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  • April 14, 2021, 09:08:21 AM
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 on: April 12, 2021, 03:27:40 AM 
Started by julitoole - Last post by Canute
That your opinion.
I would say there is a bug at the iGPU video driver. Old driver works fine it is only the newer ones which cause the problem.

 on: April 12, 2021, 02:40:04 AM 
Started by julitoole - Last post by brownbreadjupiter
Regardless for a game like Rimworld I expect a large number of people will buy the game wanting to play on integrated graphics (Not to mention intel supposed dedicated gpu if it comes out). This effects not just old CPUs but the latest ones too.

If the game will not support intel iGPUs then the requirements on the store pages should really be updated to reflect this.

 on: April 12, 2021, 12:06:36 AM 
Started by dilshan456545 - Last post by wdb2021
I watched Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer), a very fun anime. My friends at school talk about anime all the time. You have to watch this anime and you will like it.

 on: April 11, 2021, 11:59:46 PM 
Started by mooguy - Last post by wdb2021
Updates are still available as usual. This update might be slower than the update. But not very long For quick updates You may have to check out the official page.

 on: April 11, 2021, 11:32:38 PM 
Started by Spino - Last post by darkewrathe
does anyone have a link to the a17 version as the current one linked here is dead

 on: April 11, 2021, 08:03:24 PM 
Started by Rettsu - Last post by Rettsu
Part 4. Coffee with iron flavor.

- So... - I said, as calmly as possible. I didn't want to get shot from a revolver on the second day of my prison leave. - I have no gold or expensive things. If you don't believe, you can go into the house and check it yourself.
- Actually, you have me - Link said, vibrating slightly with the Sigma, - And if the robber chooses between you and me, then the odds are clearly not in your favor.
- Listen, stall for even a minute - I hissed at the device, not taking my eyes off the woman.
- I don't need gold. And your device on the hand is also not needed. My name is Agatha. I want to join - the woman answered without any emotion.
The silence that hung in the air was broken only by the crackling of logs in the fire.
- Wait, wait... I don't know who you are and where you came from. Maybe now I will take you to my team, and then you will betray me, shoot me and rob me. Or call your friends and you will sell me into slavery. Or…
- If I wanted to do it, I would have done it already - the woman answered coldly - One cannot survive here. You have no idea where you got to. Plus, you'd better accept my offer, since I have a weighty argument.

The revolver in the girl's hand trembled slightly. I realized that she was not joking. Actually, I really wanted to sleep, and then this happened... I decided that I could take the risk.

- Okay! - I exclaimed and spread my arms out to the sides, as if trying to hug an old friend - Welcome to our glorious team! Our conditions are not at the level of a five-star hotel, and the house is small, as you can see. If this suits you, then...
- It suits me, - Agatha said calmly. She went to the fire and sat down next to him - You can go to sleep, I'll be here in case the wolves appear.
- And you um...would you like to give me your revolver? - I'm like a leader and...
- I don’t think I can trust you with my weapon. I can't yet - Agatha said without looking at me.
- Well, okay - I shrugged my shoulders and went to the house, hoping that the bullet would not come in my back - There is some water by the fire. True, the food is already over, so...
- I have some food and water, - the woman replied.
I wonder what else she has? Maybe a spaceship ticket? I stopped at the door and turned around.
- My name is Jack. Jack McKean. I'd love to chat and all, but life isn't easy here, so I'll go to bed. Pleasant dreams. - with these words I pushed the door and went inside. The door closed behind me.

It had been about thirty minutes local time, and I could not sleep. Every now and then my eyes jumped towards the front door. Various thoughts were spinning in my head, which I tried to drive away. Did I do the right thing? Can I trust her? Who is she? There were more questions than answers.
- Listen, Jack — Link’s voice was very low — I’ll hear if our guest tries to get in without knocking. If anything happened, I'll give you a sign.
- This is very encouraging, buddy - I replied, trying to hide the excitement in my voice - but I would be calmer if this equation did not have a revolver.
- And what would you do if you had a revolver in your hand at the time of the meeting? - Link asked - Would you shoot first like Han Solo?
- Who the hell is Han Solo? - I asked, falling asleep.
- There was such a character in ancient times... - Link thought for a moment - but about him another time. Good night.
And the local river of time carried me the next day.

I dreamed about the Colosseum and the chariot race. I tried desperately to win the race, but the horses could not overtake my opponent. He was big and muscular. And he had the face of Irons. Looking around, I saw that the road behind us was falling apart. And then Irons pulled out his revolver. I took out my revolver and fired first. But I missed. Irons fired back and hit. I looked at my chest, on which a large red spot spread. There was no pain, only surprise at what had happened. And then... I woke up. And grabbed my chest. A quick examination revealed that it was just a bad dream. Excessive impressionability goes sideways to me.
- Wow, you are early today - Link said - it's three o'clock in the morning, and you don't seem to be taking over the night watch around the fire.
- I just can't sleep - I answered, yawning - I got enough sleep.
- Well, I see - "Sigma" vibrated - will you have coffee?
- I'm ready to sell this thing for a cup of strong coffee - I said, waving my left hand.
- I'm surprised you were hired to work with finances at all, - retorted Link.
- I make a living with humor, buddy - I said, going to the door - We need to find out who this woman is. Perhaps she knows more about this world than we do.

I pushed the door and went outside. Cool air immediately enveloped me and knocked the last remnants of sleep out of my body. Agatha was sitting by the fire and boiling water. Well, she wasn't wasting her time. The revolver hung from her belt. I went to the fire and threw a couple of logs into it. The woman did not seem to notice me and continued to follow the process of boiling water.
- Good morning! - I said as friendly as possible - Although, it's still too early for the morning...
- I got more water from the well - Agatha answered, not taking her eyes off the fire - there should be as much supplies as possible. It is not known what might happen the next day.
- A very sensible idea! Jack, I think you should write it on the wall of your house - Link blinked green.
- Write down in the memory of "Sigma", in a file called "List of advice from Link, which I will never follow" - I answered Link, and then asked the woman - So where are you from? Also fell from heaven for your sins?
- No - Agatha looked up from the fire and looked at me - I'm from the city called Tiness. It is located north of here, between the Kamino Ridge and the Purple Cliff. More precisely, there was...a city - the woman fell silent.
- What happened to the city? - I asked, feeling that the answer would not be very pleasant.
- He was destroyed. Completely. - Agatha's voice became harder - They killed everyone: men, women, old people. Even children and pets. No one survived this massacre. No one. Except for me.
- But who could have done such a thing? - Asked Link - not the best representatives of humanity live here, but why destroy the whole city and kill everyone... Are people capable of such a thing?
- People may not be able - Agatha shook her head, as if trying to throw off the surging memories - But the attackers were not people.
- But if not people... then who? - I asked, lost in conjecture.
- It was them - Agatha answered coldly - the Mechanoids.

 on: April 11, 2021, 04:26:48 PM 
Started by Rettsu - Last post by Rettsu
Part 3. House for two.

The first rule of survival is to be prepared for anything. Or at least try to be prepared for anything without panicking. When you find yourself face to face with an unknown planet, to which rebels, maniacs, murderers and various robbers have been exiled for hundreds of years, you should be very careful.

With the help of instructions and a molecular breaker, I made primitive tools very quickly. I wandered around and found some berry bushes - Link scanned them and said they were quite edible. A wreck of an unknown ship was lying near the bushes. Perhaps it is worth remembering where it is - it will be returned to it later in order to get useful parts during disassembly.

Having dumped the picked berries on the ground, I went on to explore the surroundings. Someone left pieces of iron not far from where I would land. In the memory of "Sigma" there was just a drawing of a well. I have not yet seen a lake or river nearby, so I have to work hard to get water.

The well was ready for dinner. I was even surprised how quickly everything turned out. Link explained that the timing anomaly affects more than just biological processes - different actions also take less time. At least now we had food and water. Having had a bite of berries, I lay down to rest on the ground. Apparently, the warm sun warmed me well, which is why I fell asleep for a while.

I woke up from a strong vibration in the area of ​​my left hand.
- Jack, get up. You’ll sleep like that all your life. Have you forgotten about the local temporary rates? An hour in six.
- Yes, yes, I remember - I muttered, stretching and looking at the sky - It seems the sun is starting to set. It is worth making a fire and chopping wood. Sleeping on the ground is still uncomfortable.
- You should consider some kind of refuge. The local fauna certainly loves to taste new settlers. Do not give them that opportunity - "Sigma" slightly vibrated.
- Here I agree with you - I answered, trying on a suitable tree with my eyes.

Without a proper ax, wood harvesting for the fire was very slow. Finally, I cut down the first tree on Torkularis. I hope that there are no conservationists here that I will have to fight back. For a while, the fire did not want to flare up, but after a few minutes a bright flame began to drive away the approaching darkness. The water from the well was damp, so I boiled it a little over the fire. Without Sigma, I would not have lasted long here. After knocking down a couple more trees, I hastily made a primitive bed so as not to sleep on the ground. The first day turned out to be very difficult, so the dream overwhelmed me instantly.

The night passed very calmly - apparently, the local predators either had not yet discovered my presence, or they were frightened off by the flame of the fire. Waking up before dark and drinking water, I began to clear a place for my future shelter. Sleeping outdoors is dangerous, and it's cold here at night. While I was chopping trees, a small purple beetle, the size of a cat, jumped out from behind the bushes. He looked around, and went to my berries. I threw a few logs in his direction, after which the beetle quickly retreated into the bushes. He's lucky that I don't have a weapon. However, beetle meat can hardly be called tasty.

- Jack, this is our second day here, and I think we need a weapon to defend ourselves. And best of all, it should be long-range - Link flashed a green light on the Sigma's hull.
- A very sensible remark, buddy - I said - The problem is that I have always used ready-made tools or weapons. But I never did them in such conditions.
- It's very sad! - The light changed from green to yellow - However, you can practice a little. You can start with something simple. For example, from arrows for a bow or a club made of wood. The club is not the best weapon, but sometimes it is better to have at least something on hand than nothing.
- It would be better if they gave me a pistol than that talking piece of titanium on my hand… - I said, pulling a large marble boulder aside.
- Hey, I want to help you! - Link continued resentfully - I have no desire to stay on this planet. For certain reasons.
- For what reasons? - I asked, wiping the sweat from my forehead.
- Certain! - "Sigma" vibrated - Come on, you cleared the clearing. Shelter needs to be made. And then we will deal with weapons.
- Okay, okay - I replied - Just don't whine.

By the evening, the shelter was built. It turned out to be a small house, about five by four meters and with one entrance. I really hoped that fires do not often rage in the local forests - I did not want to lose my new home almost on the very first day. Leaving the shelter, I went to the fire to boil some water. Well water was okay too, but it had a strange taste that I didn't like. The flame flashed merrily over the fire, unfamiliar stars shone in the sky.
- What are you thinking, Jack? - Link blinked green.
- I think where this thing has a volume control - I answered jokingly.
- It's strange that you're still joking in this situation, - Link replied doubtfully.
- I just never lose heart and try to find pluses in everything. Even now, we are still alive, and not hanging out somewhere in outer space. Not bad already, right? - I looked at Sigma as if trying to see Link's face there.
- Yes, you definitely will not be lost - the device body gently vibrated - Wait...someone is coming...
- What? Who? Where? - I jumped to my feet, looking around. It was almost midnight, the darkness surrounded the fire with a solid wall - Is it a beast?
- Worse. Human. It looks like he is alone.
- How do you know? I hear nothing.
- But I can hear. Sigma's sound sensors can pick up very quiet sounds. If it were a predator, I would hardly have heard it.

I peered into the darkness, trying to make out the stranger. A human figure appeared from behind the wall of the house. She walked slowly towards us into the light of the fire. Finally, we saw an intruder. It was a woman.
And there is a revolver in her hand.

 on: April 11, 2021, 12:40:12 PM 
Started by julitoole - Last post by Canute
It isn't the game or untiy (game engine) fault, when the developer of your videocard stop supporting things.

I've had this exact problem, you need to change your drivers to a previous version. Ill try to find which version.
If you have an intel graphics card, go to
It and download the exe version of the driver. It worked for me at least.

 on: April 11, 2021, 12:36:29 PM 
Started by julitoole - Last post by brownbreadjupiter
This is still an issue on Intel driver v27.20.100.9316. (i5-1135g7, Xe graphics)

Any idea what specifically is causing this? Can it not be reported to Unity/Intel or at least workedaround in game.
If not the game should maybe have a warning on store page that it cannot be played properly on intel iGPUs.

 on: April 11, 2021, 07:44:36 AM 
Started by MonksGC - Last post by MonksGC
Hey there!

I recently started YouTubing after getting inspired by some other YouTubers I frequent. I admit, the channel is currently a bit empty still, but it is the plan to upload every Sat, Tue and Thu.

Currently doing a Randy Random, Blood and Dust all vanilla playthrough. It'd be amazing to get some feedback on the playthrough and the vid in general.

Many thanks <3

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