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General Discussion / Re: Sad tidings
June 28, 2019, 11:02:18 AM
Quote from: Shurp on June 27, 2019, 07:39:38 PM
No need to give up.  Now that you've had your ass kicked, Cassandra will set mode to "easy" and you'll get raided by fluffy bunnies for the next year or so.  Although it might be helpful to first destroy any surplus valuables you don't need to further reduce the threat rating.

And you've learned a valuable lesson.  Mortars truly are useless except against a fixed target, and even then you're usually better just going out there and shooting them with bolt action rifles from a good distance.
Actually did end up playing the save a bit more yesterday. It was quiet for 10-12 days or so, when a 9-dude raiding party hit us. They came too fast to prepare properly, but my 3 guys took out 6, and the last 3 ran off, so all in all a big success. We got injured ofc, but survived.

Mortars do indeed seem useless. I've used them previously with some success against sieges. That's why I hoped to get off some successful shots this time before the raiders (sappers) got through the wall. But they got through fast as you like, and I missed. Then chaos and death ensued. Lesson learnt indeed. Next time I'll ignore them and try to get all pawns in position instead.

Damn shame to lose all those people though. Some of them were great too, a few even had kickass traits on top. Food won't exactly be a problem, although I lost all the good planters. Can't grow new healroot until they level up, or more likely I manage to recruit somebody capable. Since we could collect the healroots despite low skill, we should be able to collect devilstrand too I would think? First time I've ever grown those. Won't be able to replant them, but would be nice with some strong devilstrand clothes. Provided they don't all die in a cold snap or something naughty like that. I don't trust Cassandra any more! :D

Another almost funny event earlier in the game... Decided to buy two cows on the road, thinking the milk would be useful. Up comes the message that the caravan have entered the colony map. Not one second later another messages pops up. RAID! Please be in different places....

Yeah, you know what happened.

It was a "prepare" raid, so I tried to tip-toe the guys and animals around them. Then one raider started punching one of my cows, and all hell broke loose after that. Both cows died, one bleeding out and the other blown up by a grenade. They survived less than one minute on the map. Sad panda.

This game throws some really weird stuff and situations at us. Great work in that regard with the story aspects.
Ideas / Re: Your Cheapest Ideas
June 27, 2019, 04:11:55 PM
There is probably a mod for this, but as I really like the vanilla game and I would imagine it's "cheap"...

I'd love to see a button for only mass-ordering to cut/harvest fully grown trees, bushes, wild healroot and the like. Particularly in biomes with limited wild growth, this would be great. For some reason it's often hard to tell from their look which trees are fully grown and which are not, so I end up clicking on most of them to find out. Or give up and mark a whole ton for cutting, which will select loads of 60% and such.

A search field for items in the Storage zones would be grand too. I often spend a good deal of time trying to find whatever I'm looking for as it's not always intuitive where items are 'stored', and there are a lot of various types of items.

This may not be "cheap" in the sense wanted, but I would really love a mini-map that can be toggled on and off. Although the maps aren't huge (I play on standard size), I tend to have the game somewhat zoomed in so I can see more details (I love just watching the guys doing their thing). When I'm looking at some animal kill or something away from my base, it's almost absurd how often I happen to scroll in the 'wrong' direction when trying to re-locate my base. So I need to zoom way out -- oh, there you are -- then zoom back in at the base. It could be pretty simplistic, just draw the outlines of the base or something, but merely the ability to click on it and quickly go back to base would be great.
Have never used any mods and always played the game vanilla, so this thread is great if I want to dip me feet into the mod world. Kinda hard to get an idea of what would be sensible to use, and the usually solid nexus doesn't appear to have all that many Rimworld mods (all the categories makes it easier to find what I may be interested in).

The two things I'm looking for really, is the mod that gets you more 'numbers' when prioritising work types. Kinda hard with just 4. The other thing: is there a mod that silences all domesticated animals, or greatly reduces their 'chatter'?

Recent game, I tamed two alpacas, and before you know it there are 12-15 of them, and they're piping up every few seconds. This was always a "must have" for Banished as well, and I would think there is one for RimWorld somewhere? Can somebody point me in the right direction?
I know the feeling. This is just cruel beyond words  :-X

General Discussion / Re: Introduce yourself!
June 27, 2019, 03:31:23 PM
*stands up*

"Hello. I'm Pangaea and I'm a rimaholic."

At least right now. It's a gorgeous game, and I've not even ever made human leather hats. Shocking, I know :D

I am from Norway and getting dangerously close to 40. Work with international development assistance. Was late to getting my first computer, but got hooked once I splashed money on it myself aged 13 or so. Put a stupid amount of hours into Championship Manager, and later Football Manager. Until they locked themself to Steam. I refuse to use those so-and-sos, so haven't played it since. Mostly into RPGs, strategy games and various management games. Love Civilization 4 as well (the later ones are poor imposters), but right now I'm taking a break.

-What introduced you to RimWorld? Or to this style of game in general?
It was actually recommended to me by a fellow Path of Exile player that I talked a lot to at the time. Bought it when I got fed up of the zoom-zoom speed demon that they have turned POE into, and have played it a lot. Oh, and I'm on Linux, so thanks a million for releasing the game natively on Linux :) \o/

-What's your favorite other game?
Hard to tell. The classic version of Baldur's Gate I and II are great, and Planscape Torment even better. That game is such a master piece! The first Witcher was marvellous. The second not quite up there, but Witcher 3 is great as well. The already mentioned Civilization 4. Sim City 2000, Theme Hospital. First Bioshock was cool, the second not quite as cool from what I remember, and I haven't played Infinite (sorry Tynan). Gotta mention the first Mafia too. That was a great game with a moving story. Then Pillars of Eternity I and II, though it doesn't really reach the heights of BG and PST if I'm honest. Those games simply have something magic about them, beyond the traditional magic. Probably hard to impossible to re-create. Especially with how the gaming industry has developed since.

-Most embarrassing gaming-related story?
Hmmm. Hard to top some of the events from the Football Manager days. It could play with my emotions something horrible. Like when I was leading 2-0 in a key World Cup match while managing Japan (plus some club side that I've forgotten about). Out of the blue the opponent, whoever it was, managed to score three goals from three chances. Blew up inside and cursed madly before pushing the chair I had been sitting in seconds earlier. Unfortunately the wheeled chair slid across the floor and the back of it hit a window -- which predictably broke. I was a student, so that got expensive.

Another time, also with Football Manager. Probably lost one game too many, or had too much bad luck in a row or something. Got up and smashed my fist into the bottom of the chair. It was leathery and quite nice, but with a metal plate underneath that leather. Hurt like feck, and after 3-4 days of pain I went to the doctor. Broken hand. Damn. Needed surgery too, because the bones was a little whacked out of position. Three pins into the hand later, all sticking out of the skin and cast. Woot?  ;D

Had to postpone some university exams due to the madness, and claimed I fell on the ice and broke my hand. Probably a good thing I stopped playing that game...!

-What kind of breakfast cereal is the best?
Don't often eat cereal, I prefer to get up and head to work asap, so eat something light and fast, if I eat at all. But cereal-wise I prefer fruits and whole grain-ish contents. Basically a relatively healthy type, without 80% sugar or something like that.

Also, I love cats. Don't have one, but blimey those creatures are fantastic. If I see one while walking to work I can't help but get down on my knees and try to pet them. They usually don't give a feck of course, but sometimes I succeed!  ;D ;D
General Discussion / Sad tidings
June 27, 2019, 03:08:08 PM
Things were going well and I was really enjoying this tribal colony. However, Cassandra can be right mean.

Despite Dan turning wild on a journey and leaving, we were back up to 9 people. Two people left for peace talks, and 0.1 days before sitting down at the designated table, the same buggers turn up at *my* door and siege us. Backstabbing arsehats. Most of the colony goes down because I had to try to fight them off instead of seeing everything go up in smoke from mortars. The very next day another siege shows up, with almost everybody still healing up. Thought I had forgot to click away the previous notification when I noticed a bunch of "red" dudes approaching from the map edge. We managed to fight them off, although one guy was so badly injured he had to stay in the make-shift hospital.

This was during winter, and during all this Cassandra decided to toss a cold snap at us too. But okay, we survived it all and a time of relative calm then followed.

Another psychic ship. I set up basic sandbag perimeters and a few traps we had lying about. Amazingly we managed to kill the five machines while only suffering one injury. Could barely believe my eyes. We're wrapping up the last pieces of a 37-unit war veil order and will soon set off. We have gained an ally from previous trips. They actually sent a huge army in a previous attack. But they came too late. We already killed most, and 2-3 stragglers were trying to break out of our base. They died at the hands of the allies. Our own guys were injured and on the way to the hospital. Thanks, I guess?

From previous sieges we had gained 3 mortars, which I had set up with shells nearby, and we had just learned how to build mini-turrets (and had two from previous journeys on the road). I hadn't made any more yet, though, nor set up those two others. Hard ot know where to erect them, and silly Cassandra never sent us any normal raids anyway. Grrr.

Oh great, another sapper raid. 13-14 guys with mostly clubs. I put two guys on the mortars and try to damage them before they get through the granite + wooden walls. All four shots I get off miss, and instead set the wooden wall on fire. And they're through. All of them. Meanwhile we've managed to set up some sandbags where they got through, and are firing at them with pretty solid guns. One assault rifle I bought in a neighbouring village, a couple SMGs, two melees, and the rest with bolt action rifles.

They're storming my guys, though, and one after the other is downed. It's mostly one on one combat, and one poor sod got five buggers beating him up. We've killed a fair few - and no help in sight this time - when I get the dreaded message about the raiders trying to kidnap who they can. Which is 7 guys.... We are 9. The last standing guy tries to shoot the slowly (injured) raiders trying to get off with my dudes. But he keeps missing. Thankfully one raiders gets hit and killed, so one more pawn is free, although he is down for the count.

But I can only watch in horror as 6 people are slowly dragged off towards the map edge, while the last semi-standing guy gets the others to hospital (which was thankfully right nearby). He's at 78% pain level, so darn close to passing out. He was one of the medics, though, so managed to heal up the others, before finally bandaging himself. One person was under an hour from dying, but we got there.

Feels a bit pointless now, though, with everybody badly injured and 70% of the colony kidnapped and gone for good. Unless future raids would be wildly less severe -- like one dude with a handkerchief for weapon, I'm wiped. May as well just give up really. RIP The Red Brook Union  :'( :'( :'(

Oh yeah. And we have two of those instant research gadget, and an anti-grain warhead. Like in every RPGs ever, I'm saving it for a rainy day that never comes. Or in this case, came and wasn't used and things went to hell in a handbasket.

It's actually the first colony I've properly LOST. Got off the ship once, and the others have been aborted before I got very attached to them. Farewell sweet princes and princesses -- with your Legendary poker table  :-\

Sure, I could reload at some previous point and do things differently, put everybody up north right away instead of the vain attempt with the horribly inaccurate mortars. Might have gone better. But it is what it is. Would feel tainted to re-do something like that. Given I always play at 1x it will take several weeks of hard play to get to the same stage, though. But it was fun, and that's the main thing. But sad too.

Haha, one more thing. After those double-hit siege raids Cassandra meanly threw at us, she tossed a pure gold meteor at us. Cheeky. I left it alone. A huge pack of gold would have spiked up wealth, and we might have died every earlier. Previously a uranium meteor landed too, which has also been left alone. Figured I could use it later when we got access to that kick-ass cannon.

Maybe I should have built a killbox after all? It was planned, but well... :-/ Such a nice spot to our west as well. A lake and bits of mud. Would have slowed them down a whole heap.