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  • April 14, 2021, 09:14:11 AM
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 on: April 03, 2021, 10:02:48 PM 
Started by Kuratheris - Last post by Kopp
Try this:

<Operation Class="PatchOperationAdd">
   <xpath>/Defs/ThingDef[defName="AA_CrystalMit"]/comps/li[@Class = "AlphaBehavioursAndEvents.CompProperties_EatWeirdFood"]/customThingToEat</xpath>
</<Operation >

 on: April 03, 2021, 09:49:23 AM 
Started by Chicken Plucker - Last post by Chicken Plucker
Rimmu-Nation² - Clothing updated:
Download link is in the front page.

- PASGT, covered and non-covered
- PASGT camo variant, possibly MARPAT?
- MICH TC-2001
- Ops Core FAST
- Ops Core AirFrame
- Caiman something something helmet
- Team Wendy BUMP
- ACH, UCP and OCP variant

Body Armour
- OTV, Brown, UCP and OCP variant
- Crye JPC
- Crye AVS
- more civilian in appearance, non tactical body armours
- more foreign body armours

Carrier Rigs
- At least 10 carrier rig variants

Struggling with time because these items are so time consuming. I understand in the poll people now want to prioritize furniture, but unfortunately all focus and efforts are on what's currently unfinished now. I have 2 weeks left until I have to get out and get ready for a year of phase 2b training. I'm hoping it's not busy in the new place, but I'm not crossing my fingers cause it's 0700 every morning until 5PM from what I remember.

The PACA Low Visibility Carrier, Tan in shade. Manufactured by "Protective Apparel Corporation of America" which is what PACA stands for. Was used by military personnel during the war in Afghanistan and possibly conflicts before instead of using their issue equipment, I'm guessing it is more of a personal preference. Usually worn with carrier rigs as it isn't using the MOLLE system.

VestGuard OT103
VestGuard Overt Tactical ELITE variant, which is a version of the Overt Tactical body armour that comes with neck, groin and shoulder protection. I wanted this to have the "PRESS" patch but I thought it is better left ambiguous and patchless.

Point Blank ASPC

The Point Blank Active Shooter Plate Carrier, was meant to come with a "POLICE" patch, but again, I've decided to leave it blank for your personal preference. Point Blank is the company that manufactures US Military and Law Enforcement personnel body armours.

We've hit 11 body armours. I am adamant about hitting 20 and over, along with more carrier rigs. I really want to compete with what's already out there done in vanilla art style. Unfortunately it takes roughly 1 day per armour and it takes a lot of dedication so I'm actually so burned out doing these.

Right now update adds no new headgear, as I said this stuff is hard work so I'm taking it slow less I burn out even more. Gonna go for a run all, cheers and as always enjoy the new stuff.

 on: April 03, 2021, 08:37:31 AM 
Started by mospidatru - Last post by mospidatru

Dump info from RimWorld or test your Harmony patches without restarting RimWorld

How Inject dll?
1. Open RuntimeCode folder in VSCode or RuntimeCode.vscode\mod.csproj in Visual Studio
2. Compile DLL stub RuntimeCode\Assemblies\RuntimeCode.dll
3. For injecting dll press Rocket icon in RimWorld debug panel

 on: April 03, 2021, 12:56:10 AM 
Started by Bonercat - Last post by Bonercat
as the title, what do i need to add or remove to make 100% the NPC never regenerate with my modded equipment?

 i have try tweaking the generateCommonality even put it into zero but it do appear in their stockpile, despite seems like they doesnt appear to wear it anymore, when i try testing it by attacking their base, but i dont want it even show up in others, i just want it exclusively can only crafted by my own colonist, or thats impossible?

i try adding my own nonexistent tag too, but it doesnt seems to work, can someone help me in regard to modifying exclusive armor or weapon tag? or where this weapon tag and such tag location? i try searching it in the core folder but so far i dont found it.

example weapontag that i mean.

Code: [Select]

 on: April 02, 2021, 09:18:01 PM 
Started by Himkey - Last post by viperwasp
I'm not sure if your still around Himkey it's been a while! I hope your doing well.

Any chance for a 1.2 update? I get error reports when launching in 1.2.
And if you do plan to update take your time.
Thank you.

 on: April 02, 2021, 11:12:50 AM 
Started by Chicken Plucker - Last post by Chicken Plucker
Rimmu-Nation² - Clothing updated:
Download link is in the front page.

DDT Patriot Ghost plate carrier (now only known as "DDT Ghost body armour" in game.)


I thought hey, "why not?" let's have accessories cause people love accessories right? PRR with a custom pouch, a rando 5.11 admin pouch and triple mag pouch. It's just for these first few body armours, TacTec and DDT because they were the first I've done. Others will be left blank. When I do more webbing like battle belts, you guys will choose your configurations and it'll feel a lot more fluid since you can keep the type of plate carrier you want and change the stuff on it with your battle belts.

This is the only update for today lads, I'm finally free of retexturing some old stuff. Can do new things.

Planned body armours so far:
PACA soft plate
Crye JPC
Flyye Swift
Osprey Mk IV (Maybe)

Planned helmets:
Ops Core FAST
Caiman something something helmet
Team Wendy BUMP
MICH TC-2001
Mk 6

Planned apparel:
5.11 assault something shirt (UBACs basically, but Multicam)
and 5.11 multicam mucho freakin expensive trousers, separate pieces of clothing. Outfits may be saved for factions.

Still dont know, maybe you are right and it is too generic. Or... made her Ranger storyteller? More quests, caravan ambush help, help defend X etc. Oh, and Happy Easter. I know, its not Easter yet but I can forgot about that later ;p

Nah Ranger storyteller is her own thing, also happy easter to you too. Imma go watch a movie and chillax Skynert, hope you enjoy the update mah boiiii

EDIT: Note to self: Don't forget to upload the update in google drive after posting an "Update" post.

Sorry to those who downloaded the update within the 10 minutes of this post, please download again

 on: April 02, 2021, 06:56:16 AM 
Started by Chicken Plucker - Last post by Skynert
Still dont know, maybe you are right and it is too generic. Or... made her Ranger storyteller? More quests, caravan ambush help, help defend X etc. Oh, and Happy Easter. I know, its not Easter yet but I can forgot about that later ;p

 on: April 02, 2021, 02:14:48 AM 
Started by khaldrogo - Last post by Bozobub
Pawns are the single biggest contributor to raid wealth calculations, IIRC.

 on: April 01, 2021, 05:27:20 PM 
Started by khaldrogo - Last post by Alenerel
what do you mean by colonist wealth? the items they are carrying/wearing? if its that, yes, it does count. if you mean only pure naked colonists/animals, yes they also do count. and i also bet that when they increase their skill levels it also increases the colony wealth (just check the EDB prepare carefully mod, how the points go up, or the difference in costs between prisoners)

basically look at your wealth tab, it has a graph with different lines, one being the pawns and animals, and everything in this graph contributes to raid strength. just do what the user above said if you still have doubts

 on: April 01, 2021, 02:03:25 PM 
Started by Zensis - Last post by Zensis
I just finished my Mod for auto-butchering new born animals, but I would like to have someone review the code as it is the first Mod I ever made.

I am from Germany by the way, so my English is not really perfect :) .

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