[1.0/1.1/1.2] Expanded Prosthetics and Organ Engineering 2.42 (27.08.2020)

Started by Ykara, February 19, 2015, 05:14:28 PM

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Do you like the changes in Version 2.0?

459 (83.3%)
Not all of them
72 (13.1%)
Not at all (please explain why!)
20 (3.6%)

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For anyone wanting to keep pawn hands and feet with bionic arms and legs i've updated that mod here: https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=45989.0


Hi! Love your mod, one of my essentials. Here to report that Rainbeau's Fertile Fields have a conflict with EPOE. I can craft bionics but I can't upgrade them. It just makes the adv component and the bionic disappear after it's done. Also tested with only those two mods active.


Does anyone know if this will be getting a 1.0 patch? not trying to pester anyone just curious if theres any info, sorry.



2.24 - 1.0 Update!

1.0 is finally here, and so is the EPOE update! It's actually not a really big update, people have already noticed that the B19 version works fine as well. The only major change is, that EPOE is now compatible with existing save games again, since I've removed the individual ribs system. It's sad, but sometimes sacrifices have to be made in favor of compatibility ^^

2.24 - Goodbye individual ribs! (24.10.2018)
*  Removed individual ribs
*  Rib implants are now installed in the ribcage
*  Some fixes

2.23 - 1.0 Mini Update (20.10.2018)
*  Changed the version number
*  Bionics now give a 25% buff and advanced bionics a 35% buff



Nice to see the mod updated :)
Btw, Ykara, with EPOE 2.24 out what are planning to do next? New features for EPOE, or another mod or nothing at all?

Valter Jr

What remains to make the mod more realistic would be to increase the durability (hit points) of the protests.


I believe that will require some coding because the current system doesn't allow to change hp of a bodypart


It's been a while since I tried EPOE - how do glitterworld bionics compare to archotech stuff?


So had it installed in previous games but first time really heavily using this mod.

If someone has a scratch or missing finger or toe you are supposed to replace the whole body part right?

Anyway great work with this mod.


Personally I only don't like the change from the individual ribs to ribcage. Now the individual rib bionics aren't as useful and aren't as good as they once were.



Research projects still having vacidium mentioned.
Wut is zis? a super secret weapon against himanyty?(just kidding, you forgot to remove it)
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Thanks, love the mod! I was ingame without it and really missed it pretty quickly!