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 on: April 13, 2021, 06:43:16 AM 
Started by Rafael_3D - Last post by RawCode
clean game, means "no mods", you have more then 10.

remove all mods and try activating them one at time.

 on: April 13, 2021, 02:53:54 AM 
Started by tmo97 - Last post by KillTyrant
Ive been inactive for number of years now. This post actually made me login. I went through and read through the post you complained about. While Granite' first comment can definitely be read as flippant and curt, They did provide valid criticism of your post and you became increasingly  belligerent and hostile. Granite' point was that you wanted something to change without providing a viable solution. I dont know what drove you to make a post complaining about another post that happened 2 years ago esp when you have no leg to stand on because your behavior warranted a temp ban and the mod in no way went "down to your level". You got banned, 2 people ribbed a bit about it and moved on. Why havent you moved on?

*sees a image in link*

hahaha wait, are you complaining about something else here? I had to go back on your past posts to see what I thought you were talking about. The one where you were complaining about the melee system and it being cheese but you actually were talking about another instance altogether and it seems like its a repeat of same issue. I think you perform some crazy mental gymnastics that allow you to think that you are somehow in the right here. Youve broken some rules in this forum and your argument is that because you think you got treated poorly in the process that you have argument?

either way, I hope that in these past 4-6 months that youve learned to have some introspection and to take personal responsibility for the consequences of your actions.

 on: April 13, 2021, 01:09:20 AM 
Started by tmo97 - Last post by jjjnordis99
Hopefully, things will mostly be back to normal by then, and we’ll be able to make up for lost time and truly appreciate the best season of the year.

 on: April 12, 2021, 11:10:42 PM 
Started by Rettsu - Last post by Rettsu
Part 7. The agony of choice.

I woke up a few hours later. The Sigma indicated that it was still two hours before midnight. I slowly got out of bed - my right shoulder still hurt, but much less. Still, the rapid passage of time has its advantages. After drinking the filtered water, I lay down again and tried to sleep. But the dream did not go.

"Hey, Link" - I said quietly - "What do you think... What Agatha said... About the experiment with soldiers, the ruined city, mechanoids ... Do you think it's true?"
"Who knows, buddy" - Link blinked a green light - "The truth is somewhere nearby."
"But she mentioned some guys from Tererlior" - I tried to get comfortable in bed - "Maybe it's some local gang of criminals?"
"If so, then we better be on the alert" - said Link - "Perhaps these guys will worry that Agatha has been gone for so long and they decide to visit us. This event is unlikely, but it is also worth considering."
"Yes, you are probably right..." - I yawned and continued - "Do you know what else bothers me?"
"When I fought with Agatha... I used to have sparring when I worked for a dictator of one middle world. Several groups of mercenaries worked for him, and some of the guys taught me the art of close combat. But now... Now everything is different."
“You’ve never had to kill people before?” - Link asked quietly.
"Of course not." - I tried to remember all the cases in which I hurt someone - "There were broken faces, a couple of times broke someone's hand. Mostly in bars. You know, I like strong alcoholic drinks, although I don't touch them too often."
“And you almost broke me then, on Verona,” - Link said.
"Yes, then I went over a little... This is what I mean." - sleep gradually crept up to my mind, thoughts became all heavier and heavier - "When I beat her, I felt some kind of pleasant rage. I do not know how to explain. Like, somewhere deep inside, I really wanted to kill her. And now I do not feel regret that her corpse is lying there on the ground. Is it normal?" - I asked, looking at the Sigma's titanium hull.
“Every normal person is actually only partially normal,” - Link replied.
"Hmm, a very deep thought. Wait..." - I yawned again - "It's not you invented, right?"
"Of course not, it was Sigmund Freud" - Link blinked green light again.
"I see" - I said, falling asleep - "So, he was not normal too"

The next day I lay in bed and waited for the bruises and abrasions to heal by themselves. I only got up to eat and drink water. By evening, the wounds were completely healed, and I was on full alert. After a quick bite of berries, I decided that it was better to carry a wooden club with me. With her, I looked more formidable. I also kept the trophy revolver with me - let it hang on my belt.

Coming out into the glade, I looked around. The earth had completely dried up during my rest and nothing reminded me of the powerful downpour that hit our heads two days ago. The boar ran away somewhere - apparently, she had her own, boar business. I turned and saw the body of Agatha lying not far from the wall of the house. After standing for a while, I went into the depths of the forest. Finding a flat area, I began to dig a grave. In spite of everything, I still remained a man and believed that it was necessary to bury someone in the ground, and not leave him to be devoured by animals. Even if this person tried to kill me. Having dug a shallow grave, I went back to the house. Placing the woman's corpse on my back, I again made my way to the dug grave. I was not tormented by my conscience about all the actions I took. If I was given the opportunity to go back in time, I would kill her again. Having buried the corpse, I stood at the grave for a while and went back to the house. At that moment, the earth shook.

"What is this?" - I asked aloud - "Earthquake?"
“Doesn't sound like an earthquake,” - Link replied - "The sound came from the north. I think it's worth a look."
“You know, I don’t want to meet face to face with the next owner of the revolver. Or, even worse, with some kind of mechanoid, if they exist at all."
"We can go back to the house and pretend that we didn't hear anything" - Link vibrated with "Sigma" - "But if there is a problem there, it will not disappear if we just close our eyes to it."
"Okay, convinced" - I grumbled - "Let's see what crashed there."

For several minutes I walked carefully through the trees, clutching a club in my hand. Finally, the trees began to thin, and I saw an escape pod next to a small hill.

“Wow, escape pod,” - exclaimed Link, - “Usually, these can hold up to six people, plus some good cargo."
"Or dangerous" - I added.
“There could be anyone in this capsule,” - Link said thoughtfully. - "At least it didn't open right away. The mechanism may have jammed. Or, those who are inside, unconscious. We don't have to open it if you don’t want to."
"Well, no, since we came, it's worth a look" - I said, heading for the capsule - "If anything happened, I have a weighty argument in the form of a club."
"The revolver looks more weighty, in my opinion." - Link replied.

A small panel with several buttons was visible on the capsule. One of them glowed yellow. I have not seen such capsules before, but intuition told me that it is worth pressing the yellow button.

The capsule servos started to move. The metal panel slowly climbed up, but stopped half way. It looks like the mechanism was indeed defective. I bent down and tried to see what was inside. Suddenly, four small brown beetles appeared from the capsule, which immediately rushed in different directions. I bounced off the door and prepared to fend off a possible attack. But nobody attacked. After waiting a minute, I again approached the half-open panel of the capsule. Bending down, I went inside. The main lighting was off, and a lone emergency light illuminated the entire area. A woman was sitting in one of the seats - blood was flowing from her left hand and head, and she herself was unconscious and practically without clothes. A long rifle lay at her feet.
"What the devil!" - Link exclaimed excitedly - "Jack, look here! It's a jackpot!"
"Are you talking about a girl or a weapon?" - I asked, wondering whether to help the woman who fell from the sky, or leave her here to die.
"Of course about weapon!" - "Sigma" vibrated like an abnormal - "It's a Gauss rifle! By our standards, this is quite an antiques. Although, admittedly, it is still very effective."
"It's great, but..." - I pointed to the girl - "What to do with her?"

I moved closer so that Link could analyze the wounds of the capsule passenger.

“Bad news,” - Link replied. - "She has a gunshot wound to the head and a stab wound to her left arm. If we had medicine, she would have scrambled out. But in our current situation, there is practically no chance. Even if we can somehow stop the bleeding, sepsis may begin..."
"So that's how..." - I thought.
"You are not obliged to help everyone here" - reminded Link - "You have one task: survive and get out of this planet. And I don't think the locals can be trusted. Even if they came from space."

The emergency light dimmed. Was this a sign indicating that life is gradually leaving the body of this stranger? Should I save her? Or is her fate already a foregone conclusion, no matter what? I had to make a choice.

 on: April 12, 2021, 10:39:00 PM 
Started by Kiame - Last post by Kiame
Are you starting as a tribe or crash landing? Crash landing you're basically already at the top.

 on: April 12, 2021, 06:44:49 PM 
Started by Rettsu - Last post by Rettsu
Part 6. First battle.

Fourth day. And it seems as if we have been here for ages. It was necessary to resolve the issue of housing, since it is simply impossible to sleep together under the same roof: the door creaks, someone is constantly walking... The wild boar also comes inside. By the way, it turned out that this is a female boar.
The downpour still did not calm down. After breakfast, I set to work. First I made arrows for our future bows. Then I made one club from wood. Then I ran out of wood and decided I needed to cut more wood. Agatha went somewhere, but I did not attach any importance to this. Having cut down a couple of trunks, I went to the next tree. And at that moment I heard a quiet click behind my back.

- Better not move, buddy - a woman's voice was drowned out by a continuous stream of falling water - I didn't mean to kill you, but I have no choice.
- What? - I turned around and saw that Agatha was standing behind me, and her revolver was aimed at my back - You! I knew you shouldn't be trusted!
- You had no choice, - the woman replied angrily. - As you can see, I have a weighty argument.
- Damn, bad business, Jack! - Link blinked a red light.
- Let's do everything quickly, Jack - suggested Agatha, taking a step forward - you will not resist and calmly give your friend in a titanium case. And also your supplies of food and water.
- What do I get in return? - I asked. Of course, I was not going to give Link back.
- Like what? - Agatha was surprised - Fast and painless death. My revolver will help with this. As you can see, I have a very favorable exchange rate. For me, of course - The woman smiled at her own joke.
- It is, of course, great... - I began - But, we are connected with Link. It just can't be taken off your hand.
- Oh, I understand - Agatha took another step forward - Then you have to endure while I cut off your arm. However, you'd better be dead when that happens. This way you won't feel pain. The Tererlior guys will give me good money for your device.
- You know, I have a better plan! - I answered sharply and tensed.
- Really? What plan? - Agatha was surprised.
- Now you will find out! - I shouted, jumping to the side, hoping that the first bullet would not hit the vital organs.

A shot rang out. The bullet passed nearby and dug into the wet ground. I remembered that Agatha only had three rounds. Of course, she could have lied about their number. In my mind, I thanked the two ducks that attacked us the day before. Dodging ten bullets is much more difficult than three. There are two left.

Agatha began to back away, trying to get me on the fly. The rain poured down like a bucket, making it difficult to see. I grabbed a log lying on the ground and rushed to the traitor. At the last moment, I jumped to the side again. A shot rang out. The second bullet dug into the trunk of the tree. The last bullet remained.

Agatha tried to increase the distance between us, but she had to choose: either to back away and try to shoot me, or to run away at full speed, forgetting about shooting. She backed up to the corner of the house. There were a few meters to her. As if in slow motion, I saw Agatha raise her revolver. At such a distance, only the owner of incredible reflexes or super-powerful motor augmentations can dodge a bullet. At that moment, a wild boar came out from behind the house. The woman collided with the animal, the barrel of the revolver moved to the side. Shots rang out. Miss. At that moment I took her out.

The first blow hit her body. Immediately I saw a sharp thorn emerge from her left knee. I tried to block the blows of her knee to avoid bleeding. The fight was very hard - I would even say that in terms of close combat, she was in some ways superior to me. My blow passed by, but the woman hit me in the head with her fist. My head rang. The spike tried to plunge into my torso, but I partially blocked the blow. I carried out a series of blows, but I myself received several bruises in response. Another thorn hit the left hand. In response, I struck a powerful blow to the woman's head. Agatha collapsed to the ground.

I stood over the body of a woman who turned out to be a traitor. Sitting on the ground, I tried to catch my breath. Agatha's revolver was lying nearby on the ground. There was no use for him now. I looked at the body lying on the ground - I wanted to kick her one more time for all the deeds she had done.
- If you want to finish her, then it makes no sense - said Link - I don't see her breathing.
- Wait... - My thoughts were confused - Are you saying that she's dead?
- Most likely - there was no doubt in Link's voice - You can check her pulse if you want.
- No... - I sat on the ground and tried to realize the fact that for the first time in my life I killed a human. With my bare hands. Even in the fight for my life.
- Come on in the house, there is nothing to sit here on the ground and look at the corpse - said Link, after that "Sigma" vibrated on my left hand.
- Yes, yes... - I got up and dusted myself off. The body ached with pain. I haven't practiced close combat for a long time. Picking up the still warm revolver from the ground, I slowly wandered towards the house. Going inside, I threw the revolver into the corner of the room and sat down on the bed.
- So… - Link said. - You have a few bruises. Nothing serious, but try not to overwork yourself with physical work. The food and water supply will last for several days, so you can take a break.
- You forgot about the boar - I replied, lying on the bed - She's not a robot.
- As you can see, you are also not a man of steel - Link blinked green light - And to defeat you, kryptonite is not needed.
- Crypto...what? Again, some kind of reference to distant times? - I said, trying to sleep, not noticing the aching pain in my right shoulder.
- I will tell you. It was a great time. - Link said dreamily - I'll tell you when...

I didn’t hear the answer  - the dream completely overcame me.

 on: April 12, 2021, 06:01:20 PM 
Started by Tutankhamun - Last post by Tutankhamun
make sure the weapons you are trying to use have the weaponTag. weaponTag is not ecessarily equal to the weapon's name. For instance autopistol weapon tag is "SimpleGun". Something you can do is create your own weapon tag and put that tag in all the weapons you want your pawns to spawn with. Different weapons can have the same tag. You can put:
in all those wapons and then put the same tag in your pawns
That was the problem. I was using the gun name instead of the tags :-[. Thanks!

 on: April 12, 2021, 03:54:18 PM 
Started by Rafael_3D - Last post by Canute
Argh, why people allways copy&paste each message instead to post the whole logfile ?
Didn't you saw the green button "Share logs" at the bottom ?

xyz is missing packageId in About.xml!
That is an indicate that these mod is outdated. Even when you don't activate them, you should delete it from the mods folder.

For all other error's i suggest that you look first at the mods menu, look if there is any red thing and solve these conflicts (Mod sorting or add the missing mod).
I still think you miss the required mod for cooking expanded.

 on: April 12, 2021, 03:33:50 PM 
Started by Rafael_3D - Last post by Rafael_3D

 on: April 12, 2021, 12:42:52 PM 
Started by Rettsu - Last post by Rettsu
Part 5. Friend or foe?

The conversation over the fire continued until dawn. It turned out that Agatha was the product of a classified troop-rearing program on Torkularis. This is quite obvious: time goes faster here, so the soldiers grow faster. But that didn't really fit in with the planet being a prison for criminals. If secret experiments are being carried out here, and there are also mechanoids, the origin of which remained unknown, then... what other secrets can this planet hide? Agatha does not know who is responsible for this experiment - the laboratory was destroyed along with the city. She managed to escape, taking with her some supplies, an armored jacket and a revolver. The only thing she knew how to do was kill. And she had practically no information about this world.

Be that as it may, now there were two of us. I didn’t count Link as he didn’t need food or water. I built a second bed, a couple of chairs and a table so that we could eat properly, sit and think about our future. A torch at the door was responsible for lighting. Putting a second fire inside was unsafe and too wasteful in terms of resources. We decided to share responsibilities: Agatha is in charge of water and cleaning, I do the rest. Well, Link supports us with knowledge, advice and good mood. At lunchtime, another purple beetle came running to our meadow, led by the smell of berries - this time it was the size of a dog. Agatha pulled out her revolver and prepared to shoot the food thief. The beetle turned out to be very shy and immediately disappeared among the trees. I hope there are no bigger beetles here.

At night it started to rain and our fire, as expected, went out. I started a new fire next to the wall of the house and made a small shelter to keep out the rain. On the right side of the house, I cleared the area of ​​trees and stones in order to expand our cramped space - materials, water and food did not fit inside. At lunchtime I went to pick berries. Agatha was filtering the already boiled water over the fire. I think that now we will definitely not catch any infection from the water. Returning back, I heard a shot. Then another one. Throwing the berries, I ran to our hideout. The rain for the whole day turned into a downpour. A solid wall of water made it difficult to see anything. I saw Agatha shooting someone. Shot. Another shot. Then she turned and fired twice more. Then she hid the revolver and waved her hand at me. I went up to her.
- Hey! What happened? - I spoke as loudly as possible, trying to shout down the downpour.
- Wild animals. Birds. There. - Agatha answered and pointed to the side.
We came a little closer.
- Oh, so it's the drakes. - Link responded - apparently, they brought it from Earth during colonization. Look, one is still alive.
One of the drakes fluttered on the ground. His right paw was shot off, his torso was shattered by a revolving bullet. In his eyes, you could clearly read the rage.
- Where did you get it from? - Agatha asked.
- Oh, you don't know... This is a long story, and it is better not to tell it in the pouring rain. We'd better go inside. - Link blinked yellow.

We hurriedly entered the house. The water flowed from us in a stream.
- Why did these...drakes attack? Are they aggressive? - I asked Link.
- Actually, no, - Link said thoughtfully. - Drakes are aggressive only during the mating ritual towards females. But they don't attack people.
- I saw that they were running at me. - Agatha answered - I instinctively took out my weapon and started shooting.
- A real soldier - I muttered, trying to remember something... - Wait, you fired a revolver. How many rounds did you have?
- When did you come here? Ten - Agatha pulled out a revolver.
- And how many are left?
- Three... - Agatha counted the bullets - Yes, only three.
- So we spent more than half of our ammunition on two birds - summed up Link - It seems that our chances of surviving here are decreasing every day.
- Let's not rush to conclusions - I said to Link - We can make a weapon ourselves. I think that in a couple of days I will definitely succeed. As for those ducks... I think they can be butchered and cooked over a fire. What do you think?

Everyone liked the idea. I took the birds corpses inside the house and butchered them. Then I went for the remaining pieces of iron that I had found earlier. The day was approaching evening, and the downpour did not think to calm down. In addition, it was very hot outside - the temperature exceeded twenty-five degrees Celsius. I decided to sit around the fire for a while. At that moment, a new visitor came to our glade. It turned out to be a boar.

Agatha immediately took out her revolver and aimed at the animal.
- Stop! - I shouted to her - Don't shoot!
- Why? - Agatha shouted back - He looks more dangerous than those birds! He is our enemy!
- Let's first understand the situation - I said - Put the gun down.
Agatha hesitated. The animal stood peacefully in the pouring rain.
- You see, this boar does not attack - I said quickly - if he were as aggressive as those birds, he would have already smeared me on the wall of this house.
Agatha's revolver sank reluctantly.
- If something suddenly happens, - Agatha said, fastening the revolver to her belt, - Three bullets will be enough for me to kill him.
I took a deep breath. We managed to solve one problem. The second remained, weighing 70 kg and covered with elastic bristles.
- Okay, buddy - I said to the animal, slowly approaching him - Let's make friends. You want to make friends, right?
- Jack, what are you doing? - the light on the "Sigma" case blinked red - Are you tired of living?
- Not at all, - I replied, approaching the boar. - It seems to me that he is not dangerous.
- The risk is not justified - the device vibrated on my hand - Agatha could have shot him, and we would have got a good piece of meat.
- And we would have been left without weapons - I answered - absolutely defenseless.
- But you said yourself that you can make a weapon, didn't you? - Link blinked green.
- Yes. But the bullets will also be useful to us, - I said, almost coming close to the boar.

The animal stood peacefully in the pouring rain and wagged its short tail. I sat down and slowly raised my hand above the boar's head, hoping that he would not regard this movement as a sign of aggression. Finally, my hand rested on the animal's head. I slowly stroked his head, scratched behind his ear - the animal grunted and buried its muzzle in me. Agatha stood under the canopy by the fire and calmly watched the whole scene.
- It looks like he also wants to join us, Link - I said, not taking my eyes off the boar - Do you think we will take him to our team?
- I don’t think we have a choice, - Link said. - At least we have a defender. And friend.

I spent the rest of the evening building a wall on the east side of the house. Then, I took apart the old wall, after which there was enough room inside for all our supplies. I fell asleep almost instantly. And the rain continued to erupt on us from heaven.

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