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  • March 05, 2021, 07:56:38 AM
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 on: Today at 06:56:17 AM 
Started by bozdogan080 - Last post by Hilvon1984
Well... First problem I see with this mod is the requirement for several people to restrain the patien.
Rimworld Job system is not really well designed around the idea or requiring several people to perform 1 job.

Also even if the patient is restrained, but not uncouncious it is kind of hard to extract an argan intact.
And you can always think that when you operate your prisoners to extract organs, the medicine is used to preserve organs after they are extracted, and not to aleviate prisoner's pain.

I want a mod that allows you to ude drug lab (or cooking station) to distill beer into booze, which is both higly addictive recreation drink, and a weak medicine. So you can anestesize your patients and disinfect wounds with booze. And then drink the rest either to celebrate success or to mour the loss.

 on: Today at 06:46:59 AM 
Started by disputes123 - Last post by Hilvon1984
Did you set the prisoner interaction to "Force to work" or "Work and Recruit"?
Have you checked that cleanin job is actually allowed for prisoners?

 on: Today at 06:45:16 AM 
Started by StlyAu - Last post by Hilvon1984
This is amusing, but not a critical issue IMO.
I tend to forbid one of the outer wall during construction anyway, so pawns don't try to roof over the monument (slowing down interior construction based on darkness debuff) before it is almost ready.

And after all maybe this is just the way the person who wants the monument sees it.

 on: Today at 05:43:37 AM 
Started by Spunkmeyer - Last post by Hilvon1984
I had a similar episode once.
The bestower that arrived to me had bad back, Fraility and Asthma (had catacachts too, but those do not empede movement).
It took him a long time to crawl into my throne room. Then after the ceremony on his way back he fell uncouncious of exhaustion, so I had to carry him to the departing shuttle.

And he dropped his staff and 5 neuroformers on the ground, which I, after some temptations, just deleted via devmode.

 on: Today at 05:30:05 AM 
Started by sadpickle - Last post by Hilvon1984
Having 10+ skill on your cooks is good, but if a cook is missing an arm or an eye, it might not be enough to avoid food poisoning.

And then there is a wierd game mechanic thatcounts food poisoning on "per stack" basis. So if you had 9 meals that were totally safe, and them a guest you had in your colony temporarily, decided to use his grand skill of 2 to cook 1 meal and botched, you suddenly have 10 meals each with a chance of food poisoning.

 on: Today at 05:25:47 AM 
Started by Bigdestyn - Last post by Hilvon1984
Maybe you should lower the difficulty?

Or turn your own colonists into a bunch of gun-wielding retards and show those pirates who's the boss

 on: Today at 05:23:17 AM 
Started by Patriotic Frog - Last post by Hilvon1984
If you play in temperate forest (as any new Rimworlder should) you should have some harvestable wild healroot. It should give you some medicine to use for tending **nonlethal wounds**. In assign tab, switch all colonists to only use herbal medicine or worse, so they don't spend industrial medpacks on bruises and minor bleeds. This way when you actually need to tend serious wounds fast - you still have some good meds.

Secondly - poor tend quality is not something that usually kills a colonist during infection. The most usual culprit is... hunger. If your colonist is not well fed, his immunity gain speed is cut by a third and even with decent tend quality, might not be enough to outpace infection with this handicap.
And of course, people with infections should only be resting in bed. Not on the sleeping spot, but in actual bed (gives +10% to immunity gain speed) or at least a bedroll (+5%)

And if you absolutely want to get as much of a tend quality as possible - make sure the medical room is clean, and spot where doctor stands is lit (at least 50% light) so you don't get unnecesary handicaps.

Now for general advice:
Plant rice as soon as possible. My usual play is to make 1 growing area of about 30 tiles and plant it with rice. Then when the first area is completed, make a second similar sized area, again - with rice. When the first one is ready, replant it with corn. And once you get the first corn harves, replant the other one with corn too.
Don't rely on hunting too much. Yes, you do need meat to make something other that simple meals, but hunting tends to put your colonists into exposed positions like you described, when a raid or manhunters can catch them out of position.

 on: Today at 03:55:12 AM 
Started by Aant - Last post by Kaiser09
Hi, I may have not understood very well how this mod works but, does it allow me to play with a friend (in two separate and independent settlements) on the same world or will we find other players as well?

I just would like to play with another person as if we were in a LAN.

I know Zetrith mod, it works well, but playing on separate settlements is a definitely another thing :)

 on: Today at 03:30:14 AM 
Started by Penchekrak - Last post by ruPal
Rimworld 1.1.2654 for mods I don't want to pay without.
So you pirated the game and discuss that on official forum? That is not smth that you should be proud off. If you do such things, I doubt you will support RimPy development also (that is not about donations, but testing, feedback, bug reports, etc. also). And if so, what is the reason to spend time on fixing things. Think about that.
For GOG users I would suggest to delete RimPy config folder:
%USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\RimPy Mod Manager
and retry.
The log file inside Logs folder. It is called rimpy.log. Debug.log is special log file for embedded browser and will not contain needed data.
If there is no helpful data, I guess that is broken pirated game itself.

 on: Today at 02:55:55 AM 
Started by Chicken Plucker - Last post by Canute
I just try to remeber what MMORPG got the /pizza command, which redirect you to Pizza delivery. :-)

Couldn't find Peter Parker's exact helmet model
No spiderman delivery service ?
Since Peter is allways broken (before he got sponsored by Stark), Spidy courier service could be the fastest in the town.

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