[1.0/1.1/1.2] Expanded Prosthetics and Organ Engineering 2.42 (27.08.2020)

Started by Ykara, February 19, 2015, 05:14:28 PM

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How long is a colonist supposed to stay unconcious after anesthesia/operations?
I'm always unsure if it's bugged or if just supposed to last a few days.
Is this reliant on the quality of the medicine / surgeons skill?


Quote from: kunyomi on September 11, 2016, 09:26:13 AM
How long is a colonist supposed to stay unconcious after anesthesia/operations?
I'm always unsure if it's bugged or if just supposed to last a few days.
Is this reliant on the quality of the medicine / surgeons skill?
There seems to be a bug relating to surgeries and conciousness, check the last couple pages in this thread.


Speaking of that bug, I since started a new colony.
I haven't had the "downed for no reason" bug so far, but I have had people stuck on 50% consciousness. This time however, it seems to fix itself within a day or two and they go back to 100%.

Since I've been luckier though, I haven't had anyone require prosthetics yet, just routine treatment.
I guess I could try giving my one colonist who lost a couple fingers scissor hands and see if it bugs out again.

EDIT: Nope, still bugged even on the new colony.
Captured a tribal who had his ear blown off, decided to give him an ear bandage and now he's stuck in bed at 10% consciousness for no reason and he's been there for days.


 I think this is a bug, I started a new colony and the basic prosthetic workbench was available to construct right away with all it's bills ready to be issued (steel arm, eye patch, wooden foot, etc). The thing is that I didn't research the basic prosthetics research, it was available to be researched, though. When I decided to research it just for curiosity's sake, when it was complete nothing happened (I had the option to craft basic prosthetics from the start so thats an obvious, I guess).


@SyClap Dumb question but i'll ask anyways,are you playing with Dev mode activated and if you are,did you maybe have God Mode activated?God mode makes it so you can also place any item regardless if you have the research Or materials available

Anyways i get the feeling that if the Incapacitated bug Is this mod it would probably be something to do with the anesthesia effect from the meds,had a few instances where A:While using the A Dog Said mod my dog would(Cyborged out my terrier)never wake up,and B:Two of my colonists who had operations that didn't include any new parts still stayed in bed forever.anyways love the mod regardless thanks for the work your putting into this man.


Thanks for the work "YOU'RE" putting into this,sorry,my crappy spelling was bothering me


So any solution to the "being stuck in bed after surgery" bug?


Quote from: Inzann on September 13, 2016, 07:50:30 PM
So any solution to the "being stuck in bed after surgery" bug?

The only solution I know is to open your save file found here: C:\Users\(Your Username)\AppData\LocalLow\Ludeon Studios\RimWorld\Saves and ctrl + f to find this line: <healthState>Down</healthState> and delete it.

You'll need to do it every time a colonist has surgery or is manually sedated though. Same with animal surgery if you use A Dog Said


I am having problem with bionic parts.

By replacing an arm or a missing arm with a bionic arm, I forever forfeit the ability to ever put a literal hand on a colonist again.
That's it, he loses his entire hand and fingers eventhough he now does everything better than everyone else.
This, according to an old thread, makes colonists glass cannon as the damage now rolls for only the arm without factoring in miniscule parts like fingers and hand.

How do I know they don't have hands once you install the bionic arm?
Well, I can't wear items that cover the fingers. It says "missing body part" eventhough my colonist has his arms in tact and never succumbed any finger damage whatsoever. The option to install hands on a bionic armed colonist is non existent, whereas you can replace a bionic hand on a colonist with an arm (and never be able to do so again). That being said, replacing limbs do not yield any original parts for me. Now if I put two Bionic arms on a pawn, he forever loses the ability to wield items that cover the fingers.

I think it has to do with the core game, but I'm still pondering on whether to report this as a bug or something Tynan overlooked. For the time being, I think I'll have to fix it by editting everything that covers the fingers to an arm only, but if a solution could be brought to the table, it would be handy.

Deimos Rast

just a thought, but I believe you can regrow body parts via one of the debug menu options. Might be able to regrow some digits that way. Obviously not ideal. Edit: just checked, maybe not

I wonder if you could create a separate bodydef skeleton for bonic parts and have it break down what all the bionic arm contains. But that might be tantamount to defining a whole new body. Hmm.
"Ohhhhhhh, the left bionic shoulder's connected to the bionic arm, 's connected to the bionic hand, 's connected to the bionic left index finger...."


The vanilla bionic arms and legs do not have "hands" "feet" or fingers and toes, they are all just one solid part. I don't think the coding allows for bionics to have sub-parts ie, a bionic arm complete with hands and fingers. Tynan would need to change the code for bionics for this mod to allow it, as I understand things.

Right now you cannot remove limbs, for some reason. This is likely a bug. In previous iterations you could remove limbs and place them on other pawns. Maybe it's not a bug and was removed for being too powerful? If you gave a pawn a new arm or leg their bodies were normal.


Sorry if this has been asked before but is there a non steam version of ADS-EPOE Workbench patch I tried searching online and in the forums but can only find it on steam. Thank You.


Newsflash: Items don't treat bionic arms as "arms", if I classify BodyGroup as "Arms" it would say the same-- missing body parts. The game treats bionic arms as, you guess it, "Shoulders" (well, it does say install bionic arm on left/right shoulder). Therefore, installing two bionic arms on a pawn means forfeiting your ability to ever wield anything related to the arm, hand and fingers again. The only fix that doesn't need tampering with DefThing is to have one bionic arm and original arm on a pawn, or just use bionic hands entirely. This is a downer indeed, but I do think that it's intentional to prevent stacking bionic buffs (two bionic arms + two bionic hands mean 100% manipulation), but a shallow method nonetheless.

Another fix is to edit BodyGroup to "Shoulders" and move on with it.

Though damage roll (whether it exists or not), as far as I know, might still a big issue. There's less parts to be factored into the formula and thus you don't get damages to your fingers or hands anymore, but the entire arm is going to eat it all. So if anyone with bionic arms has experienced increased frequency of arms being blown away, do clarify this for me.


the recipe for the synthetic livers need 10 surrogate livers. i'm assuming it should be 1,since the other organs just need one,that you upgrade. using the mediafire download link, not looked at the steamversion.

great mod thx for making it,must in my modlist all the time ;)