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Any additional bonuses for baked goods? I.e. Mood, etc
EdB, thank you for the three mods you created that add so much to the game; I use Prepare Carefully and UI all the time.  Looking forward to your thoughts on Scenarios, whether to update to A9, or come with a new direction.
I am sure you are getting many, many thanks and accolades for these great mods; let me add to that.

I have been using many mods since Alpha 4, and the Rimsenal mod packs are easily among the best.  I really enjoy the new faction, hairstyles and armor types; lots of variety, a little back-story and great, great looking models.

Not sure how it works, but maybe you'll get a nod from Tynan :)

Not sure how well this fits into the scope of the storyline; might be too much micromanagement, and if you can't build things like Power Armor, why would you be able to mend them?  Or guns, etc.
I would love to be able to repair worn clothing, armor and weapons; anyone found a way to do this yet?
Same issue for me, as I posted before.  I have deleted and "reinstalled" the entire Alpha 8, started with ONLY EdB and Crash Landing, and get two major issues:
     1. If I start with the "Amongst the Wreckage" scenario, everythings works fine, until I reload.  Then black screen; I can hear sounds, but nothing else.
     2. I can't use the "Crash Landing - Hard" scenario; I get through all the menus, the game starts with a yellow warning, then nothing at all.  I left it running on FF for several minutes, and nothing.  "Crash Landing - Easy" works just fine though.

if i load an more mods, "Wreckage" acts the same as before, but sometimes I get a melting white screen to black.

If anyone has any more suggestions, I would welcome them.  I have all the latest mod releases for anything I use.

Quote from: Woolridge on January 15, 2015, 02:17:50 AM
wow, that was fast O_O
well, i'll try it out and let you know if i get any further errors


sorry, but i still end up in a blackscreen with the console spitting out dozens of errors,
the only difference is, that i'm now able to change the starting items, wich were a blank screen in the previous build^^

here a link to a screenshot of what i get when starting with EdB interface, Prepare Carefully and The Metal Age:
(i hope that image-host is allowed here, since i don't know where else i should upload them)
Hi EdB,

I tried again today, after deleting and reinstalling, same effect.  i can hear sounds, but just a black screen.

Where can I find the error log to send/review?  When I hit ~, it shows a couple of errors at the beginning, but they look like trying to spawn humans out of bounds.
I have another odd issue with the "Crash Landing - Hard" scenario; I start fine, get a notice that stuff is going to fall, then nothing.  No falling stuff, no colonists, nothing.  Very first revision of this mod I got it to work, and not again since.  CL-Easy works fine though.

Quote from: Katavrik on February 03, 2015, 07:00:37 AM
Quote from: rdz1122 on February 02, 2015, 01:22:55 PM
Is anyone still having trouble saving/loading from Main Event?  I have EdB Scenarios, and I have never been able to save/load Crash Landing Main Event saves.  It starts fine, but I load to a black screen (sounds still play though...)
Have checked it now, and its worked for me.

Black screen with sounds happend to me when i save a game with some mods, and then load without one. Even if this game does not have any objects from a mod.
Is anyone else having trouble with saving/loading from the "Amongst the Wreckage" scenario?  I can start and play fine, but if I save/load, I just get a black screen with sound.  I have tried on a few revisions of this mod, and same thing each time.
Is anyone still having trouble saving/loading from Main Event?  I have EdB Scenarios, and I have never been able to save/load Crash Landing Main Event saves.  It starts fine, but I load to a black screen (sounds still play though...)
There is a mod that addresses this for now; it has "visitor" beds that look like medi beds.  Just look in the released mods forum.
General Discussion / Re: New Build?
December 15, 2014, 10:52:39 PM
General Discussion / Re: New Build?
December 15, 2014, 10:51:36 PM
This new build I just downloaded seems to have "broken" using Hydroponics; my colonists ignore them completely, even with heaters and lights working.  Anyone else?
I am able to make the pier, and create fishing rods, but that is all.  Is there an option to add "fishing" as a bill?  One of the screenshots seems to show it that way, but I can't find that option.
I have the same issues; after about 3 or 4 waves, the zombie count is so high my game becomes very sluggish, and I spend all my colonists' time carrying dead zombies to the cremation units.  Is there a way to cap the number of zombies?