A rim world story (video)

Started by JuanEnrique, November 08, 2013, 02:59:01 PM

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Hello Hallo y Hola

I have made 1 story in rim world.... in 3 languages. German English and Spanish

English version

German version

Spanish version

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Wow i like it was a good Story and a little emotional. But let me ask one Questing is Mcdonal a Traveler that passed by and you can controll them? When yes i must try it out now^^


thx you are the very first type of feedback i get..... so thx :D

to answer your question: so i started a new game, right? three survivors.... dr cox, lidia and butch,  a fresh new game basically in the "random things happen" AI story generator...... so after "dickerson" died, and the game was "over", i clicked the option to "keep watching"...... and not too much after i clicked that, another option popped up "a traveler wants to join the colony"..... thats when i got the idea of making the story out of her perspective. and the rest was editing magic ^^
thx again for watching and taking the time to tell me you liked it haha


Oh wow i dont know it yet every time when all my peoples die and the story was over i have create a new Colony :D

and another i hope you will make more of this video is very intressting to watch :)


I really enjoyed this, just sayin. ;)

Keep up the good work.



Thank you for this! It made me want to play some more.