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  • October 16, 2019, 03:14:39 PM
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 on: Today at 02:05:34 PM 
Started by LimeTreeSnake - Last post by LimeTreeSnake
-Added race restrictions for tenancy in mod settings.
-Removed medical restriction for tenants.
-New tenant restriction for medical, if it has the isViolation tag set to true then angry tenant.
   Example of vanilla violation is Euthanize.
   Thus if you find any mods that add an operation that should be considered a violation but works on tenants...
   Pester the modder to set it properly.
-Altered generation code to fit the new race restriction options.
-Altered the message for fugitive tenants to avoid mixing them with regular tenants.
-Added a check for wanted tenants to make sure their enemies can raid.

 on: Today at 01:37:07 PM 
Started by TomaszA2 - Last post by TomaszA2
Code: [Select]
public static void changeAttack(int test = 5)
DamageMultiplier mult = new DamageMultiplier();
DamageDef damagdef = new DamageDef();
damagdef.workerClass = typeof(DamageWorker); //it probably does nothing
mult.multiplier = 999.2f;
mult.damageDef = damagdef;
this.damageMultipliers.Add(mult); // there is described problem
Log.Error("testtttttttttttttttttttttttt", false);
That's one of my test methods. (inside of class with : ThingDef)
My sharpdevelop is displaying that ,,this." can be removed safely (it somehow blocks the compilation) but when I do this it need some kind of object reference.(,,this."?)

ThingDef.damageMultipliers.Add(damageMultiplier item)
damageMultipliers is ,,List<DamageMultiplier>"

The reason I posted it there is that I have no more ideas what could make it compilable. I'll post whole code if would be needed, for now I don't want to litter this thread with something that probably doesn't mean anything. (and usually it does mean nothing even after I post it when someone asked)

 on: Today at 12:06:30 PM 
Started by carlos11 - Last post by carlos11
Hi, to start off I want to clarify I am looking for a mod, I don't want to lower my difficulty as that affects other things, also thanks for your input in advance.

The problem I'm having is that I eventually start getting massive raids with 30 plus people coming to attack me at a time. It forces me to build a killbox, takes a long time to clean up, and is this games version of a bullet sponge boss. It doesn't make it any harder no matter how many peo0le come at me, it just takes so much longer to finish the fight.

I am looking for a mod that reduces the number of raiders but possibly equips them better, gives them better stats, or something else (I'm sure there are a million ways to make raids harder without just throwing more meat at me). That way it's not like I'm just having an easier time but it allows me the freedom to not draft my colonists for 3 days straight/ build an easy killbox.

 on: Today at 12:04:27 PM 
Started by thedisaster - Last post by thedisaster
Hi everyone, so I've played Rimworld for some time now, got to the late game, launched colonist 2 times already, but all was a great suffering, mainly after the bunch of raids on ship launching update. I see prints of colonies here on the reddit where all the pawns are full Marine Armor, how do you guys get to this point? I can fairly easy achieve auto a state where I just have to fight raids and natural/enviroment encounters.

 on: Today at 11:34:01 AM 
Started by Semo - Last post by zymex
Need help for load order, when i first download it have many item in it, but still missing some, and the tags look messy.

I tried to follow the load order like written from Overhual, it look cleaner but many item weren't shown.
Like rugs, table decos, tree, and some stuffs that said in the description but never shown, also, some that displayed but inactive, like kitchen sink, window/vent wall.

The log was just too large i can't attach it, if you need i will upload to somewhere.

hello first of please install Fluffys mod manager... that one will tell you recomended mod order AND tell you NOT to have both gloomy vanilla and gloomy vanilla overhaul.... =) use only overhaul.
its same mod just an old version

also maybe move medicaddons and more linkables over gloomy vanilla overhaul =)

 on: Today at 11:08:34 AM 
Started by GHXX - Last post by Bradley_
So i've been playing with this mod for a while, and only now noticed, that the mod works fine when tech advancing from tribal. You get increased costs on higher tech levels, until you research your current level, and so on. However, when i get to industrial level (or if i have it at the start), ALL costs are x1. I mean, i don't have the increase on spacer technologies,
and i don't have those costs reduce, when industrial technologies are all complete. Same with ultra techs. I don't believe this is intended behavior, but even if it is, is it optional somehow?

 on: Today at 08:59:13 AM 
Started by mr_teterew - Last post by SuicidalKid
So I went to some pristine ruins by drop pod and plopped down a couple bedrolls to stay a while. In the area were a couple of NPCs from an allied faction. After a short while, I got the message that they decided to steal what they could and flee. I thought "dang, they're gonna steal all my loot laying around!", but in reality they started stealing my bedrolls! I don't think that allied pawns on the map should be triggered to steal from an allied faction. Is there anything that can be done to prevent this from happening in the future? The only option I had to stop them was to fire at them, and only killing 2 out of the 3 thieves instantly dropped my relations from +90 to -15. Maybe disallow friendly pawns from spawning?

 on: Today at 08:58:46 AM 
Started by GamerGuy - Last post by InterstellarOrbit
If you break a bone do you have 207 bones?

 on: Today at 07:37:08 AM 
Started by Torann - Last post by CYFire
Hi there I am new to this forum and Rimworld in general, now playing for some weeks.
I love this mod and am thankfull for the work you have been (and still are) putting in.

Now I'd like to ask: is it possible to buff the Ranger class or better said their "Bond animal" skill? It occurs to me as a quite inferior spell. Once you have used it, you are reluctant to use it again for not loosing your pet. Once tamed a thrumbo, you'll never touch that switch again and your Ranger is left with low stamina and just one regular spell causing slow leveling.

I thought of a way to make the spell reusable and came up with 2 methods:

1) make it like Necromancers "Raise undead" and simply add new pets instead of limiting it to one. This can be balanced with fairly long cooldowns, but being honest undead pawns are more OP than the same amount of (non-legendary) animals, since they can fight, haul, craft... Maybe the bigger ones (thrumbo, gallatross etc.) need more stamina to sustain, and running out of stam gives the risk of your bonded animals to wander into wildness (disappear) or worse going manhunt. Of course you would need a method to quickly refill Stamina, maybe a "Fighter skill: meditate" and/or make recreational drugs (beer, mead, smokeleaf) adding Stamina to fighter classes.

2) Give a chance to "after tame" the bonded animal so one day you can release the bond without sending the animal off. This way you use the skill to overcome high wildness and manhunter chances in taming and can use all trainable animal skills at once + the bonds buff. Then your pawns regularly train the animal in tameness, obedience etc. and once they fulfilled a training, the forced checkmark from the skill turns into a regular trained green checkmark. So after you reached tameness on your Thrumbo, you can release Animal bond, keep your pet and use the skill on the next hard to tame target.

A hybrid of both methods and maybe easier to implement(?) might be a timer on the bonded animal that automatically sets the "tamed" status after a specific time. Maybe use the illness function for a processing headiff, and on 100% the animal is "feeling at home" in your colony and won't leave you even after releasing the bond.

On another note, I also like the bladedancer and love "Phasestrike" for both fighting and raising my economy, similar to "blink". Sometimes, my pawns tend to forget what they were doing while phasing/blinking. One time Pawn tried to refill (Dub's Bad Hygiene) the bathtub and always phased while hauling the water, loosing the water while doing so. Then they ran back to the well, Phased again to the tub and on and on and on... funny.

As the Bladedancer needs a melee weapon to use their skills, I loaded some weapon mod providing a "gunblade" which should serve as both range and melee, but unfortunately it doesn't work. Still need to equip the gladius to use the skills. (Simple sidearms and Dual Wield) Any method for me to add Gunblade to allowed weapons for fighter Skills?

Thank you.

 on: Today at 07:33:34 AM 
Started by DrCarl - Last post by makute
I'm also interested to know if this will stack with Spotted.
My guess is that they are mutually excluyent. My question was aimed to as if the player will benefit from having several towers at once, maybe increasing the chances to identify the incoming menace.

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