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Started by dawngael, February 19, 2015, 05:25:09 PM

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First of all, I love Rimworld.  I've put hours and hours into the game and enjoyed it.  This isn't a rag on the game.   I'm just very frustrated.  Perhaps I'm missing something.  The mood changes have made it so that they can't even go pick something up without breaking.  They stub their toe and wander in a daze until they die.  I can't draft them to the mortar for more than a few seconds without them breaking.  It makes it almost unplayable.  Then you add the constant projectile vomit and the painfully slowed mining speed and I can't seem to get anything accomplished.  I have nothing to sell the ships and no way to get supplies.  I can't send the colonists further than a few inches without them keeling over.  I don't get it.  I'm all for updates but the only thing that seems like a good change is the power switches. 

Is it just me or are others having these problems.  I could use some positive suggestions.



It's a little bit hard to suggest possible improvements without context, I don't really know how you're designing your colonies or the nature of your colonists ( They could all be Very Neurotic, Too Smart, Depressives for all I know )

But #1 on the list of changes in A9 is the Disturbed Sleep change
Basically now every time a colonist walks near a sleeping person that sleeper gets a negative mood effect, and it stacks with absolutely no delay!
Definitely remove communal sleeping areas for your colonists ASAP.
At the very least rearrange their sleeping spots so they don't all convene on a single location as that will inevitably stack up Disturbed Sleep.

As for vomiting - Bad cooks can now poison food and that can snowball totally out of control, check your colonists information page for the exact % chance ( It scales down with cooking skill ).
Personally I would suggest sticking to Nutrient Paste until you find someone with a low chance of poisoning food - Food poisoning lowers productivity, counts as being " Sick " (Mood penalty ) and the constant vomiting reduces beauty by a massive amount *and* adds to general maintenance.

It's also worth noting at this point that Mood now has a Global Work Speed modifier, so a particularly sad colonist works slower (which can snowball).

You can also opt into making Beer for your colonists as it has a positive mood effect, it's by no means mandatory however and owning beer can cause colonists to go on binges depending on their traits.

And all the simple stuff like.. don't have them eat raw food, or sleep on the floor, or outside, or in the cold/hot. Rimworld colonists are fussy buggers :P
A prison yard is certainly a slightly more elegant solution to Cabin Fever than mine...

I just chop their legs off... legless prisoners don't suffer cabin fever


I do see the OPs point of view, I have noticed that colonists are harder to please in this update, I have had many a colonist in the past day decide to give up because someone told him to he didn't like his left shoe :D.  That being said this is the harsh waste of the outer rim so it should be expected that people are going to be moody and not wan to work. 
There maybe a little demand to tone down some of the mood traits commonality amongst the pool.  They so seem to pop p a little more now than usual.  But overall I like the challenge of having 'Red the cowboy' with 'stranded on a strange plant with no food' issues.


It sounds like you're running into soft mood breaks. Though A9 has expanded on bad moods, but you also have some positives like:
-"low expectations" thought when your colony's poor
-corn can be eaten raw for no mood penalty
-beer (worst case scenario: order a colonist to consume 3+ beers and their mood will improve)
-more art, and beauty checker to check niceness of environments

In particular it sounds like you're having problems with food poisoning. Remember to use colonists with a high skill level, or barring that use a nutrient paste dispenser or have them eat berries or corn. A simple table+chair setup is also a cheap, easy way to knock off a few negative thought points.

Overall I don't think it's too harsh. Society being only three meals away from anarchy is a nice scifi sentiment.


Be VERY careful about the colonists you pick. Pay close attention to real age and negative mood buffs. Do not have any first colonists with negative mood buffs and try to keep their age under 40. The old age injury system is a real wreck on bases when you thought you had three extremely experienced colonists.


So far i had no huge problems with mood but i noticed that my miner would regularly give up just because the mine is ugly and hot while he is hungry, which is really silly considering that he has a beautiful room, luxus bed & statue (normal or better), constant 18 celsius and a good meal waiting for him...

I would approve if good living conditions would lessen the impact of bad working conditions a lot because right now its not balanced.

Wolfen Waffle

I haven't been playing long but they dont seem to break that easily to me
and I've got a pessimist on board too

And you should always have a cook prioritized anyway... that or nutrient paste

And the power switches are pointless, you can just turn anything off manually anyway

Also the communal sleeping area thing has been discouraged for a while now

And the mining thing just slows down progression in the game a bit, no real change there


Quote from: Thravid on February 20, 2015, 04:30:34 PM
Exactly. Why nerf mining? Just cause the players found a good strategy to play doesn't mean you have to destroy it. This alpha was a pure disappointment and a bad way to nerf cave bases. If I remember correctly balancing of the game should come after the alpha and somewhere in late beta. + what I would love is actual alien life but whatever, this game clearly does not care about anything but destroying strategys of the players. Not fun.

That's... quite a strange way of looking at things.
A prison yard is certainly a slightly more elegant solution to Cabin Fever than mine...

I just chop their legs off... legless prisoners don't suffer cabin fever


Im just glad they fixed the colonists running across the map to grab food!

Hang on no, wait that's still present...

Still many bugs and as someone pointed out in another thread colonists run over fire to put out a fire  :-\ as for them prioritizing feeding themself's, ive had to tell "andy" to go grab food on multiple occasions, but after a while i gave up, he gave up he broke and walked arround in a daze. There are others things too but w/e


Quote from: Thravid on February 20, 2015, 04:30:34 PM
If I remember correctly balancing of the game should come after the alpha and somewhere in late beta. + what I would love is actual alien life but whatever, this game clearly does not care about anything but destroying strategys of the players. Not fun.

I for one thinks this alpha version is great. I'm more excited about this game than any AAA title out there. Furthermore, the fact that this is still alpha and works as well as it does is simply amazing. So what if it breaks a strategy or two, it's all part of the testing which we are privileged to participate in.

Wolfen Waffle

Okay seriously what are you doing wrong?
I have a pessimist character that's been shot with a psychic drone, and she's still hanging in there!


When I first started I had 1 colonist keep breaking and wandering around in a daze. I eventually gave up dealing with him and ignored him. I assumed he would pass out from hunger then I'd pick him up and deal with him. Instead he snapped out of it on his own, had something to eat and got back to work. By then I was improving their sleeping conditions and I didn't have any more problems after that.

I think that it's reasonable that you have to struggle with your colonists at the beginning when everything is miserable; sleeping on the floor, eating raw food, cold/hot, ugly environment, naked, etc.

That said, A9 is a new version that will probably need some tweaking to get balances right. Now that 9c is out you might find it's already better.
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I want to thank folks for their suggestions.  Sorting out cooking helped some.  I still build bases into the mountain but I put much thicker walls between them.  I started the colony over with carefully selected colonists and only accept certain additions.  The game is more difficult but that's ok.  I find you have to take care of the stupid ancient ship immediately now which is difficult because I can't get the mortars to work in Alpha 9.  I have the shells but it still can't find them.  I need to figure that one out. 

I'm still missing my EDB Interface mod.  Not being able to see their health or select them from the top is annoying.  Setting up a draft line or looking for your healer by scrolling through everyone is a pain.  Has anyone heard from the EDB folks on the status for alpha 9?

Anyway,  just wanted to thank the folks who offered suggestions.