[B18] Transport Pods Extended

Started by Mersid, March 29, 2018, 04:17:14 PM

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"Hey Mark! I need you to send this boomrat to the next town over!"

"Oh, alright. Just chuck it in this transport pod here. Anything else?"

"Erm... fuel's expensive. Nope!"

"You do know that we use the same fuel to launch one boomrat, or an entire army of them, right?"



This mod overhauls the transport pod's fueling system, and makes a number of changes to the pods themselves.

- Fuel consumption is now heavily dependent on the cargo load. Empty cargoes will use less fuel, and can travel farther.
- Increased fuel capacity to 250
- Pods now carry up to 1200 kg. Be careful, as this severely reduces your max range.

Get the mod at https://github.com/Mersid/Rimworld_TransportPodsExtended/releases/latest

Massive thanks to all the guys over at the Discord channel.


Basic Rocket Science? Hell yeah, sign me up.


Yes, Yes, YES! Rocket Science, WOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!


would you update the mod please, it's much needed.