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  • January 26, 2020, 06:19:16 PM
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 on: Today at 03:21:49 PM 
Started by Aarch-Angel - Last post by Canute
i only see one error on startup
Code: [Select]
XML error: Duplicate XML node name comps in this XML block: <ThingDef ParentName="BenchBase"><defName>SimpleResearchBench</defName><label>simple research bench</label><description>A simple bench with writing implements and simple measurement devices. Researchers work here to discover new things.</description><thingClass>Building_ResearchBench</thingClass><size>(3,2)</size><stuffCategories><li>Metallic</li><li>Woody</li><li>Stony</li><li>Brick</li></stuffCategories><costStuffCount>75</costStuffCount><graphicData><texPath>Things/Building/Production/ResearchBenchSimple</texPath><graphicClass>Graphic_Multi</graphicClass><shaderType>CutoutComplex</shaderType><drawSize>(5,4)</drawSize><damageData><cornerTL>Damage/Corner</cornerTL><cornerTR>Damage/Corner</cornerTR><cornerBL>Damage/Corner</cornerBL><cornerBR>Damage/Corner</cornerBR></damageData></graphicData><castEdgeShadows>true</castEdgeShadows><staticSunShadowHeight>0.20</staticSunShadowHeight><altitudeLayer>Building</altitudeLayer><passability>PassThroughOnly</passability><pathCost>70</pathCost><statBases><MaxHitPoints>250</MaxHitPoints><WorkToBuild>2800</WorkToBuild><Flammability>1.0</Flammability><ResearchSpeedFactor>0.75</ResearchSpeedFactor></statBases><fillPercent>0.5</fillPercent><interactionCellOffset>(0,0,-1)</interactionCellOffset><hasInteractionCell>true</hasInteractionCell><designationCategory>Production</designationCategory><surfaceType>Item</surfaceType><comps><li Class="CompProperties_AffectedByFacilities"><linkableFacilities><li>LeeaniBookshelf</li><li>Misc_FileCabinet</li><li>Facility_ResearchCounter</li></linkableFacilities></li></comps><placeWorkers><li>PlaceWorker_ShowFacilitiesConnections</li></placeWorkers><comps><li Class="CompProperties_AffectedByFacilities"><linkableFacilities><li>Anon2FileCabinet</li><li>Misc_FileCabinet</li><li>Facility_ResearchCounter</li></linkableFacilities></li></comps></ThingDef>
Basicly it shouldn't be worse that much, it is a duplicate entry.
If you like to know which mod cause it, you should search at the Mods folder at the installation for "SimpleResearchBench", that point you to the mod.

But the other 2 are more annoying.
There are 2 patch msg.  ExposeComponents_Patch2 and LoadGame_Patch2, but they arn't at the patch list after the modlist. But i am not a modder and don't realy know how these get handle.
But since that happen on a new colony, you can disable mod's until the loading of the safegame is working again and find the bad mod at this way.

 on: Today at 03:11:46 PM 
Started by Aronia - Last post by Aronia
Can you return to your colony when clicking onto Pawns in the colony?
Yes, I can. In fact, everything but the caravans works all right. I can even use caravans if I turn on DevMode — after the "travel instantly" command the map loads like normal, and I can reform and all.

I caused this problem myself though, by editing my savegame without backup and had a vastly different modlist than you and the problems did not occur in earlier savegames.
I never edited my saves. By the way, one solution I googled included deleting certain lines from the savefile, but the phrase that was mentioned there was not found in my savefile.

 on: Today at 02:41:44 PM 
Started by sudo - Last post by LWM
I think you should fix it by renaming the race "Ghosts" and working on some haunting logic.

...that's all I got, sorry.  I'd probably look at what prepare carefully actually does?  Good luck.

 on: Today at 02:18:17 PM 
Started by NinjaSiren - Last post by Divenity
How does this work exactly because I'm not seeing any options to load things into the vehicles.

Right click the vehicle with weapon installed. Make sure you got the ammo for the weapon.

I must have a conflicting mod then because I got nothing.

Have you downloaded the new version, 0.83? Do you use Achtung?

Ok, I found the problem, or not quite problem but maybe just misunderstanding.

The gun already had ammo in it so I didn't get the option, I was under the impression we'd be able to load ammo into the vehicle, not just reload the magazine.

It's both placing the ammo into the vehicle then reloading the weapon. I think the weapon auto-reloads while in combat, just make sure you got the ammo in the vehicle.

I'm unable to load extra ammo into the vehicle, they only put ammo in the magazine.

I'm guessing there's no way to just let pawns load any item into the vehicle (or just let the vehicle pick it up, so long as it's crewed, they already do this when forming caravans)? Would be useful for other things, carrying extra ammo for not only it's own weapon but passengers' weapons as well, medical supplies, etc.

 on: Today at 02:06:46 PM 
Started by Sneeze - Last post by Sneeze
Hello !

this is my first message on this forum, and before all : sorry for my approximative english !

I play Rimworld with many mods, tried some play styles... but i never use the belts. I think it is too restrictive, not many uses. Dont seem OP to me.

Can't we imagine more belts, but for other uses ?

For example, a "tool belt' wich grants a %speed for crafting, or construct....
A "leather belt" which grants a small amount of armor.... "iron belt" which grants more armor, but cost movement speed...
"carrying belt" which grants more transport capacity...
"cloth" or "muffalo" belt which grants very small thermal resistance....
"esthetic belt" ?
or even a MMA belt which grants a melee bonus ^^.

i think you understand my point of view. Belt is a common apparel for every day life. So it could be one in Rimworld too.
That seems reallistic, balanced, and vanilla friendly.

Is someone thinking it is a good idea ? And.... is someone able to create this kind of mod ? Something like "More Belts".

thanks all.

 on: Today at 01:19:33 PM 
Started by Aarch-Angel - Last post by Aarch-Angel
Good day folks,

First time posting here but I can not seem to fix my latest batch of errors. I have two problems really the first are some error codes on load that will not clear. The second is an error when trying to load any saved game. I have even started new games saved after my pawns just landed and it will not load again. Thoughts?

 on: Today at 12:56:31 PM 
Started by Penchekrak - Last post by PureBasic
Thats the best mod manager I have seen so far.

If I may, I have one big suggestion: Better mods sorting.
I would absolutely love to have a third list inside which I could create folders, and simply drag and drop mods inside a folders tree. The right-click change color is a great feature and I can accomplish more or less the same tasks, but it is tedious, making point and click a lot (5x point and click to change a color + need focus to not lose the selection).
A drag and drop would require only one click and point. Ability to filter out mods that are already in a folder to avoid repeating. The folder have a name, so you don't need to remeber what color is for what. Also, after sorting in folders, having a simple checkbox to add and remove them from the modlist.
Here are some of the folder I would create with such a tool:

Code: [Select]
+ Core
|    |-(core, hugslib, rimmsloadup, modmanager)
+ Graphics
|    |-(hd pawn, greenworld etc)
+ Quality of life
|    + QoL GUI
|    |     |-(fluffy tabs, numbers...)
|    |
|    + QoL AI Commands
|    |     |-(Achtung!, better anws control, hunt for me...)
|    |
|    + QoL Extension
|    |     |-(colony manager, extended roofs...)
+ Gameplay Extension
|        -(Hospitality, Combat Extended, Real ruins...)
+ Assets

Then I can have more specific folders:
+ Combat extended related mods
|    |-Combat Extended
|    |+extensions + patches
|    |    |-mod1
|    |    |-mod2
+ Rimsenal
+ Fluffy GUIs...
Don't know how much work would be required to do this, it depends on your code base, but if you want I can take some times to help doing this. You already have the best mod manager for rimworld.

The aim for such a tool is really to be able to create bricks out of mods and be able to simply add and remove them from the modlist, creating really quickly and easily new game experiences.

 on: Today at 12:09:24 PM 
Started by sudo - Last post by sudo
So I have been working on a custom race mod using alien framework. I was able to successfully create a race and everything was working fine until i decided rather than using the default body textures, I would use custom ones. Now the game generates the pawns as invisible. There is no pink box or dialog errors indicating a wrong texture path and when I use prepare carefully to generate the pawn instead of letting the game do it, the pawns generate with the right custom textures. I also have separate races that work correctly using custom head textures, it just seems like this particular race wont generate properly. Any insight on how to fix this or what exactly would be bugged?

 on: Today at 12:08:12 PM 
Started by Aronia - Last post by SpaceDorf
I had the same problem with the WorldUI , maybe you even stumbled upon my thread.
Can you return to your colony when clicking onto Pawns in the colony ?

I caused this problem myself though, by editing my savegame without backup and had a vastly different modlist than you and the problems did not occur in earlier savegames.

Sadly I found no solution for my save and had to start over.

A Notable content changing overlap in your modlist and mine are :

RimOverhaul ( though I use the without gas variant )
MiscCore and Robots,
and Instead of VG i use MoreVanillaCooking

I know there is an issue with Save Our Ship 2 and GiddyUp, maybe Boats causes something similiar.

 on: Today at 11:51:33 AM 
Started by kronkdark - Last post by SpaceDorf
I have similiar problems.

Sadly it is not a single mod or bug you I can blame for it.
When this happens to me it is a mixture of to many mods, to much items loaded/loadable into the caravan and my somewhat dated CPU.
Those expanded farming, food and uninstall everything mods really bloat the caravan menu.
( Not to mention using a Caravan Weight Improvement mod on a Brachiosaurus. 10 tons of cargo are just my kind of !!FUN!! ;D )

In my experience the hangup is caused by the supply/disctance/time - calculation of the caravan, which is executed everytime something is loaded onto the caravan.

My workarounds so far are : Load Supplies and other Food Items last ( subverted by pawns carrying meals, which factor into the calculation )
Create Multiple Caravans and merge them on the world map.
Use RuntimeGC to clean up the games memory before creating a caravan.

Don't use Caravans use some expanded DropPod Mod, still gotta load food last.

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