List of I.D's

Started by Produno, November 13, 2013, 12:01:30 PM

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Here I will keep a list of ID's for the game.

Savefile ID's

Weather ID's

''Weather_Rain'' = Rain
''Weather_Clear'' = Clear
"Weather_LightningStormRainy" = Lightning with rain
"Weather_LightningStormDry" = Just Lightning
"Weather_FoggyRain" = Rain with Fog

Storyteller ID's

"Storyteller_Friendly" = Phoebe Friendly
"Storyteller_ClassicEasy" = Chill Callie Classic
"Storyteller_ClassicNormal" = Cassandra Classic
"Storyteller_ClassicHard" = Tough Kassandra Classic
''Storyteller_Random'' = Randy Random

You can play around with these and change them mid game for different effects in your savegame.rim

I will boot up my other PC soon (where I have rimworld) and fill the rest in. If anyone has anything to add, post it below and ill update this first post.


Thanks for that. I was going to do it once I finish with savefile - the more you get till then the less work I'll have :) Once any of the topics is completed I'll try to format it into a single, solid form and merge with the Modding Database.


No worries. Im just coding some XBMC on my media center then ill log on my other PC and get on the rest of them and anything else I uncover.


Note to self - look at a save with half-builded thingies. Get Research table & turret

Classes for <Thing Class="X"> entries:

Building ;
Building_Battery ;
Building_Bed ;
Building_Chair ;
Building_CommsConsole ;
Building_Door ;
Building_EquipmentRack ;
Building_Glower ;
Building_Grave ;
Building_NutrientDispenser ;
Building_PlantGrower ;
Building_PowerPlantSolar ;
Building_PowerPlantSteam ;
Building_SteamGeyser ;
Building_Storage ;
Corpse ;
Equipment ;
Filth ;
Pawn ;
Plant ;
Seed ;
ThingResource ;