[MOD] (Alpha 10) Mechanoid terraformer (V10.2 03-05-2015)

Started by Rikiki, March 18, 2015, 10:19:40 AM

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What do you think of the skywrath controller?

It is well balanced, keep it as it is!
8 (30.8%)
It is too weak and needs to be empowered!
10 (38.5%)
It is too powerful... and killed a beloved squirrel! oO' Poor Scratz...
4 (15.4%)
... other suggestions?
4 (15.4%)

Total Members Voted: 26


Mechanoid terraformer

  Everyone knows the mechanoids ultimate purpose is to eradicate every trace of organic life. To achieve this objective, they invade and colonize every planet they come across.

Their relentless logic has lead them to prepare their invasions. Beware if a mechanoid terraformer is landing near your home! You planet will soon be doomed...

Warning! Spoiler ahead! If you want a full experience, please only download the mod and play until you encounter the mechanoid terraformer incident. Reading the following may ruin a part of the suprise.


Mechanoid terraformer V10.2
Mechanoid terraformer V10.2 source
=> for modders

Still reading?

Okay, you wanted it! Here is the mechanoid terraformer harnessing some power.


Adds a new very bad event: the mechanoid terraformer.
Adds a hidden defensive building unlocked after extracting the weather controller from the mechanoid terraformer: the skywrath controller. Unleash the sky's wrath upon your ennemies! 8)

Skywrath controller targetting:

Skywrath controller unleashing its (evil) power:

Planned features

Set a distinctive texture for the skywrath controller.
Balance, balance and balance!

Technical support

Balancing a mod is difficult. Please leave me your feedback to improve this mod.


* Alpha 9 initial release.

* Alpha 10 update.
* Fixed some possible exploits (extracting weather controller without disabling beacon first for example).
* Small UI improvements.
* Slightly reduced the frequency of strange thunderstorm.

* Small correction in the Skywrath controller xml definition.

* Skywrath controller power consumption increased during charge (6000 -> 7500).
* During other phases, needs only 20% of this power (so 1500).

Compatibility notes

Should be compatible with any mod.
This event does not include additional mechanoid types (like the crawler).


mrofa for the beautiful mechanoid terraformer and pylon textures. :D
Haplo for his job tutorial. I made good use of it! ;)

Modders note

You may be interrested in the following features:

  • Incident worker.
  • Custom job and workgiver.
  • Weather control! 8)


You are free to get inspiration from this little work and include it in any other mod/modpack. Just put a link to this thread so people can use it as a standalone version too.
So this is basically licensed under http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/.

Note to modpacker: not that I don't want to help, but I have very little time to mod/play so I may not be very fast to answer integration questions.


Looks cool. I'm gonna give a try. But just to make sure I understand. At some point that thing is gonna land and start causing storms to destroy my stuff and then I have to go over and kill it. Is that the gist?


I made this mode with plenty of messages to tell you what to do. :)

Quote from: InfinityKage on March 18, 2015, 11:15:24 AM
I have to go over and kill it.
I would not if I were you... ;)


Quote from: Rikiki on March 18, 2015, 11:19:08 AM
I made this mode with plenty of messages to tell you what to do. :)

Quote from: InfinityKage on March 18, 2015, 11:15:24 AM
I have to go over and kill it.
I would not if I were you... ;)

An international man of mystery I see. Ok. I'll give it a shot.


gonna try it, look very interesting, i always thought invaders should also, eventually, build something like an outpost to then build something even bigger to attack you, forcing you to move and attack..

maybe this is the way :D


15 research is way too much - I had once 20 research guy, but now he is only 12.


Nice. And mrofa did good work on the texture. Love new event mods (adds variety to the gameplay).


Er... I shouldn't be seeing the terraformer as something I can build in the security tab, should I? :o


I have an error when i load savegame.. :'(

Sorry for poor description.. I will bring output log soon..


Is it defended or is it just sitting there by itself?


What about truly terraforming of land by mechas? Burn rich soil into death metal, where anything organic can be killed soon by scratching foots...


Quote from: BinaryBlackhole on March 22, 2015, 03:51:30 PM
Is it defended or is it just sitting there by itself?

If you attack it a few time or send one to study guards will pop out.


When terrafoamer drop down ground save game, and load save file , it crashed....   

I attach output_log.txt

[attachment deleted due to age]


After some mod testing, it seems that Miscellaneous mod from Haplo is conflicting with this one (and more mechanoids mod).
After i removed that mod, saves no longer broke on new games.

Other than that this mod is pretty epic, except for that one time, when I had another terraformer land on my map a day after the first, lots of lightning  ;D