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  • July 25, 2021, 05:39:31 PM
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 on: Today at 05:39:14 PM 
Started by samofbia - Last post by samofbia
I have a colony that follows the tree worshipping meme.  I had 2 dryad trees going with one person managing both trees (they have a very high plant skill and are the plant specialist boosted role from the ideology).  Both trees were making gaumaker dryads and were set to 80% in order to keep producing a dryad while the other 3 were making a pod.  Eventually both trees thought they had more dryads than they did. One tree would state they had both Gaumaker dyrad 1 (capital) and guamaker dryad 1 (non-cap) but would only have one or the other.  One tree had an active pod that only accepted 2 dryads, 1 dryad would wander around, and 1 dryad did not exist.  The other tree did not have an un-filled pod but did state it had 1 more dryad that it currently did. I attempted to fix this by dev-mode deleting the pod, but the tree still said it had 4 dryads (only 1 of which existed now). I had deleted the trees (and give myself new ones) to see if I could fix it that way and am in permadeath mode so the save file is not currently showing the bug. Link to save file:

Steps to replicate: Have multiple Guaranlan trees being managed by 1 person, 80% connection in order to have 4 dryads being produced, have them set to Gaumaker dryad caste.  Eventually it will just think it has more than it does.

 on: Today at 05:38:51 PM 
Started by Prototype - Last post by zgrssd
Shape of Freedom is a semi-randomized name for a special building according to your ideology.  Probably somekind of altar.

Go in your architect menu, then under Misc, you should be able to find it.
With the picture I concur. Sounds like "we are big enough, give us a Altar already".
And the name does sound like something you would get from Individuality Meme.

 on: Today at 05:36:03 PM 
Started by Imca - Last post by zgrssd
Is the Hairstyle mod before or after core?

If it is before, issues are to be expected.
If it is after, the stuff should be appended at the end.

After core, it gets appended twords the middle and pushes other mod stuff down, which is especialy problematic for some of the alien mods who have hair tied to unique racial features.
Why not put them at the end, after all mod specific styles have been added? The list is build by the mods, in mod-order.
That should in theory avoid the issue. And is exactly why the mod order is a thing in the first place.

 on: Today at 05:33:00 PM 
Started by zgrssd - Last post by zgrssd
The following steps to reproduce:
- select a tile
- select a custom Ideologion
- select the memes
- on the page where you select precepts, hit back until you are returned to the world map

When selecting a tile, you are no longer given the option to create a custom ideoligion. You can only select already existing ones and adapte the precepts.

 on: Today at 05:30:29 PM 
Started by Prototype - Last post by Mirador
Shape of Freedom is a semi-randomized name for a special building according to your ideology.  Probably somekind of altar.

Go in your architect menu, then under Misc, you should be able to find it.

 on: Today at 05:28:06 PM 
Started by zgrssd - Last post by zgrssd
I think we all have our view of memes. This is how I see Memes and Precepts.

Animal Personhood/Rancher
These unfortunately have one huge penalty - they can not use pemmican.
Pemmican requires plants and meat. And it is the only long lasting food that tribals without refridgerators can get.
Some replacements food product - preserved food/vegetation? - would go a long way to fix that issue.

Specific issues:
Animal Personhood seems to suffer from a Vegan/Vegetarian mixup.
While ranchers inability to even grow human food crops should lock out stuff like Fungus, which has a lot of uses besides

Pain is virtue/Pain Idealized
This basically has no downside. Comfort will not be a thing you can afford early game and flipping the pain effect is downright broken.

At first I thought it was powerfull, but I quickly realized the Indoors bar is way to sensitive. We will spend a lot of time outdoors, farming or hunting.
I actually need a specific hex to even have a chance to meet the requirements.
It takes forever to mine into the mountain or even do stonecutting, at the same time we only have to do it rarely:
The mining specialist is only rarely usefull - namely when digging somewhere new. The rest of the time he is realy just someone that lost most crafting type skills.
Maybe you could rework it to a "Stoneformer", that also gains some bonus to Stonecutting job? Or reduce the lockouts a bit, to account for it not being usefull a lot of the time?

Tree connection
Aside from the implementation issue with not having my pawns cut trees automagically, there is a lot of substantial issues with that:
- the lack of wood for burning can be somewhat offset by Fibrecorn. But the lack of wood building material is a huge issue. You do not get any skill in stonecutting or construction to offset it.
- the tree clearing might be the worst issue. A single tree does not block 1 tile - it blocks a 3x3 area for many things. Especially farming and roofs
- there is no way to only cut grasses, but leaving the trees alone.

- give us Pen level cutting controls for all fields. Ideally with a master/default setting.
- a much increased Fibrecorn yield would be very helpfull. Remember that FC is the only reliable source of wood for Tree Conneciton. And they should like wood as building material.
- maybe Tree connection could get to ignore the tree clearing for most purposes? They could plant diectly around the tree with no side effect, for example.
- maybe a work intensive way to move trees? That way a poorly placed tree can be relocated safely to where it does not hurt.
- instead of giving them more wood production, how about another way to build instead? Dwarf Fortress has the "grown" wood, which is shaped to grow into useable form and then be shed. Effectively making "Kosher Wood".
Humanity is already mastering a non-magic/sci-fi version of this. In a time of psionic trees and animals we can milk for rocket fuel, it would be childs play. Game wise we would plant the walls using a Grower. And then they would grow into full walls after a few days.

My main issue is that most headgear for some reason is classed as "nudists hate it". This should be drastically reduced, especially for items unlocked by another meme.
Of course the biggest issue after that is the total lack of armor and thermal protection. There should be some way to ease this. Maybe some sort of mago-technical paste they can apply to increase their temperature resistance and give themself some armor? Humans got a lot of skin and nudists should have realy good skincare products.

The bonuses are only useable for Psionics. While the penalties affect everyone.
And I am not sure what the Blindfold does.

Cannibal/Canibal: Don't care
Why would I ever set my colony below "Don't care" on the Cannibalism setting? It unlocks a whole additiona food source for no penalty.
However the Cannibal feast is too hard to pull off, with the price for Cannibal Platers. 200 Human meat is a lot in the early game, especially if you also need to eat meat regulary. Meanwhile it becomes trivial later.
Maybe you could add smaler platers and have them work like Ritual Seats? One plater is required, but more aid the Quality.

Flesh Purity
Not being able to use Cybernetics at all is a huge penalty. But they add Biosculpting, Drug use and even Scarrification to the list.
You basically have to run it with "Pain is Virtue" or the inevitable scars will cripple your colony. Nevermind limb loss!
And it does not offer any bonuses for it that I can see.

The following precepts are non-brainers, as they lack any visible downside and do not need any meme to pick:
- Execution: Don't Care
- Slavery, Organ Use, Cannibalism: Acceptable
- Insect Meat: Loved
- Skullspike: Desired (to easy to get skulls)

The incentive to pick items is very low. The possible upside is a mood buff. The guaranteed downside is a mood penalty if you wear anything else, especially armor.
I just intentionally empty the clothing requirements. I see no reason for it.

I see no reason to ever pick a Fixed Date Ritual and we can always swap between the two.
I think the fixed date ones should get a buff:
- Stronger Additional Rewards
- Flat increased success chance, as people can prepare for it (or manage their expectations based on the year thus far) - thus resulting in a better perceived festival
- maybe 1-2 fixed date ones could be required? While I would prefer a incentive, that could also aid them being useable.

 on: Today at 05:25:16 PM 
Started by vovik - Last post by vovik
26/07/2021 update
-update to 1.3
-fixed royalty apparel tags
-fixed quarry resources selection
-fixed scrolls
-fixed airlock overheating
-added combat extended compatibility 1.3 (1.2 too but untested)
-mics item fixes
-fixed refuel hopper not being able to be placed properly
-added compat to 1.3 buildings

 on: Today at 05:22:42 PM 
Started by Zalzany - Last post by Zalzany
So they been failing to communicate at all, locking threads with zero notice. And when I debated with one about an unfair warning by some is reporting my posts just to spite me. I instead get a one day ban because they reported another of my posts, and I was sighted as being hostile to the mods and other players.

Like person didn't even care was rude, crass, just didn't care and knew there was no one to regulate them and since they refuse to post anything nothing to report. Like are we that desprate for mods we just give power to anyone, and let them go hog wild?

I hate mods like this I been a volunteer mod its when you suppose to at least pretend to be polite this one was just rude as hell. I mean been a member for 5 years on steam never got into any kind of trouble this rude person shows up and decides to they don't like my attitude and start throwing their weight around at me. Now I can't even make helpfull posts becuase I pointed out some one who was spaming their mod to add saves and load button to idiology it was already in game now. That was my rude comment that was labeled as me "Being argumentative and hostile towards other users and moderation staff" according to this mod I never seen post on the forum once.

 on: Today at 05:19:17 PM 
Started by Prototype - Last post by Canute
Did you look at the picture you took ?
It is a room 25x25 all floored ...

 on: Today at 05:09:39 PM 
Started by Imca - Last post by Imca
Is the Hairstyle mod before or after core?

If it is before, issues are to be expected.
If it is after, the stuff should be appended at the end.

After core, it gets appended twords the middle and pushes other mod stuff down, which is especialy problematic for some of the alien mods who have hair tied to unique racial features.

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