Cryo pods missing?

Started by Riftmaster, February 21, 2015, 04:51:18 AM

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So I've started a few A9 games now, and thus far I have yet to see cryo pods sitting in their ruins like I did in A8...I kinda liked those, as they occasionally threw an unexpected wrench into either my plans or some raider's plans.

What happened to them?


They're buried now. Turn on developer mode in the options then in the top right of the screen click the view options and then remove fog. You might see some in the mountains.

DON'T run the game with fog turned off if you want to turn it back on later. The fog map only updates when it is turned on :)


Ah, thanks.

I wondered where they went.


Yes they are hidden now. You can usually spot them watching for the walls and if a colonist gets close you get a ominous warning. Be careful though they have more surprises in A9 then before  ;D.