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  • January 19, 2021, 09:49:22 PM
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 on: January 18, 2021, 03:41:04 AM 
Started by weekendwarrior - Last post by weekendwarrior
When I hover the mouse pointer over the "Want dame-specific apparel" moodlet, the text suggests Formal shirt, which is a piece of male apparel and the dame would get upset if she wore it. It should probably suggest a Corset instead.

 on: January 18, 2021, 03:35:50 AM 
Started by weekendwarrior - Last post by weekendwarrior
There used to be an animal "skill" called Obedience. It's now called Guard. If it was called Obedience again, it would make a great base skill for implementing something like "don't run away from me when I'm trying to train you" or "I'm assigning you this animal bed" or "Guard me". Please, consider adding something like that. At least for the training part. Retraining haulers can get annoying at times.

 on: January 18, 2021, 03:31:24 AM 
Started by weekendwarrior - Last post by weekendwarrior
Fueled stove will run out of fuel during cooking. It's quite annoying when a stove stops working on the very last tick before something like bulk pemmican, which takes a long time to finish, is finished.

Please, consider adding a tiny bit of logic that would check if there's enough fuel for the upcoming bill and if not, simply refuel the stove.

 on: January 17, 2021, 08:35:57 PM 
Started by Sladki - Last post by Sladki
Not sure if the mod is still maintained but it seems it stopped working in 1.2, really need this mod, hope it can be updated!
I'll try to update this week.

 on: January 17, 2021, 08:34:48 PM 
Started by adwarfnamedduck - Last post by adwarfnamedduck
Well that is off-putting. Guess I'll learn the languages first and figure it out myself, I'm probably just asking because I'm looking for reassurance that this kind of thing would be easily doable coming from zero, which I know it is not.

"Tech gates" could be totally justifiable. In the example that you've presented, yes indeed it is stupid and silly. You may have missed my suggestion that traders of a more advanced era may rarely visit and trade for more advance tech is possible, so you can buy "shiny guns" but they will patronize and cheat you out of your goods because you are savages to be taken advantage of. Seems realistic to me.

 on: January 17, 2021, 08:10:15 PM 
Started by Tragix - Last post by Spa1ner
Yeah I know, for that reason I want to ask again, maybe it's not updated cause children and shool has the settings to disable all pregnancy system and birth. I think I was not an obvius question.

About the raids with many childs, is it frequental?


 on: January 17, 2021, 04:09:38 PM 
Started by ethouiche - Last post by ethouiche
    Lanius update:

  • Chromanders : Elemental reptiles made of metal, that trigger explosions when hurt. Butchered, they will give some metal depending on their nature. They have the colors of your modlist metals. Their elemental nature and current life stage will condition the nature of the explosion they trigger.
  • Quantic void observatory: Unlocks advanced lanius research projects. Up to 3 of them can be connected to a high its speed.
  • Void grenades : Come with an implosion that will suck pawns in range towards its center. Dissipate smoke gas, extinguish fires and inflict asphyxia.
  • Polarising grenades : Polarized pawns deal more damage to inverted polarized pawns, but less to same kind. Random chance to stun victims in range. Generate a projectile blocking field. Triggers explosive projectiles.
  • Heatshock grenades : Lead to an explosion that pushes away pawns in range. Trigger fires, cause burns, inflict heatstrokes.
  • Freezing gas grenades : Freezing gas will slow down pawns that cross it up. Explosion inflicts Hypothermia, generates snow and occasionaly creates ice walls that can be mined for ice blocks and will transform into freezing gas.
  • Gravity well grenades : Deal damage over time. Pulls victims towards its center, Decomposes buildings, plants, corpses to their raw components.
  • All the grenades have their mortar shells and ied traps counterparts.
  • Bionic lanius lungs : Allow any pawn to drain oxygen and survive oxygen lack; they are more powerful when the pawn is a genuine Lanius, but any race can now suffocate their room hosts.
  • Power breath mask. Power armor helmet that gives the same advantage as the regular breath mask : immunity to oxygen deprivation.
  • Aloemuffin : Made of out aloenius - grants temporary immunity to oxygen deprivation, boosts system immunity and cooking quality at some sociability cost
  • Ice cream : Delicacies that come in 4 flavours. Will lower heatstroke levels and occasionnaly brain freeze its consumer.

2 new resources used for lanius technologies completion:
  • Ice cubes, gathered from an ice wall which appear when an ice chromander triggers its explosion(also from freezing gas grenades).
  • Void oil, gathered upon chromander butchery or by smelting lanius lungs
  • 18 lanius themed sculptures
  • Thoughts and motes when victims get asphyxia impacted or survive it.Flee behavior when asphyxia victims determine potentially lethal situation and for victim allies in range. They will also try to eat aloemuffin if they have some in their inventory.
  • Changed the draining value to match the number of oxygen draining lungs
  • New research items to match the available technologies
  • Crystals are now 50% less vulnerable to asphyxia than regular races.
Visuals Update:
  • Head and body textures, normalized male body to fit vanilla apparels, new thin and hulk bodies
  • Breathing masks textures
  • Settlement and faction icons
  • Regular and bionic lanius lungs.
  • Aloenius plants
  • Lanius eyes are now bodyAddons, allowing variations for bionic or archotech eyes, missing or when the lanius is sleeping.
  • Made lanius oxygen depriving capacity tweakable for other modders : Any race can be invulnerable or less vulnerable to oxygen deprivation. Hediffs or apparels can also be added through a patch.
  • Compatibility with Save our ship 2 : Lanius are now immune to space void decompression/space void; SOS2 apparels that protect from space void also prevent asphyxia effects.
  • Added translatable key strings to allow translation.


 on: January 17, 2021, 03:40:06 PM 
Started by Lunatico9 - Last post by Nephiro
Fatto, ho aggiunto la mia proposta di modifica e fatto la pull request, in effetti non ho i diritti di scrittura.
Dacci un'occhiata veloce e se va bene, carico altra roba che ho tradotto a casaccio :) per il momento.

Solo "cooldown" non sapevo come metterlo, l'ho lasciato "raffreddamento".
Ciao, grazie per la traduzione. Ho notato però che hai riscritto la parte inglese, che si trova in un commento. Affinché la traduzione abbia effetto, devi modificare il testo all'interno dei tag
Code: [Select]
<...>TestoDaTradurre</...> oppure
Code: [Select]
<...>TODO</...>Ho corretto alcune cose, ma complessivamente è perfetto. Per il "Cooldown" io lo lascerei cosi, visto che in italiano "raffreddamento di un abilità" non è molto bello.
Grazie e buona giornata

Potreste usare "ricarica", cooldown può essere tradotto in vari modi in base ai contesti, inoltre cooldown non è corretto in italiano

 on: January 17, 2021, 02:41:45 PM 
Started by Lunatico9 - Last post by Kaiser09
Quindi tra traduzione devo inserirla al posto della parola TODO?
Si esattamente, al posto di TODO ci andrà la traduzione, che in inglese è nella linea di codice precedente. Un esempio di traduzione:
Code: [Select]
<!-- EN: Quest completed: [resolvedQuest] -->
Code: [Select]
<!-- EN: Quest completed: [resolvedQuest] -->
<QuestCompleted.label>Missione completata: [resolvedQuest]</QuestCompleted.label>

Caricato Scripts_Decree.xml controlla che non abbia fatto un'altra cagata.

 on: January 17, 2021, 01:23:27 PM 
Started by SulFaX - Last post by SulFaX
Hey !
I've added some mods to Rimworld and had no problem till I noticed I couldn't drop arrows from my colonist (the one who took them all  >:()
He was able to shoot with a bow when drafted but couldn't hunt as Rimworld kept telling me "Hunter lacks ranged weapons" while he's carrying a bow & 100 arrows...  :o
Then I tried to craft more arrows in the crafting spot but I've not been able to find them. No blueprint is available for arrows.

Any idea of the problem and how to solve it? Thank you  :)

Here's my mods list, run in this order (not sure if it's good, please tell me ;D):
- Harmony
- Core
- Royalty
- HugsLib
- Combat Extended
- Dubs Mint Minimap
- Defensive Positions
- Down For Me
- Chicken Mitchell Hairstyles
- Blueprints
- Blood and stains
- Better Pawn Control
- Avoid Friendly Fire
- AnimalCollabProj
- A Dog Said... Animal Prosthetics
- DE Surgeries
- Vanilla Textures Expanded
- RimFridge
- Prison Labor
- Hunt for Me
- Follow Me
- Realistic Rooms
- Achtung!
- Expanded Incidents (Continued)
- Expanded Prosthetics & Organ Engineering
- EDB Prepare Carefully
- RimCuisine 2 Core
- CM Color Coded Mood Bar
- Complex Jobs
- Colony Manager
- Children, school and learning
- The Birds and the Bees
- Better Walls and Floors
- ED-Embrasures
- Dubs Break Mod
- Go Explore !
- No Random Construction Quality
- More Furniture
- More Faction Interaction
- Moloy Traits
- Misc. Training
- Mod Manager
- Mining Priority
- MendAndRecycle
- Medical Tab
- Mass Graves
- Harvest Organs Post Mortem
- Pawn Rules
- Pharmacist
- Prisoner Outfit
- Prosthetic Didgets (Continued)
- Psychology (unofficial)
- Quarry
- Real Ruins
- Realistic Darkness (Light)
- Realistic Planet (Fan Update)
- Relations Tab
- Replace Stuff
- Restraints
- RimHUD
- Rimsenal RimHair
- RunAndGun
- Set Up Camp
- Share The Load
- Simple sidearms
- Slave Outfits
- Snap Out!
- Therapy
- Thinner Conduits
- Common Sense
- Tribal Pawn Names (Continued)
- Ugh You Got Me
- Vanilla Animals Expanded - Cats & Dogs
- Vanilla Fishing Expanded
- Vanilla Furniture Expanded - Farming Module
- Vanilla Furniture Expanded - Medical Furniture
- Vanilla Furniture Expanded - Security Module
- Vanilla Furniture Expanded - Production Module
- VGP Vegetable Garden
- War Crimes Expanded 2 Core
- Work Tab
- Animal Tab
- Ceiling Lights
- Death Rattle Continued
- Fashion RIMsta
- Tribal Headgear Retexturing
- Pick Up And Haul
- Pigmy Muffalo
- ResearchPal
- Jobs of Opportunity
- Run And Hide (Continued)
- Seasonal Weather
- Smoked meat
- Tilled Soil
- VGP Garden Canning
- VGP Garden Drinks
- VGP Garden Dyes
- VGP Garden Fabrics Simplified
- VGP Garden Gourmet
- VGP Garden Medicine
- VGP Garden Resources
- VGP Garden Tools
- VGP More Veggies
- VGP Soylent Production
- VGP Three Sisters Plants
- VGP Xtra Trees and Flowers
- Allow Tool
- Search and Destroy
- Ceiling Light
- Stuffed Floors
- Animal Variety Coats
- Smart Speed
- Selling prisoners with no guilt
- Stackable Chunks
- Filth Vanishes With Rains and Time
- Hospitality

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