawn base. Even my tough, elephant tusk wielding melee couldn't block that door for long, with 2 scavenged shotguns, a machine pistol, and a meatshield elephant and wolf.

I savescum in B18 and prior because death spirals are easy to start, with every pawn being basically critical below a count of 6.
Don't have a +10 doctor with 90%+ manipulation, clean room, and actual medicine? Pawns WILL die of plague or infections. (I have seen the infections toned down a bit, but 100% bedrest was still mandatory without medicine as of build 1962.)
Don't have a +8 grower, to get that healroot started? See above (current colony struggle)
Encounter a Lancer? Someone is losing a limb or the top of their head, 4 battles out of 5, even though they have good+, 50% armor and cover from sandbags+walls.

I savescum because failure takes 30 seconds, but success takes hours. A tribal I really wanted shows up, and dies 3 times before I can capture her. Her recruit difficulty is 57%, my warden's recruit chance is 42%, and it still takes a week of them talking.

I savescum because I don't want to play the first week with a new colony OVER and OVER and OVER when I mess up. It's interesting for variety and finding new fail states, but I'm a colony manager at heart.
Ideas / Re: Your Cheapest Ideas
July 12, 2018, 12:03:00 AM
To follow up on RAAARGH a bit, there are already two examples of creatures preferring areas in game:
1) Thrumbos literally always get as close to my base as they can without going through doors. Maybe they calculate the center of my home area, because as my base changes so does the location they prefer.
2) Bugs go back to their hives after they wreck enough stuff.

so, to keep the ideas cheapish:
1) Predators hunt something, and then dynamically set that as their preferred area until it rots/gets eaten. I don't know if it's feasible, but treat the corpse like a worktable with a limited radius and it periodically emits an "eat me" job. Secondarily, scour the interaction log and if the corpse gets moved it pops a "defend me" job to the predator. So now they "guard" corpses a bit.
2) Small critters zone around berry bushes and prefer eating them. This means that they compete with us for the food, but also help us locate them. I find the current berry color hard to see (but I have everything tinted way toward orange, so maybe that's just me)
3) Large critters go after rich soil and what grows in it, because of course they'd go for the lush grass there. Again, that means you end up competing with them but also using them to locate it.
Ideas / Re: Armor and shield belts for animals.
July 11, 2018, 10:18:48 PM
This is implemented in B18 via mods, so hopefully we see an update for Animal Gear eventually. I found it quite useful in that version.
Ideas / Re: Prosthetic nose
July 11, 2018, 12:53:29 PM
Maybe some Groucho Marx glasses and a little mustache to go with it?

In general, I agree. There should be a surgery or prosthetic for every issue. Only wealthy colonies could afford the downtime and extra to do plastic surgery anyway.
Ideas / Tree Sowing work overkill
July 11, 2018, 12:48:56 PM
I've seen it mentioned in the Unstable Build thread, so I'm going to break it out here for some more traction:

Tree Sowing takes TOO long. Pawns with 6 planting can attempt it, but I've been watching my Tribal gardener struggle to even manage 1 a "day". She's planted 1 tree and mostly gets distracted before finishing, so she has to start all over again. It seems like it takes about 16 hours, but I need to actually time it.

By the time she's down she's down to .1 nutrition, 0 recreation, even if she started full.

If it could be a left and continued later task like workbench stuff, it wouldn't be so bad. But making 0 progress after 10 hours due to distraction/getting hungry/etc is ruinous.
Ideas / Re: Tents!
July 10, 2018, 04:21:21 PM
Look for the Set Up Camp mod here or on Steam when 1.0 stabilizes. It's been a mod for the last few versions, and includes tents you make out of hide and carry with you. I quite like it.

Side note, even when I carry bedrolls on caravans the usage says 0 bedrolls when they rest. Do the pawns themselves have to have the bedrolls, perhaps?
4 save scums later...Ma'am levels her shooting skills from 0 to 3 on me while I try to patch together a trap.
The raid always happens, and they're always too dangerous. Without combat skills, you have to have construction to make a few deadfalls. Without either, it's going to be game over.

[attachment deleted due to age]
 I land in a wide open forest on a chilly morning, sheathed in cryopod grease. I shouldn't be here! This was supposed to be an operation to fix up my scar.

I squat in the dirt, analyzing how I got here and my options. Society hates me and I hate society. Looks like I'm on my own if I want to live.

Strange this forest has the remnants of walls here and there. I examine one to the southwest more closely and's steel sheet/fiber composite... Tearing half of it down to raw materials, then bending some into a decent knife doesn't take long. I even strip a sapling down to branches for a lean-to door. But there wasn't enough for a branch bed. I strike a fire off the composite and sleep on the floor.

Small critters...and larger...abound. Best not try my luck, rabbit leg it is.

These rabbits, squirrels and raccoons have TEETH. But I'm versed in first aid and found herbs here and there. There's enough sinew to make a shortbow, but an atlatl or slingshot might have been more efficient in hindsight. Three days in and I still don't have enough for even a loin cloth. It irks.

I try my hand at some deer. It secures my food supplies, but they turn out harder to skin than I thought. I can still make no clothing.

Late at night I hear..caterwhauling. Screaming. Birdlike shrieks. I stalk toward to source of the noise in the morning and find a dead, partially eaten, turkey. And a slightly less dead bobcat. Life here is brutal.
Food is secure, but the disparate pieces still can't be clothes. I need an actual workbench to hammer out sinew and sew...DAMNATION...the bench collapsed, despite my efforts.

At least I managed to put together a bed of sapling branches, awful as it may be, it is still better than cold ground.

I could swear I heard people stomping around and whispering last night...but I stayed within my little shack. No good could come of interacting here, now.

Life here is indeed brutal. A rabbit CHARGED me this morning, like it saw a defensless carrot. I slapped it with my bow, but it still managed to bite me. I patch my wounds and watch the embers in my first fire die. It made it too hot in here. Perhaps a rabbitskin and fat torch? At least it's getting warmer.

I've put up a stick in the dirt at which I throw rocks or shoot sticks. With my campfire out, it brings a different sort of solace..and helps me practice with the bow, if only a little.

April...May? 7 days after arrival.  This world has a strange year. I'm not sure on the specifics. It's still getting warmer. I built the bench, finally. Time to patch together enough leather for something. I make a loincloth and a hat to keep the sun off. Much better.

This forest is interesting. Geothermally active. One vent in particular seems to have enriched the area around it. It might be time to move, though the labor to do so will be ruinous.  I watched the sun rise today, and checked again hours later. A stick in the ground at midday has a distinct shadow pointing north. It's neither long nor short, but the fear of cold and starvation compels me. I spend the entire day moving limestone blocks.

NO NO NO. Someone with a revolver and a lot of ammo shows up. We take potshots at each other for a while before he nearly shoots my nose off. I retreat and patch up. He advances. I grab my knife at the hut, and try to deal with him that way, but he's even more dangerous up close. Despite multiple slashes wounds to him...I'm crippled and he's dragging me away after lighting my hut on fire.....fade to black. Jugust 1st.

I might continue this, Twitch has no combat skills but is otherwise not bad at all.

[attachment deleted due to age]