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Started by ItchyFlea, February 20, 2015, 02:48:46 PM

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With the addition of the new power source (Fueled Generator) in A13 the RTG/ASRG Power sources in your mod seems kind of lame in comparison now.

For example

Fueled Generator
Pros:                                                      Cons:
No Research Required.                             Needs to be refueled with a little wood every several days.
Cheap. (100 steel, 2 components)
1000w Power Outage

Your Generators on the other hand, need to be kept in an environment that keeps them cool or fire ensures, very expensive since they cost uranium, Output mediocre 750w/1250w power in comparison, and require A LOT of research.

The only real positive is not costing fuel, but wood is very easy to come by, and if you can't get trees we have other power sources that already fill that niche well enough.

I think you should spruce up the mod to fit nicer with A13 changes with things like

1. Buffing the power output
2. Cheapening the recipe or reducing required research (Not both)
3. Reducing the savagery of the heat output (balance this around the power output and cost)
4. Add components to the cost. (This just makes it fit better into the game)
5. Add another aspect to distinct it better. (I always wondered if a built in battery would be useful)

These are of course completely opinionated and coming from a tired dude at 5:30am, but I wanted to try giving a lot of feedback on it.


Yeah those fueled Generators a pretty sweet. A lot easy to build one of these than connect to a distant geothermal. And another benefit is you can switch them off when you have too much power.
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Thank you thank you thank you! I'm going to be using nearly everyone of your mods. During my livestreams, a ton of people kept mentioning several of these to me. Thank you for updating them so promptly to A13 as well!
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The training mod is awesome keeps idle colonists busy.  What would be nice is to be able to specify which training you want a colonist to do (ie brawler using dummy would be nice, while shooters = shooting range).  Currently my brawlers love using the shooting range.


Thanks for the cool Mods! They are very nice.
I've translated two mods of that in the german language.
If someone is interested in, or would like translate in another language here are the german templates. I hope i can help somebody.


Sorry for my english, i hope you can understand me :D


Does this storyteller reduce the frequency of trading ships? I'm playing on the lowest difficulty with this storyteller and I haven't had many trading ships.


Quote from: daanrex on May 05, 2016, 05:14:03 PM
Does this storyteller reduce the frequency of trading ships? I'm playing on the lowest difficulty with this storyteller and I haven't had many trading ships.
There's no set thing for traders within Storyteller definitions, which means that traders are tied to something else within the game. If traders are tied to raiders in some way, that would be why the traders are reduced. There is nothing I can do about that unfortunately.
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just to tell fiona farming  dosent work with the edb prepare carefully  the alpha test thing for a13 the pawn get ramdomised after  if i choose fiona
(i say that to both author)


Does the Medical training work still in A13? I would love to use it as my good doctors always get killed in some tragic accidents (had a random hive spawn on top of my recent levl 18 doc) and training up fresher doctors is near impossible even if they are passionate -_-. Basically have to make my guys get hurt just to give them more experience!


Yes, it works. I used it recently and was watching the medical experience bar fill up.


"For the Range or Dummy: Set a bill to train either shooting or melee."

So that is why I keep destroying the shooting ranges by manually targeting them xD
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Is there a possible way to change the noise when pawns are doing a bill for the combat training facilities?

They sound like they're chopping wood when they're training their shooting or punching a dummy.
how lit was it


There are very good mods. Any idea when some may be updated to A14? Thanks.
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I'm not gonna put modified files here as it's Itchy's mods but all you have to do to make them work in A14 is :

Open Fences.xml (in RimWorld\Mods\Fences\Defs\ThingDefs) and  MT-ModularTables.xml (in RimWorld\Mods\Modular Tables\Defs\ThingDefs)with a text editor and change each and every time you see <altitudeLayer>Waist</altitudeLayer> to <altitudeLayer>Building</altitudeLayer>

And Voila, it works.