Above-ground coffins/caskets made of stuff!

Started by muffins, February 05, 2015, 01:37:50 AM

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I made a crypt for interring my fallen colonists but found that colonist corpses not in a grave generate unhappy thoughts for the surviving colonists (unburied colonist). So how about having above-ground burial receptacles, made of stuff, that we could stick dead colonists in? Essentially they would be an above ground grave, or cryptosleep pod for the dead, but made of stone blocks, wood or gold etc.

Imagine having a crypt full of deceased colonists, with tales carved on their wood, stone or gold sarcophagi, sculptures guarding the crypt doors and places to put flowers.


Easily modable bar the tales part (shouldnt be too hard though), This would however be a great fit to the main game simply for the tales stuff.
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This is something I'd very much like to see in the game.

I'm no modder but I think it wouldn't be that hard to copy the code for the current grave, retexture it to look like a coffin and recode it so you can't pass over it.
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I was just thinking the same thing too.  There also should be some kind of benefit to putting them in a coffin as opposed to an unmarked grave.  Beauty?  A Fond Memories thought buff?  (That could actually work really well, and maybe give negative thoughts if the colonist was Abrasive.)


If you copied the code for walls and furniture and such so you could make it out of wood/stone/gold/whatever, and then attached it to the code for a grave, it seems like it would be somewhat simple to add


Vocabulary note:

A "Coffin" is usually something you use to bury or cremate a corpse.

An above ground box for a corpse is usually called a "Sarcophagus".